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Voila. Answer away. :D
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Me :)
Is it wrong for fat girls to show their stuff?
im 17 and about 230lbs and im proud of my body!
i always wear bikinis during summer and im not affriad to show myself. in ur oppinion is that a good thing or wrong???
Additional Details
okay for some of u that say im unhealthy?
my doctor says im as healthy as can be so there.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with strutting your stuff, I think. When you're physically healthy or fit, but larger, you end up looking a LOT different than someone who has very little muscle, and a lot of fat. Considering your doc told you that you're perfectly healthy, I wouldn't feel ashamed with showing a little bit of skin. You probably look a lot better than all those skinny girls out there anyway.

That really is unhealthy, gross, and nothing to be proud of.

omg don't listen to anyone who thinks that this is wrong, because they are probably just insecure about there body image. more power to you ,, i wish i could be like you,, your like a roll model to some people including me

um thats disgusting
nobody wants to see your fat rolls hanging low

Tori =]
no of course not. they should be confident with what they have. =]

Martin the baby
no problem with that...i may be confused, but thats it

Your right to feel great about yourself . Your the one who puts on the clothes so other people shouldn't debate you. Just be you and not care what others say.

Lost Soul
confidence is the best

Audrey King
No I dont think it is wrong. However, I don't support "fat" people or anoerexic people. I support HEALTHY people. Now some people are healthier at a bigger size. Im not saying a healthy person needs to be a twig, in fact that is the opposite. I am just saying people need to start taking care of themselves. Eat right and excercise hun! You can still be big, beautiful, but HEALTHY!

do whatever you want but just keep in mind you're not impressing anybody

its neither wrong nor inappropriate....you have any right as anyone on that beach....kinda like if someone prefers meatier girls and someone skinny wears a bikini..its all relative...more power to you.

Wear what makes you feel comfortable.
You're beautiful; show it to the world.

in my opinnion, yes.. but if your comfortable in what you look like then who cares? it might unattract some people but its your body not theirs!

well people are really judgemental, as long as you feel good about yourself and you are strong enough to not get hurt by the way other people look at you ar say about you. I was the same weight as you and I'm still very insecure.... but good for you for being proud of your body! I wish i could be confident.

brynn B
i think it is absolutly great!
flaunt what you got.
and a secret, guys love a girl that loves her self remember
the more of the cushion the better the pushin. lol


best answer?

dime for your thoughts
You got it flont it!!! Hell you are your own super model, beauty queen f those magazines.... You make the scene...

Everyone is Beautiful... people are brainwashed into conforming into what the media wants us to be and see... but hell no...

I use to be really thin like 90lbs and I was 5 3 in I was very insecure...My sister was alot bigger than me and she was secure with herself, I always thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world...

She's reall big now still but I still know she's the most beautiful girl I've ever seen and she's weigh about the same as you. :)

There are guys who like bigger woman. Back in history bigger woman was a symbol of beauty and wealth...

I am not so skinny anymore but I am more secure with myself even if ppl say look at her belly or some crap. F that I know I look good, cause your man was looking. Lmao. Live life dont be stressed. Your young and healthy what more could you ask for that is gold!!!!

It is not wrong.... just distasteful. Being proud of your body should not prompt you to objectify yourself, nor should not being afraid be a reason to "show yourself". More likely you are subconsciously uncomfortable with your weight and use the reaction you get from wearing a bikini to artificially increase your level of self-confidence. I'm not trying to be hurtful, only truthful. The very fact that you're questioning the morality of your actions makes it obvious that you do care how others perceive you, and typically you should try to abstain from doing things that cause an adverse reaction in crowds... unless being ridiculed doesn't bother you.

I believe a young lady no matter what age or weight should show respect for her body and dress modest. It isn't about being fat or thin it is about not showing the world your goods.

Miss Manda Panda
Go for it girl! That's pretty rare these days, what with teenage girls trying to be sticks. It's all about confidence for those who are worth it.

don't laugh but i'm 12 and 125 lbs... i cry about it i do everythin i can do to lose weight it don't work... just do wat u think is right... if ya don't no just do it anyway! you'll figure it out!

personally i don't think it's wrong

joe r
personally I dont likeit
a lot of times I end up laughing
It may be wrong for me to do that but I find it funny

Im sorry if this offends you
but you asked

Who cares what other people think! I wish I could be that confident in my body - especially since I had my daughter. I've always been pretty curvy, I wore a size 12/14, but since the birth I feel like my stomach is a deflated beach ball lol.

So, keep it up! I'm glad there are women out there that aren't a size 2 who are proud of how they look. You are beautiful no matter what size you are.

Show your stuff if you want....do it only because you want to and don't concern yourself with what others think or say or do. Be confident in yourself...that is a trait mos people lack. Good on you for feeling this way.

i am overweight,i need too lose about 50 lbs.Anyways,i wish i could be like you.Any women that is your size that can do that is more powerful then any skinny girl out there.


hunny dont let know one put you down if you fill beautiful thats great . besides there are alot of wemon out there that are a little big and love it and from my point of veiw alot of them look like thats how and who they are and they look great that way!!!

dang,,,hehehhe thats nice,,,,,

I don't know... Whatever floats your boat you can do.

Of course it's not wrong! It makes me really happy to hear that you're proud of your body. So GO FOR IT and don't let anyone stop you. :)
Seriously, that's a big encouragement to me, 'cause I'm kind of overweight and I struggle with stuff like that but it's awesome that you're comfortable like that...

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