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Is this too much for lunch?
Lunch is always my biggest meal. Today, I had broccoli, tuna, 2 pieces of toast, banana, and water. I was wondering if this was too much to eat considering I'm on a diet. Thanks.


That ain't enough! lol

no-it sounds like a great lunch-well rounded -nourishing -and healthy --way to go

Um... no. I'm questioning whether it's enough - especially if lunch is your biggest meal

Not at all, that is small compared to what I have. I have a bagle with cream cheese and a crap load of pretzles a diet soda, a muskateers bar and an apple. You are eating very healthy, keep it up. You are inspiration to me, I really need to start eating smaller meals, any tips?

no thats a good lunch.

juz an ordinary gal :)
nahhhh not really. I don't thinkso. thats not very much. lol. for me. I eat a lot anyway. those are healthy things so you should be doing good.

sounds good and refreshing. no thats not too much for you to eat on a diet. all the calories from that meal seem to be good ones. remember eating too many bananas can be fattening.

I would try white wheat or wheat bread. ( white wheat to better than just white and tastes the same.)

I do not understand the theory as to why bananas are supposed to be fattening. They're all natural, low fat and all the sugar is natural and they're packed with Potassium. I would go for a banana for something sweet long before I would go for a candy bar (which is 100% junk).

However, I wouldn't have the tuna, but that is my own choice. (Obviously, I don't eat meat, but there is the mercury and other stuff in fish to consider, too.) The broccoli is very good, with Calcium, folate and other good stuff. The toast would be good if it were whole wheat or whole grain. Most breads labled "wheat" are just white bread with wheat flavor. (I refer to it as wheat flavored white. I don't even care for the "whole grain white" as "enriched wheat flour" is still the first ingredient. If "whole wheat" or "whold grain" is not the first ingredient I don't buy it.) Alsol, some breads (whole wheat or white) contain corn syrup, and/or high fructose corn syrup, and/or partially hydrogenated oils and other artificial stuff. My husband and I buy a Meijer grocery store brand that is whole wheat (it's the bread with the wider slices) sweetened with cane sugar juice and raisin juice. It's also vegan. At just under $2 a loaf, it's a little pricey (compared to what we used to pay at a bread store in Columbus, OH; Hopefully they'll still be really cheap [less than $1 for a corn syrup, HFCS, junk free bread] when we return) . However, it's worth it.

Anyway, I hope this helps.

Devan the G
lunch should be ur biggest meal as dinner would make u gain more weight in ur sleep.. make sure u eat throughout the day and not eat within a hour before sleeping

Are you kidding? I could eat 3 times that much

no i dont think so

that sound like how much i would eat as long as you dont notice any extra pounds then i guess its ok

Biggest meal? I'd like to see what your other meals consist of. It's a perfect meal.

Think that would have to relate to your current weight...if you weigh less then 100 lbs...my guess would be maybe

but if you are quite a bit heavier and on a diet sounds like you are on track

track your progress by weighing yourself daily and about the same time each day

Best of Luck to you

too much re..if ur on diet just eat broccoli,banana n water..

thats actually Perfect lol
keep it up

Not at all. It sounds perfect!

no i eat grilled chicken tenders or a porkchop maybe bannana salad couse water i do this for supper to and i have lost 71 lbs so its good to not worry it will show in the future if your big

your lunch meal was just fine for dieting.

Preppy Prep Girl
well only cuz thats ur biggest meal if it wasnt then it would be to much

Obviously is not....

The only thing you should watch is the toast. You can find good whole wheat bread (I think it's called natures own) with only 50 calories a slice. But some bread packs as much as 130 calories a slice. When you double that that's a lot. Everything else sounds pretty good. And there is fruit out there with fewer calories than bananas. Apples and pears are full of fiber (with about the same calories as bananas but the fiber will keep you full longer) and all berries are really low in calories and full of antioxidants. Good luck with your diet!

Not since it is all healthy food. You had a very well-balanced meal and you should keep it up.

That is definately not enough-especially if it is your biggest meal.


and its <3

duh... :)

Nope. I think that is a good meal for lunch if you are on a diet.

It depends on what you eat the rest of the day... it all sounds healthy though, maybe spread your food out more during the day, works better for losing weight.

i think it's very healthy and well balanced. since you're on a diet, though, you should next time only have 1 piece of toast instead of 2. too much bread is fattening. but other than that- good luck on your diet!!

i think it also depends on how much of everything else you ate- how much broccoli? how much tuna?? because if you ate good sized proportions, then this is a great meal. if you ate too little, and this is your BIGGEST meal, this kind of sounds like not enough.

No thats great because you have grains, veggies, fruit, and meat along with water. Its perfect for a diet.

no and because it was healthy is the reason its not too much. as long as ure filling yourself and not stuffign ureself your good! plus i eat WAY more than that, LOL

♣Kermit the Frog♣
No, why do people use "diet" it annoys me, life shouldn't be a diet,

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