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Chelsea Meow
Is this too little exercise?
I'm 15 (almost 16), 5"3-5"4 and avg. weight for my height.
I exercise anywhere from 3 to 5 times a week.
On a regular day I'll do
20 minutes of running on the treadmill. (hill set on 4 speed on 4, 6-8 if no hill)
20 minutes on the bike
10-20 minutes on the cross trainer.
3 sets of 30 crunches
3 sets of 15 on the torso thinger. x]
if its on a weekend or holiday I'll usually do double that.

But now heres the catch, I had surgery November. 22nd and one of my stitches isn't healing well at all, its pretty much all open and its closing slowly, so I'm only allowed to walk on speed 2 and no slant(hill) so I do 60-90 minutes twice-three a week, and thats all I'm allowed to do according to my doctor, I really feel this is too little, and I'm getting lazy. Do you think this is good for the state of my stitch?

Oh and plus in school he took me out of p.e for I'm not sure how much longer, my dad gave him the fax number to my school he faxed the gay paper in so I can't hide it. LOL

read next.
Additional Details
Next week I'm going to start seeing a dietitian hoping she could maybe help me with what I eat so I don't feel as bad when I only do that little, its not that I eat bad, but I llllooovvveee coffee and too much makes you fat. ;P thats my worst habit. I can drink 4-5 cups a day if I stopped myself from drinking that much.

do you think she could tell me a few work outs can do for my condition or is it just basically food she would handle?

Taylor M
haha lol

That's plenty of exercise! Keep it up!

my sergery!!! PLZ READ and plz litten to what i have to say. i went to the gym everyday for atleast 2 hours and work out intensly. i benched 185 pounds and i did 100 pounds for my abs and basicly i was intense on everything until i had my sergery. do not meet anyone!!! ok i had a surgery on my stomach and i could not even move for a week because when i walked it hurt a lot. i had to stop for at least 60 month and i did to heal and recover more quicker and would recommed that you too take time off or it might turn out even worse!!
call me if you have any questions, 818-434-2586 my name is edvin

Lexi P
you're doing great, you're just recovering. Its okay to take breaks and if u do alittle excersie liek walk aroudn teh neoighborhood or down town thats great to. But you'll be back to your normal schedual in no time! good luck!

i would think its enough :D

[email protected]
you are growing up in this stage u should'nt be working that much but once they recover go back to ur old plan

i think what your doing is very healthy for you keep up the good work.i been exercising for 6 years now thro playing soccer going to the gym i started when i was 12 and now i'm 18 and i'm at the best shape of my life feeling very healthy and fit i feel like superman i cant live without exercise

As long as you try to get some excersice once a day, (or less) then thats more than enough. Many people sit aropund all day eating chips wondering why they dont look like the stars on tv or why theyre breaking out haha. Good for you, and i dont think you're doing anything wrong.

You need to let that stitch heal properly. That's the most important thing for now. Once it heals up completely, then you can keep on rocking like you were before, even harder! But honestly, you should let that stitch heal up completely, even if it means taking it slowly for a little while. It's better to suffer a little for now and let it heal than to get a bad infection and really suffer!

Hope your stitch heals up and you can continue to kick ***!

You're gonna live a long, healthy life.

I think that's not a bad plan. I actually think that, that is the best fitness plan I've ever heard!

ok i think you are doing great.....it is ok to get a little lazy just dont lose your grip on your health. if your doctor says not to exercise more than that then trust him/her......they went to school for that! :)))) so just follow what your doctor says and you will be fine. and if you disagree with him/her then talk to them about other options!

lighten up the workout until the stitch heals. Your doing fine right now. I dont know how athletic you are but because your 16 you can workout as hard as you like. Your normal workout is pretty good. If anything you could mix in light weight training for toning. Other wise keep it up.

That's plenty! You really have a superb rutine going for you, seems like both before, and after your stiching problem. I say keep it up, and just make sure it's all healthy--which it sounds like is no problem for you :)
I envy your eagerness to workout. lol

Wow you need to chill. Let you're wounds heal. You're not going to get fat. God. You could have serious problems if you push yourself too hard.

any exercise is good the more the better typically.(I'm not saying you can't overtrain) , as far as speeding your recovery though I would say that's more than enough but I'm no medical expert.

That's a great exercise plan. I know you feel lazy not doing enough but you really gotta make sure you give your stitches time to heal or it will take even longer for them to do so.

I think dietitians work with both food and drink.

ur excercising good. ur fitness is really good thats y when ur getting less excerise, u feel lazy. but no ur excise is really good. the average excerise is 3 times a week for only 30mins. so ur doing good. dont worry about it.

hope this helps:)

coley b
You are getting plenty of exercise. Don't be so obsessive about exercise and eating. Such behavior is self-destructive. Trust me.

no, the reason you're feeling lazy is because you normally do so much. i wouldn't worry, your doing just fine!

Ify Queen
girl that is not to little much exercise. that is to much. cut it down.

The first exercise is great, keep up the work with that as soon as you can again! But for now you really want those stitches to heal correctly otherwise you will end up with a nasty scar! But anyway to your real questions with the 60-90 minuets of walking. It is recommended you do 60 min of moderate physical activity or 30 min of super endurence physical activity! The difference between the two is the change in your heart rate, so check you heart rate before you start and after if it has increase 25-35 beats per min then you are in the moderate catigory and anything over that is endurence! So just watch your heart rate if you can increase it and keep it there for a longer period of time it will do the same thing!

Unfortunately, with a wound like this it is necessary to give yourself time to heal. I know you're worried about getting lazy but you'll just have to wait longer if you mess up the healing process. So, no, I dont think its too little exercise.

Baby Gyrl
sounds like a good fitness plan

Yes I think you exercise enough

Good job! But don't over exercise, and know when to stop. If you're at average weight for your height and age, isn't that good? Trust me, you never want to be underweight... or have an anorexia problem. My sister did, and thankfully she recovered. Be carefully and good luck.

Laura P
Actually, I think you need to give yourself some time to heal. Giving yourself that time will mean that you will be able to get back into exercising more quickly....if you get back into it too fast, you'll make so you don't heal as quickly.

just relax and let your wound heal, you don't want to have the thing get infected then you will really be laid up

You're doin great!!!

No It's just about right.
1 hour a day is the recommened daily exercise.

Edit:Have you tried drinking Black coffee?You may not like it,but drinking a few cups in the morning before a workout is supposed to help you actually BURN calories!
Although it HAS to be black and without sugar and sweetner.

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