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Is my friend fat?
she is my age 15 and shes 5'4
she weighs about 120 pounds
is she fat?

No she's not.
She's right in the middle of the healthy weight range.


Red Sox Luver 33

Im 5'7 and younger i weigh 147!!

that is how much she should weigh at that height.

khadim r
may be she is a bit healthier not fat if the belly is not popping out.if she looks good then no problem.

Brian B

Tira A
We can't see her.
But judging by what ya put as her height and weight, no she isn't...if yer going by those #'s.
There is too much emphasis these days on losing weight.
There is a HUGE difference tween being fat, being fit, and being skinny.
Being fit is NOT being skin and bones.
Too many young girls and women have been force fed an 'ideal' by society.
No...your friend is not fat.

far from it.

people use fat in a very derogatory manner these days...ur friend is not "fat",she is just a little bit overweight and needs medical help.

perfect weight in my opinion. not too fat not too skinny. she's not fat.

soccer allie <3
we would have to see her. i weigh about that and im not fat. i just have leg muscle cuz i play soccer.

Dessa Joseph's mom
No, not at all.

no -

cinnamon swirl
no she is not her body mass index is Normal : ) 20.6

save an egg crack, a smile
no, your"friend" is perfect

If you have to ask if your friends fat you don't value your friend to much....because it wouldn't matter to you if she was fat or not. Someday, you will learn it's what's in a persons heart that is important, not the size of the bust, hips, or the perfect 10.

No, that's a good weight.

I'm 5'6" and was 135, and people thought I was super-skinny.

I'm a whopping 150 now.

my lord no!!! http://health.msn.com/dietfitness/bmicalculator.aspx?htft=5&htin=4&wtlbs=120&bmi=1 look at this

no definatley not.
actually shes abit under weight.

does your friend worry about her weight?
if she does and is watching what she eats, tell a parent, this can turn into an obsession. i have personal experience, my friend is like this.

NO she is not. I don't even blame you for your way of thinking, society is at fault. Just pick up a magazine or watch TV, everyone is molded into a size zero. It's not reality, your friend is not fat, even if she weighed more she is not fat. Just make not when you walk down a street, how many people are a size zero???

C'mon grow up! Is your friend FAT to you? That's all that matters. Besides a GOOD friend would sit their friend down and tell it like it is ... say girl, you're fat and XYZ isn't going to pay attention until you shave off about 40 pounds!

But more importantly what does her doctor say? I have no idea what this 120 pound, 5 foot 4 inches 15 year old looks like. I have 7 of those in my family and they all look differently so your question comes from an empty upstairs room in your person. Besides who cares what we think. It is more important what YOU think. Remember, you have to socialize with her, we don't. Some people are BIG BONED and can carry 120 and even 150 and look just darling while others have a smaller bone structure and can not look good to save their life if they are 70 pounds soaking wet! So stop worrying and go be a TRUE friend. Right now you are NOT being a TRUE friend if you have to ask that question on the Internet.

No, but are you asking about a friend or You?


Kristen L
shes perrrrrrrrrrfect!!!

not at all


No! You shouldn't be concerned about body image anyway. She's only 15! As long as she's healthy, everything should be fine.

if she's your friend what do you care? someday some woman is going to judge you by your size and your wallet. be a friend and stand up for your friend. peace.

Why would you think she is fat? A good friend would not judge another friend on their body weight or looks.

Seems like your not a friend at all.

You ask, I answer
no, your "friend" is not fat.

No, she isn't. She's at the perfect weight.
I hope you aren't asking this because you or she think she's fat, because she isn't.

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