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crystal v
Is too much water bad for you?
I was told that if I drank water all day and nothing else that it was bad for you...but I don't see how cause they say water is good for you anyone got any advice?
Additional Details
I want to thank everyone that answered my question....I am trying to lose weight and i am trying to cut down on my pepsi intake so im not drinking pop anymore and i am eating good...(fruits and veggies) no sweets so i figured when i want a glass of pop i will get a glass of water...so does that sound good? plus i am doing a tae bo tape and walking. hopefully i will succeed in my goal...thanks again for your help.

ABSOLUTELY! it will flush out all your natural body salts which will cause an electrolyte imbalance which is VERY dangerous! The recommended 'dosage' is drink half your body weight in ounces -- so if you weigh 120 lbs, drink 60 ounces of water a day in full glasses at a time spaced out.

AsianPersuasion :)
No. It isn't bad for you, unless you mean all you drink is water and eat no food.

yes water can be bad for you if you drink too much check this out. www.ivillage.co.uk/health/hlive/eat/arti...

Quartro Ninos
For most people the answer is no because most of us don't drink enough water, but too much water can kill you. A couple of years ago they was a report about a guy who died from drinking too much water. They call it water intoxication. Check out the links below.

You can drink too much water...it is a fact. People have died because of this by getting a chemical imbalance....usually happens to people who work out a lot. Your body usually can't process all the water you drink, so it starts stripping nutrients out of your body. I think someone died at the Boston Marathon this year because of this.

let the speakers blow your mind
Water is good for you, of course, you should also drink other things like fruit juices to get the vitamins, minerals, etc.

it can kill you by upsetting your mineral balance in your blood. This has happebed to marathon runners who took in too many liquids.


Well, if you drank only water it would be bad because you aren't getting enough nutrients. The worst that happens if you drink watter and eat normally is that you have to go to the bathroom more.

Cartoon Star
If out in the heat and sun all day, you'll need a lot more than if you're in an airconditioned house, car, and office. I wouldn't drink say 3 gallons a day - it's much more than neccessary, and might be hard on the body.

Who ever told you that is full of bologna!! Water helps your skin,helps you lose weight, and flushes out your kidneys.

Yes it can be bad for you. If you are not active throughout the day, water can through your equilibrium off balance, because it messes around with your bodies electrolytes. But as I always hear, too much of anything is bad for you.

water is very neccessary..for being good for anything..it must be schematic..so drinking water is very good...but merely drinking water is not good..u must take other things too...almost upto 6 litre water is enough..it will clear all the bad things frm ur body

so drink water..

Water is very good for you but as they too much of a good thing can be a bad thing. Water will dilute the natural salts and minerals in the body which can lead to cramping after a strenuous day. It is better to drink half to quarter strength Gatorade. This has the mineral content your body needs, but cuts way down on the sugar.

There also is a mental condition whereby the person cannot quit drinking water and eventually, if left to their own devices, literally drown in their own bodies fluids. It is quite rare and I can't, for the life of me, remember the name of it.

So yes, too much water can be a bad thing at times.

Johnny Blaze
scientists have actually taken back the initial suggestion of 64 oz. a day. it causes you to lose too many vitamins that aren't fat soluble. you sweat or urinate them out.plus, you'd spend all day in the bathroom if you drank 64 oz. a freakin day.

because it has no vitamins, no calories. in other words you are not giving your body anything to feed off of (give you energy,nourish you.) now had to fruits, veggies, grain and meat if you wish and you will be fine. your body needs food. its like if you drive a car and put no gas in it where are you going after a while. . .no where you can ride on fumes for about a 1/2 hour maybe but then your car will die on you. there is a word for what you are trying to do it's call anorexia.

I Know Nuttin
Well I think it's the eating nothing else part that's bad for you. Your digestive system needs to keep food in it and your metabolism shuts down if there's nothing to give it energy.

All that will happen is you will expel the extra water. Are bodies are made mostly of water. Who ever told that too much was bad for you is ignorant.

drink all you want

Cynthia H
Yes and No.....look it up. It is quite interesting. If you drink gallons of water a day and your pee ends up looking like water that is somewhat not good because you are flushing all of your good minerals and vitamins out of your system. My fluids consist of 80% water a day. But I also drink fresh squeezed juices and lots of Green Tea, hot and cold.

A few months ago, I believe in California, a Fraternity initiation was to drink as many Alhambra bottles as they could. You know the 5 gallon bottles?? One of the boys died from all the water he drank. It caused some sort of toxic shock. Basically he drowned his insides. Weird Huh??? But its true.

Try www.webmd.com. This is a pretty good website.

you can drink too much water, if you constantly drink water your body adjust to it and if you stop your body will have a problem with retaining water(water weight will stick). It can also cause foods protein to pass to quickly and your body loses needed nutrients. But be sure to drink 6-8 glasses and more if your out in the heat.

donia f
yes my relative told me that yesterday..increase the flow of blood!

Jason D H
I know on food alone you can last like 6 , 7 days...but on water alone you can last up to 42 days or so...just drink to be content..not like drowing yourself

Labrdogs Canine Kids
yes water is good for you but it is also deadly if you drink too much. Too much being gallons and gallons of water.

if you are eating a balanced diet and drinking water in place of sodas and juices then go for the water.

Gothic Girl
as long as you drink it in intervals you'll be fine. if you drink 20 glasses in one hour you can drown... but if you drink it in intervals/ certain amounts at different times you'll be fine

sensei c
some of you guys are nuts.lol.im sorry. drinking water is not that bad for you. between going to the bathroom and sweat. it all comes out. i mean i guess if you sit there, put a hose to your nouth and drink non stop. i guess that would be bad. but i can honestly say that she didnt mean that. she meant over the day. half you all just want to read your own typing.

i work out 6 days a week. i drink two to three gallons of water a day. yes i take vitamins and eat right. and i spend alot of time in the bathroom. but i havent died yet, unless i dotn know it, let me check......... no still alive. thanks to working out, eating right and drinking alot of water.

Too much water will produce water intoxication. You will NOT get drunk...LOL but your body will be severely affected. Too much could send you to the hospital or even the undertaker. Also if you are not eating....just drinking water you are not giving your body the essential vitamins and nutrients it needs for daily living. It will pull them from your internal organs to survive and your body will begin to break down. (malnutrition)

yes if you drink too much watter then it will flush out all your sodium and that's not good because you need sodium for muscle movement, its better to drink Gatorade.

water is good for you, washes out the impurities and helps regulate your system. To much water washes out ALL the nutrients in your body. Wasn't there a story about a fraternity forcing a kid to drink a bunch of water and he ended up dying.

There was a girl who went to my friend's high school and she took X one night and was worried that she would be dehydrated and die so she drank water nonstop all night and ended up killing herself from too much water!

Water is great for the body for a number of reasons. But drinking a crazy amount can put you in jeopardy of developing hyponatremia, a condition marked by a loss in the body's sodium content that can result in physical symptoms such as lethargy, disorientation, seizures and even heart attack..

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