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Is eating veggies and fruits is good for u?
I've been trying this new thing where i just eat fruits and veggies with exeercise tapes and drinking plenty of water and i have stopped eating meat. Is this good for the body?

this is great , you will feel much better and you will loose weight ! those in here who say that it's bad for you, might want to verify their views ... proteins can be found in many other food than meat...
don't forget to eat bread, salad with olive oil and nuts, ( almonds are the best ) you don't eat meat if you eat peanuts , almonds and drink soya milk.

yes, they provide many essential nutrients your body needs for staying healthy.

yeah... sadly. i hate eating healthy... i would much rather fill my stomache up on junk but it is much better 4 u to eat healthy stuff. although, in my opinion, u need at least a little meat in ur diet so u can have the protein but hey... vegetarians don't and they r fine! lol

jonathan c
yes but you should eat a little bit of meat. Meat is healthy for you too just in moderation but you don't want to completely eliminate it from your diet..

John Cena
Yes it is, but you have to make sure you are getting enough protein in your diet, like have a protein pill once a day, also you need to have some grains, and if your exercising you need Calcium from milk and other dairys to keep your bones strong, so they don't weaken from exercising

well, fruits and veggies are good for you, but you need meat, or protein, which is in meat. But you can also eat fish, which has protein in it. but don't become a complete vegitarian.

yeh, depends on your blood type, if ure a blood type o meat is good if ure a blood type A then meat isnt gr8. fruit is very good.

make sure you get enough protien or it could drasticly hurt your health. as a vegetarian it is important to eat cheese and to take vitamins. balenced diets help you lose weight and stay skinny. try the bestlife diet by bob greene. very good for you and better than fad diets.

you need peanuts for protein, milk for dairy. fruits have simple carbs so thats good, and you just need to add a nut related item and dairy.

Fiona M
Well you still need protien, so maybe if you want to do this you should get supplements for it?
But apart from that it sounds pretty healthy to me :]

Yes, I suppose, that's what they say.

No! Fruits and veggies are very good for you, but you also need protein and dairy. If you aren't eating meat then you need to get protein and iron from beans, nuts, seeds, eggs, etc. Also make sure to take a daily Multivitamin so that you don't become iron deficient...which is likely if you aren't eating meat or a well-balanced diet.

Edgar R
of course, better then fried chicken and chips, lol.

I've been vegan for 5 years and my doctors were actually surprised at how much healthier I became even just 6 months after cutting out all meat from my diet.
I've lost a lot of weight and kept it off, and I *never* get sick anymore.

You can be completely healthy without meat, but just like any diet, you have to make sure it's well-rounded.

definately. a diet rich in veggies and fruits is linked to maintaining a healthy weight and decreasing your chances for many diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, among many others. but you do have to make sure you are replacing the protein you aren't getting from meat. excellent ideas include cottage cheese, milk, yogurt(all low fat or no fat), tofu, beans, etc. also, make sure you get the 6oz of whole grains recommended daily and remember to add enough fiber to your diet. great job on the water! i've been a vegetarian for years and i haven't felt healthier before, so i'm sure you will too, promise. good luck! =)

yes it is good but becareful which fruits you eat, for example oranges have a lot of acid which is not good for your stomach, a balanced diet is the best thing for you.

Well, fruits and veggies are good for you, but some types of meat, the ones that aren't processed and not red meat, is good for you because it has almost no carbs or calories.

Ofcourse yes...
Infact veg food is believed to be easy to digest.

Luis C
yes very good

thsi is really good but you really need protein to be strong. If your trying to be vedgetarian you will have to eat peanuts and maybe some energy protein pills

yeah but you still need protein, so eat whole grains as well. you can stop eating meat but i dont recommend forgetting about dairy because you need milk/cheese for a healthy diet

Of course--BUT you have to have a balanced diet. You need protein-Soy, almonds, fish. You may be deficient in some vitamins and minerals but be careful whenever changing your diet. Just make sure you have enough of everything so your body isn't deprived of anything. Good luck and happy healthy eating. :)

It can be as sort of a cleanser for your body. But you need to add some protein in before too long. Also maybe a little bit of carb. Extremem diets don't work and they usually don't last. But you don't have to eat meat for protein. Add in some nuts. Look up healthy foods online and it will show you how to eat just a little bit of everything. But fruits and veggies are always good for you.

Yah its good. I am a vegetarian too and I dont eat very much and I feel fine. If u are concerned about your protien intake then u can take a protien supliment. xx : )xx

You need to get protein from some kind of source. If you want to be a vegetarian I would suggest beans and nuts as sources of protein, possibly tofu if you can handle it. If you don't necessarily want to be a vegetarian chicken, turkey, and fish are great sources of protein that are very lean.

[email protected]
it's good, but you need a source of protein...........how about eggs? eggs and cheese are good on salads. you need carbs too.

It is fine to be vegetarian as long as you find other sources of protein. You should look into alternative protein sources, like tofu, Soy, dark green vegetables, etc.

Here is a page that may help you.


of course. you can also get needed proteins by eating avocados, nuts, beans & rice, tofu etc. doctors say meat is now only not necessary, but harmful...read this :

of course just make sure you wash them?
beter than nasty meat but you need protien in your body.

Of course it is. Where have you been for the last 20 years?

no because you need your proteins too

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