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Is it normal that i have a 6 pack and I'm only 13?
I'm a 13 year old boy who has a 6 pack. I take karte, I skateboard, and I'm in track. I have karate and track the same days 3 days a week. and I skateboard almost every singal day. So is it normal that I have a 6 pack? I also have an hourglass figure?
Additional Details
I'm 5'5 and weigh 120lbs.

dude, why are you complaining? it's normal if you are active like that.

kimberly b
YES it's normal 1.think about your peers life styles and you will notice that they may be more sedimentary (video games, TV computers...) sitting still does not make muscle, and then 2. there is nature everyone reaches puberty you could have higher Testosterone levels which asist in muscle growth but I'm betting my first answer was the right one.
"keep up the motion"
BE and DO

Fight the Future
Your're totally normal it means your in SHAPE and girls dig that

Mike N
that's cool that you're 13 and have a 6 pack, you're young and athletic, but do some lifting weights for your legs to bulk up, try putting on some weight to bulk up a bit, it may also help to lose the hourglass figure, but then sit-ups can help keep the tummy flat.

yes, and just try to maintain it too, it is way harder to get it back later.

Kathie M
You sound like you are quite active in sports. And consider yourself blessed, most guys would kill for a 6 pack! You have very good muscle tone and it is normal. God Bless, Momma Kat

Medusa [the Reincarnate.]
Well aren't you the little narcissist? That's a pretty full of yourself question for Yahoo Answers. You don't have to advertise it.

But no, I suppose not, since you seem pretty active.

Kat 309
Ya, i think i dont really think that there is anything wrong with it but idont really know sorry!!

Get Fit
Yes it is normal if you are active. Thats a good thing. Keep at it!!

olly oic oic

hell yeah

Yes. All that means is that you're a very healthy and strong young man.

yea da pack is normal && i'm sure you got tha little girls at you school feening for ya!lol but uh.........tha hourglass thing..if you a dude you shouldn't share that! ;) dats only good for females!lmao!

thats completely normal. ino ppl with six packs who r 13-14.

6 pack has to do with your body fat, not necessarily how much muscle you have. with all your activity, your height and weight it sounds normal. enjoy it until you lose your hair.

Anthony A
yes i have a 6 pack and im twelve iot just means you work out alot

yeah, skinny people have them

Yes, thats great that you have a six pack it just means your active and healthy. And DALLAS RULES

Don't worry! Its totally normal. Considering you are in so many sports and activities, its almost expected! Its also a plus with the ladies ;-)

Make sure you eat healthy as well though, because if your activity level goes down, you may gain weight.

I wouldn't worry about that right now though! You're young, have fun and keep that body up!

Honcho McGee
ur not that different, i myself and tons of guys i know hav 6packs


Hi B
girls will run after you !!!

i wouldn't say it is not normal cause you seem really active, so theres nothing wrong with that...plus, wen u get a lil older the chicks will digg it lol:)

no, get hydroxycut or weight watchers slim down a bitt

yea but dood only girls are suposto have hourglass figures


Call me in about 7 years. ; )

Yeah. Right.

[email protected]@W0CKEEZ

wait till your metabolism slows down hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Normal? Well maybe not exactly normal. But maybe normal for active teens yes. But hey that is great! Keep up the good work, and take care of your body, and you'll live a healthy life :)

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