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Is my sister fat? She is 13, 4"11, and 53 pounds.?

Pat N
she should be like doulble that weight or a little less. she should be about 100 pounds-90 pounds... does ur sister have an eating disorder?

u wish, she isn't fat just skinny!

Are you kidding? If anything your sister is sooo underweight.
According to:

your sister is 25lbs underweight. Not fat.

No it is small I can see if she was about 200 lbs. or something,don't hate.

No, she ain't fat 'cause I'm 12 and I weigh 94 pounds, well she is older, but every person grows differently. Also I'm 5''1, so it doesn't matter if your sister is fat at that weight because like what I said people grows differently. For example my cousin is 15 yrs. old and she weigh 115 and her height is 6''5, but my other cousin that is also 15 yrs. old that weigh 120, her height is 4''8. See, the difference between them is that one is taller and the other one is heavier.

NO,not at all, most girls her age who are about 5"2 weigh almost 100lb.

are you serious???

My son is SEVEN and weights more than 53 pounds.

If you are for real, she need medical intervention now.


TOOOOOO skinny!

I ♥ Chocolate Milk!
NO! What is wrong with her? Does she have an eating disorder or something? Tell her she needs to eat some Mac and Cheese. I am not tryiing to be mean, but that is dangerous. She's short, but for her height, she should be about 70 pounds. PLEASE get her some help! That could be very dangerous to her.

David L
At 4'11" and 53 pounds she sounds seriously undernourished. Go get her a cheeseburger. Seriously, if that is accurate, she needs to see a doctor. She is not fat at all, she is way to skinny.

no way, more like a second grader, my bro weighs more than that, and hes in thrid grade!!

Holy crap she's anorexic what are you talking about?

No! 53 pounds! is that a typo?!? is she on a crash diet? I think she's skinny. When I turned 13 I was 85 pounds and 5' 1".

you would know the answer! you must truly have a disorder if you think she is fat, srry ive been trying to tell you you didnt b4 but now i just cant. she aint fat shes not even real shed be dead if she was.

Get it CRUNK.

Miss Krista Marie
Why would you ask if she's fat? Your parents should be concerned, if they're not they're mentally deficient (no offense) and someone should probably get her checked out.

She should be taking steroids or something. And if you're calling her fat, that's terrible. If she thinks she's fat, she needs therapy & protein.

YEs she is so fat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

good god, no!
For her sake, I hope you are a troll!
If not, get her to the doctor!

No, she's way underweight. She should weigh twice that amount.

charles b
are ou sure you dont mean 153 pounds if so then yes she is a little heavy

info =)
No! Your sister is WAY too skinny. if you want me to prove it, go to www.lightnfit.com and go to the BMI section. She should gain a lot of weight.

Shane O
People like this make me want to become an alcohol abuser

thin as a twig
why do teens today have such question about wheather your fat or not
you don't start anything serious until you are 17 or older
foolish teens.....

Hopefully, you have enough brain cells to figure that out or you are joking. But obviously, you are just asking the question for attention. Do you seriously not have better things to do? <3

Goodness I am still here?
Actually she sounds underweight and potentially anorexic.

My daughter is 6 1/2, just under 4' and weighs 45 pounds. She has an adorable little figure so to me your sister sounds extremely underweight.

Do you mean 153 lbs?

If your sister is 53 pounds, she is skinny!

The Chesire Cat

she needs to be seen by a doctor, there could be problems..

can you say 3 meals a day for a growing adolesent???

YAY for more people telling you you are skinny! You know you are, you just like to hear it.

I don't think fat is the adjective I would use.

no, your sister is not fat at all. as a matter of fact she needs to put on additional 50 lbs.

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