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Is it wrong to call someone fat?
If they are, and they need to lose some weight to keep/maintain good health, is it really wrong?

If you just want the best for someone, is it wrong to want them to stay healthy?

zach c.
Yea it is wrong to call them fat, just plain and upright. That is why people use euphenisms to soften the blow of telling someone that they are fat.

Like say, you might want to watch what you are eating; for your health's sake.

its not wrong to encourage them to loose weight. be sure that they are not self conscious about it first. do not use to term fat though, it tends to offend most obese people.

Melissa B
Yes, If you wasn't very smart would you want someone to call you stupid?
There's a difference in trying to help someone and talking down to someone.

♪ Shakila Rahman ♪
Well if the person is your relative or your best friend then maybe you should tell them. If you do then tell them gently. If the person is not your bestfriend or relative then you shouldn't tell them.

OMG! are u dumb of something!? if someone called u something mean (even if its true) u would probably be hert. and u dont know their situation. they could have that thing where they are fat and cant BE skinny. sheesh!

if you are worried about their health, just tell them that, but do NOT call them fat. It would lower their self esteem, big time.

i have a few comments on this. firstly you cannot make a decision for anyone, for good or bad, it is their choice. inevitably the more someone pushes one to do something, the more you actually push them to do the opposite. i think it is wrong to call someone fat, as it hurts, and guess what ? when they hurt they eat more...and yes i am a fatty so i know. my other point is everyone thinks they have a right to insult someone under the guise of "good intentions" if you want the best for someone, love them as they are ...

blood fighter
if you want someone to lose weight you let them know but yes it is wrong to tell someone they are fat.. there are other ways of saying it without being hurtfull

Only answer to their questions. If they say, Am I fat? Say,"i'm feeling a little chunky lately, maybe we could workout together or go on a diet together? That i think is the most tactful way to help someone lose weight. If they don't ask, it's their business.

Fat and overweight have the same definition but one shows consideration and tact.

Of course you want to help someone but you could be more encouraging.

Sher ;]
Telling someone they are fat is not gonnna make them lose weight.
Find other methods of helping people lose weight.
They wont appreicate you being nasty to them.

Jim G
Trust me - they already know, and it is a tad insensitive.

It's not wrong to want the best for everybody, but it IS wrong (on a number of different levels) to hurt someones feelings.

Yes, it is wrong. Don't you think they already know they are fat? You need to deal with the issue of why they are fat and support that aspect of their life. If someone eats to deal with stress, insulting them will only make them eat more.

I think they probally already know if they are fat or not, you dont have to point it out, other wise it seems like judging. As a personal trainer, i help overweight people all the time, but try to be sensitive.
If you do want to "help" someone, make sure all your ducks are in a row... working out, staying healthy, eating properly. That way you can give educated advice, if they ask. And most likely if you are doing these things, people will come to you, without you even having to point out they could lose a few pounds.
As for the origional question. No, i dont think it neccesary to point it out, unless they want an honest opinion. Otherwise, it just comes across as being rude.
I beleive when people are ready to get help with weight loss, they will. Calling them fat will not motivate people.
trust me, i know. this is what i do!
if its health your truley concerned about, there is a better way to say it. Offer healthy choices when out, and offer to partner up for workouts. Or take them to the doctor, hell let them know if they are in good health or not.

They may sit on you , squish, Would you like to be called whatever do unto others be human we all know what we are.

Fat people are already aware they are fat. They are fat not stupid. Calling them fat is insensative. It is like calling you a retard when you are truly retardted. Not funny at all.

[email protected]
a lot of people whould eat more to make them feel better after an insult like that, even if you mean well it is still an insult to them. try helping them and work out with them instead of telling them what they should do and leaving them expecting to do it

David k
maybe you should be careful when you say it

Ashley R
Yes, it's mean and insensitive.

Nori H
yes, if the fat person cares about it (:

THIS IS SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah because you can lower their selfesteem

its only bad because FAT has negative connotations

if you want to tell someone they need to shape up, say it in a nice way!

suggest they get more exercise and eat better, not just to lose weight but because it will be good for their health and make them feel fantastic!

Its not nice.I wouldnt call someone fat.

Its wrong to call someone fat. If they are not comfortable with themselves then they need to be the ones making the changes.

Calling them names and telling them they are overweight will not help.

Its like telling an alcoholic that they need to stop drinking. They will find out on their own what is healthy.

Dont call them fat.. just let them know you are worried about the way they eat, and that they should change there eating habits, I dont think its right to ever call someone fat!

Tom K
If I were to insult you, is it wrong? Even if it helped you and made YOU a better person?

Is it wrong to call someone stupid and self-centered if they pretend to know what's better for another person?

Fat people know they're fat. You're not doing them any favors by pointing out what they already know.

I love to LMFAO :D
If your fat - Yeah, its hypocritical!

If your skinny - Still yes! Because you will lower their self confidence! (Don't call them skinny either, they will think your being sarcastic lol)

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