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Is eating about 500 calories a day too little?
I am overweight and need to lose weight is this to little
170lbs,need to be 120 by April!!

Yes, it is too little. i've struggled with my weight for a while. i can tell you that limiting your calorie intake that much will destroy your metabolism, make you feel crabby and tired, and eventually you'll binge. try eating at least 1,100 and being more active.

if you really want to lose weight fast, i'd suggest going to a fitness camp during your christmas break. yes, it's a "fat" camp, but it's the only way i've personally known someone who's lost that much weight that fast.

yeah! ur suppose to eat like 1200-1500 max a day..ur like my sister..and like i know wat u mean im 12 5'5 and weigh 165? but i dont look THAT bigt as it sounds honestly but im not skinny :P i eat a tonnn.

pleasently peachy
yes honey, that is not enough, I'm thinking at the size you are you can probably eat 12-1500, excersise and you will loose weight no problem, if you start off that low you will loose a lot of weight in the beginning, but you will also slow your metabolism down in the long run, so if you ever gain any back it will be much harder to loose and easier to gain.

jenae m
well considering that the daily
amount is 2000..500 might
be too little..i mean if you aren't
hungry or starving yourself and
it works for you then fine..but if
you do find yourself hungry eat
more just dont eat fatty foods that
are high in calories. and find a
work out plan.


You're growing and you absolutely need food.
Add healthy foods to your diet and learn about them. Fresh produce. Exercise. Try walking, it's the healthiest exercise there is.

Yeah, the five apple a day diet and diet soda got me crazy enough to have an eating disorder! When I wasn't even all that overweight. Bad road to go down.

500 calories is way too little, you need to just exercise and eat healthy foods, try to reshape your whole way of living.

Sean D
im overweight to and im also 13, but im 150 pounds and 5'4, u can eat 500, why not you still lose weight, and people say you gain weight, if you stop eating then eat again. thatss bull crap, if you eat under 1700, alories a day you will NOT gain weight, exercize, eat what you want, just not as much as you want

Cheyenne R
Well, i would think that this might concern you and your doctor. I eat WAYYYYY more then only 500. I am also 12 and i only whiegh 97 pounds. But i guess, its just your matabalism...

well dont starve but eat healthier like 4 lunch pack and have carrots oranges grapes fruit veggies and maybe a sandwhich but if u dont eat ur body will hold on 2 fat which doesnt make u skinner and eat organic stuff but when u eat stuff look at the nutritional facts and another trhing if u need some more help i am a dieter's worst nightmare no joke heres my email : [email protected] so i hope this helps and 4 more helps email me

try 1500 per day and then go to 1200 but no less

way too little.

double that number.
the average amount you need is 1200 per day.
just take it in healthy food, not junk, and it'll be fine. :D

supercrashdiets aren't the best way, but if you have to do this just eat healthy, sleep well, exercise, all of that stuff.

DeAnne R

The fiercest: Jenny

Typically, the lowest amount of calories that should be eaten a day is around 1500. Any fewer and your metabolism will slow down (because your body thinks it's starving) and you will lose weight much slower.

You'll lose weight initially, but the second you stop the diet, you'll gain it all back and then some.

To lose weight, try getting up an hour early every day, do cardio for a half hour, then wait another half hour after you're done to eat a protein rich, moderate carb breakfast. Make sure to drink lots of water during the day (this will help you feel full. If you don't care for the taste, try adding some lemon, lime, or Cranberry juice) Eat sensibly and also don't eat anything after 7PM.

Do all of this and you should be losing 1-2 pounds a week. Not only is it safer than crash dieting, but you're a lot more likely to keep it off.

Good luck!

=Snow Ski=
you'll gain weight if you eat that little-- your body won't burn fat, will keep all of the calories to run the rest of your functions. Then you'll probably get anorexia symptons- like little furs growing all over your body. but I doubt you'll lose weight even then.

Never cut back on eating! If you want to lose alot of weight eat stuff like

Fruits and Vegetables

Good things to eat:

Just try to cut back on the sweet treats, such as Chocolate, Candy bars pretty much stuff like that!

Now, for exercise try swimming, running and listening to music on your ipod, Skateboarding, Dancing, Skating, Playing with animals. There are millions of fun ways to exercise out there, and yes 500 calories a day I way to little you are growing!

Yes, 500 calories a day is too few.

Your target of 120 lbs sounds about right, but don't rush the weight loss.
The right calories are just as important as the number of calories.
In addition to that, regular exercise will make things easier and will make you more healthy.
Make sure you take in plenty of protein, fiber (negative calories), vitamins and minerals, and some fats are good for you. The big enemies are sugar and other simple carbohydrates.
Cut the sugar to almost zero. Reduce your intake of breads, pasta and starches like potatoes. Whole grains are good, but limit the quantites.
Fruit has many benefits, but there is a LOT of calories in fruits, and it's mostly sugar! Limit the fruits to small servings, and don't drink a lot of juice.
Fill up on grilled fish, lean meats, and low carb vegatables.
Drink water. Soft drinks are no good. Even diet soft drinks are of no value.
How many daily calories for you? I would recommend 1000 to 1200.
The trick is to watch everything you eat and stay on your meal plan.
Don't go on a diet. Change your lifestyle to include healthy eating habits. When April comes, even if you are happy with your results, stay with your healthy eating plan.
You deserve to feel good about yourself, and you deserve to enjoy life as you reduce your weight.

don't worry
i'm 12, 5'3 and 175
i don't worry about it, i mean, i don't like consider cake to be a health meal but i also don't think that you should have to be skin and bones to be beautiful
but if you do want to lose weight, that's not going to work. calories arent the prob, because if you eat 500 a day you're body is going to get used to it and only burn that much a day
don't worry too much about calories, worry about fat and carbs and you should lose weight in no time also drink alot of water and excersise alot!!!

1) ur body will eventually shut down and u wont lose any weight...if u do that for too long ull either lose hair and get ugly nails and bad breath, or ull binge in a week and gain 6 lbs...
2) start a really low calorie diet... try a 3 day WATER fast to kick start things, ull lose like 5-6 lbs, mostly water weight but ull feel better, then slowly start drinking juice, then fruit, and in lke 5 days after the fast eat 1200cals /day and excercise as much as possible....get a gym membership, start running, buy pilates...whatever u will actually work at...

well duh.

at the age of 13 you should be taking in about 1,845 per day, you will loose weight but over time you will start to see some other side effects, you may start to loose your hair and will be in often a bad mood, the weight you will loose will be your muscle so will probably not have an effect on being overweight nor will it make you loose weight, eating less than 1200 calories each day will mean you boy will go into starvation mode and will not function correctly, the best way to loose weight is to eat a healthy diet and not restrict and vital nutrients. This amount of weight you want to loose is quite a high amount, in a short time, you may undergoe rapid weight loss which will have effects like Shivering, hair loss, gall stones, loss of muscle tissue, loss of water in your body, and your skin may start to go bad
please this route you are taking is very extreme if you really want to loose this much weight please see a professional, these are located at chemists and combine healthy food with excercise, this means you may loose that much weight but it will come off healthily

uh yeah

Yes, it is too little! Never eat below 1,000 or your metabolism will SLOW DOWN and you'll stop burning fat!!!

QT 3.14
that is WWAAAAAAYYY too little, try to eat more healthy food instead of junk food and exercise. it may not work as fast, but its a lot better for you. you can really mess urself up for life by crash dieting. and ur only 13, u don't need to be tiny, no one needs to be tiny for that matter

Josh S
Yes 500 Calories a day is to little, losing 50 lbs in that quick of a time. I would recomend speaking with a trainer or a nutrionest.

u shouldn't eat only 500 calories since ur still growing it wouldn't be a good idea.

Yes very much so. At your age, the last thing on earth you should be worrying about is your weight. Seriously, when your 30, it will not matter one single bit how popular you were in high school or how many boyfriends you had. Have you ever seen anyone write that on a resume or an application to college? No. Well there ya go. PLEASE PLEASE focus on school. If every guy and girl would just realize this, we would have smarter people walking around.

Alice L
If you eat this amount you will lose weight but your metabolism will slow down.
So when you start to eat normally and healthier again, you'll gain weight quicker and faster.
Try eating less but more healthier options and try excerising.

yes it is too little. Cmon--talk to your doctor and do it the right way

Yeah...try eating healthy and exercising. DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF!

wilson w
Yeah dude. Eating 500 calories a day is too little.

Nutritionists recommend eating a minimum of 1200 calories per day.

The reason for this is that your bodily functions (blood, heart beating, breaking down food, etc.) require 1200 calories per day. If you eat less than this per day, your body will think it's starving and consequently, your metabolism will slow (you'll burn fewer calories). This is your body's way of trying to conserve energy.

I recommend eating several small meals throughout the day. This way, your blood sugar will remain constant and you won't feel extremely hungry and binge. Eat lots of lean protein -- eggs, lean chicken, etc. Eat fruits and veggies. Drink plenty of water. And of course, exercise! Good luck.

Martin K
Way too little

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