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Is this healthy?
well, i had a recent operation and i couldnt exercise much and that made me gain almost 15 kgs.
i started this diet on monday and it only consists of a fruit in the morning and a salade in the noon and nothing at all at night, ive lost almost 7 kilos already and its only friday today, is that healthy?
Additional Details
am 90 kgs now
and 7 pounds is an equivalent of 14 pounds

Zoe Rose
is kilograms a lot? well i don't think it's healthy.

um well, its not alays gud to skip meals, at least eat like, a nutrition bar, so u wont pass out at nite. but ya, if its workin fer u, keep 2 it!

About half of that 7kgs is more than likely water. No exercise and poor eating means that you probably retained a lot of water, so it's easy to drop about 3kg very quickly. The rest is real weight loss, but it's starvation weight loss, which is not maintainable.
I would encourage you to eat at least 1200 calories a day, go back to light exercise and get plenty of protein.

Bonnie S
No you need protein. Add protein to this and eat a third meal. THe only reason you are losing so fast is your starving yourself and you will gain it back really quick unless you do it correctly. You body needs 3 proteins a day a serving is (cooked chicken 4 ounces, cooked beef 3 ounces, or cooked fish 5 ounces) beans 1/2 cup. Also 2 cups of skim milk a day. You burn more calories by eating 3 meals than 2 because your body metabolism will slow way down when you eat 2 meals and make it hard to lose the remaining weight.

Kris C
it looks like you're eating a lot less....most of the time diets are not healthy unless recommended by a doctor....it will feel like you're losing a lot of weight and you're feeling great but most often it can bounce back. it's also not healthy if you're eating little or starving yourself....it can lead to major eating disorders. just try excercising as much as you can and eating light but good foods such as lots of fruits, veggies, and drink lots of water. sometimes you can go to the grocery store and buy like a lean meal or something that you can microwave. you can eat the stuff you love but it has a lot less fat or calories.

brittany j
i learned in health class that it is better to eat alot of healthy foods than to not eat because your body doesnt agree with it and it makes things worse.
so you should start eating at night it might help, make it healthy.

umm no

You need to eat something at night... this will slow down your metabolism if you don't take in more calories. If you're really worried about gaining weight, eat more in the morning, because you'll have all day to burn it off. Good luck. (:

no! that's unhealthy! please reconsider your diet! this is not the right way to lose weight. skipping meals is really bad for you; in fact, it only slows down your metabolism because you're taking in less meals. your body will learn to break down only two meals or so. and therefore, you may easily GAIN weight if you take in more than the 2 meals your body has adapted to.

in addition, you're not getting enough protein if your diet consists of fruit and a salad. this is also very unhealthy over a long period of time. it's not too late; you've just started this diet. you should add at least one meal of protein a day. add chicken to your salad, maybe some eggs, anything to get protein into your system.

do not skip meals. instead of a few large meals, eating multiple small snacks throughout the day will INCREASE your metabolism, and therefore resulting in weight loss the healthy way. get all of the correct nutrients into your diet.

Fluttering Leaves
No, it's not. You should eat 5 small meals a day - this keeps your metabolism fired up.

Each meal should have a some protein (not necessarily meat), lots of fruit and vegetables and some carbs like bread, pasta, potato,etc.

You shouldn't really aim to lose lose more than 1 kilo a week for sustainability in the long run (although it's normal to lose a bit more than that in the first week, it should level to much less now).

Good luck and take care of your body. You want to be healthy more than thin (I hope). :)

Jolly Rancher <3

No, I don't think that it's ever been healthy to starve yourself, but although it works, I'm sure it's not good for you. I think you should just try asking your doctor, if that is okay. He's the only one who can give you a real good description.

that is too fast

Sienan S
no not at all

Rory W
Hell no, you may be losing weight but be nutrition deprived, that diet has almost no protein which can give you heart problems, and you lost that weight that fast, thats more than a kilo a day, thats over 7500 calories lost per day, personally there has to be more to it than that. You preobably lost muscle and water weight as well as fat, so you should change up your diet for nutrition soon.

Wow, no.

Lolitta are you a little locita??? is this a joke? No it's not healthy.

Well your diet in the mornings and evenings is good, but you will be very weak with no protein to feed your muscles. I suggest some chicken or fish at night. It will make you a strong, healthy person, and it will feed your muscles and starve your fat. You should also excersize!

u should hav everything but little amounts so that u maintain a balance of fibre , sugars , salts , protiens , carbs , vitamins etc

to lose weight u should eat papaya , lots of greens , liquids

if u could do this
plant a tbsp of wheat each day in a separate pots for 7 days
wen u complete the cycle then take out the plants from the pot u planted first , wash it to remove dirt , eat it (whole)
u can add salt if u like
if u like u can blend it and drink it

do it 7 days continuous then break for 1 week and so on

believe me it will help


Personal Trainer
As a personal trainer i am BEGGING YOU TO STOP THIS DIET!!!

Eat when you are hungry - but eat carefully - you're not an idiot you know what foods are bad for you.

no its not!!!

I think u should eat something at night but i wish i could loose that much weight

u should still eat a full heavy meal because ur body still needs certain nutrients to function properly.

no not really... your not getting all the nutrients your body need, and that is too much weight loss, too fast... try adding some grains into the diet!!

the worse diet is to stay hungry...it has never worked!!
the best diet is to eat healthy and exercise, it will work!!!!

Definitely not, there is no way that you could be getting all the nutrients that your body needs, plus you are starving yourself which is never good and as soon as you start to eat normally you will put the weight back on really quickly. Loose the weight more slowly and eat more sensibly and that will help you maintain the weight loss. Crash dieting if really bad for your body.

Zoey C
eat a healthy balenced diet is my advise

PrinCeSs ALiSa DaNiElle
Its not good to loose to much weight too fast.. if you start to feel dizzy or faint you should go to the doctors~

it be better if you ate a meal at night. when i go on a diet i eat serving size meals at breakfast lunch and dinner. it doesnt work as fast but it is healthty

stay active but start eating a good bit more. You can't exercise if you got nothing to burn lol. Ok eat two ok size meals a day and exercise for about 2 hours a day and you should be fine. You can eat a little junk food as long as it don't have much sugar in it.

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