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Is this fat? (pics included)?
I'm 5'1 and 110 lbs and in my late teens. I wear a size 0 in most jeans, but I think I need to lose weight. I think my stomach is really huge. How much do I look like I weight, and what size do I look like I wear? How much weight should I lose and what should I do to lose it? Please be completely honest.

Front view body:

stomach side:

somach front:

Miss. Torrey Henderson =]
its not fat. juss a lil pooch. nothing to go
Antic about. =]

You seem fine, you might benefit a little from some sit-ups everyday though.

If you want to check:


^not in my books either

My Name Is Jonas
you look fine to me.
now me - I AM FAT!

If you are 17 years old, your BMI is more than 46% of girls your age, and less than 54%. So your weight is right in the middle. You're not too skinny, and you're not too fat. If you wear size 0 jeans, you aren't overweight. Looking at your pics, I would have guessed your weight at 110, maybe a little less.

If you are at normal weight, but you don't exercise much, you don't have too much muscle mass. That means that every extra pound is extra body fat. You don't have a huge stomach, but the front pic doesn't show much ab muscle. The side view shows a little curve in your belly, which may be your posture, or may be a little extra fat.

I would say you might have 10 pounds to lose, but if you don't have much muscle tone, you won't look good unless you exercise and build some muscle.

When you are younger, your body will use up a lot of extra calories to grow and develop. As growing slows down, your body doesn't have the capacity to burn as many calories. So you might have to watch your weight more carefully, or you won't be a size 0 anymore.

If you've never really exercised before, start with some basic cardio. Walk, run, bike, swim. Work up to 30 minutes a day, 4-5 times a week. That tones your muscles, which helps you look good, but also burns extra fat 24-7, as well as when you exercise. If you want, you could add an abdominal workout, but I don't think you have to.

I wouldn't "go on a diet", but I recommend keeping a food diary. Simply write down everything you eat, and how stuffed you felt after eating (on a 1-5 or 1-10 scale). Going on a diet makes you prone to getting fat later - that's not good. But paying attention to what you eat is good - we don't always notice how much we really eat, although you sure notice a little extra flab on your tummy. Writing everything down helps you stay focused on being healthy.

Team Jacob!
Naw your fine. Just need those crunches for your stomach but you are fine girl.

it probably isn't worth dieting over, but working out helps a lot. Don't worry about being muscleie, is is gross, but you will see it coming. Go work out! and eat more meat!

You're definitely not fat so calm down.

You just have a slight bulge in your belly that you can get rid of with clean eating (fruit, veggies, skinless chicken breast, fish etc.) and a little exercise. But you should do this whether or not you have a slight bulge...it's healthy living!


jonas brothers future wife
I dont think so

no your gorgeus.
stop worrying :)


Gina 7
I don't think that is fat at all... You could do some sit ups to tighten up for your tummy but you are below the average of most americans today.

nope that aint fat at all. thats a really good weight. not too skinny like a skeleton (which most guys dont like) but def not too fat.

No...it's not fat! You are a good weight...if you want your stomach flatter then youll have to work out...dieting will not strengthen the muscles in there...sit ups will.

honestly i would say no, you're not fat.

Marine Wife
You look skinny to me. If you are concerned about losing weight then go out and get some excersize. Play sports, go for bike rides, walks etc. It's not hard to shed five lbs. =]

No, you look ok. You don't need to lose weight, maybe just do some sit-ups if you want.

I don't think you're fat at all. You look great.

(Not so) angry Charlie
That's not fat, you look good.


Sam H
You are perfectly OK... you actually look healthy, unlike some ANOREXIC girls (and boys) out there.
Remind yourself that you are beautiful the way you are.
Please take care of yourself for me.
Hope this helped!

Gurl dont put out pics of you like that! your gorgeous! no worries!

ryan i
Hell No! fat? that looks phat to me

Goth Kid </3
You do not have to lsoe any weight, your'e skinny.


Not in my books.

I'm not going to look at the pictures. Your measurements and name say it all. Please seek help.

its chubbyy.. not FAT tho.

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