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Is this a six pack?!
i started workin out about 2 weeks ago
been doing crunches like crazy

is this the beginnings of a six pack?

Additional Details
I do 3 sets of 20 crunches 3 times a day

i started two and a half weeks ago

wow,thats nice!
theres no way 2 weeks did that to you haha;)
its not a full sixpack but your not fat at all so you already have an outline keep doing it and ohhh mannn that will be a hott stomache haah:)

PS:nice american eagle belt,im diggin it!

Yessiree! Keep up the good work ;-)

Matthew A
It's definitely a start, but you should do more than just crunches if you want those lower abs to really show. Leg lifts and foot cross-overs should do the trick.

Im sorry but noooooooooooooooooooo that is not even CLOSE. you need A LOT more than that...i mean thats like what 180 crunches a day. im a US Marine and i can do 100+ crunches in less than two minutes...and no I dont have a six pack. 180 crunches a day is not gonna do anything. try harder.

ADVICE: Try using some resistance like weights.

Aubreigh S
That is the beginning. I found a source that will help you get one.

melvin j
the muscles are pretty lean, more defined than big. but thats good i guess if thats what you want

DragonLord 66
a six pack contains BEER.

Yeah it'll do. :)

devon d
Yep. Its the beginning, but not an actual six pack.

no its a keg, what do you think...lol
Naah good work i know how tough it is to get your abs tight.


Great job. Keep up the good work. Takes dedication as we get older.

yeahh i wuld say
how many a day?jw

Yeah. But doing work on your chest as well would really help to show up a pack in the long run.

Mr Cray Zay
begining maybe... yeah i guess but 6 pack... no i can't see the 6 packs

jonas brother lover
it is it is
keep working out and u'll b the hottest peice of steak on the beach.haha

yea, its a start

not at all, you dumb b*stard

yup..it sure is, if you keep your workout up, then you'll have a full on 6-pack in no time!

The 1 & only
No, but keep working at it.....ur almost there!!!!

Mr Sheer
yes its starting to no homo. just keep doing your crunches and it will form better

kinda you could see them but if you work out more they would really stick out =]


ن٥ﻻ ﻉ√٥ﺎ ٱ - OLIVIA
mmm, i would like to say yess :]
dangg, that's hott,

Dog Owner
I would think so.

Babi Mya

looks like it to me...more than a beginning

it's the beginning, but not a full six pack.

Brak is Back
I buy six packs at the grocery store.
I usually buy Natural Light beer.

This is my 200th answer

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