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Is bing fat bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
i weight 280 pouds

Bad?.. no...

It could cause some health diseases but bad?...
Bad is to rob, to bother, but never to be fat!...

Your weight doesn't determine what kind of a person you are. The only thing i would say is regarding health, there are many problems that come from weight, in that regard being overweight is 'bad'.

( :
its not healthy ( =

heather p
if it makes you miserable then yes,but if you are happy with your body then don't worry what others might say . Fern Britain always said she couldn't care less that she was fat as her husband loved her that way but now she has slimmed down through healthy eating ,not going on a silly crash diet and she looks great now ,still a nice chunky figure but healthy

yes. it is bad. it's an epidemic. and even though i don't know what a "poud" is, i assure you that you're overweight. diet so you get healthy.

♥I run with scissors♥
umm yeahh being fat is bad... unless its muscle or if your like over 6'2 and like a really big boned buff guy than yeahh thats good. But dont like jump to lose weight or something unless you want to. Like before you lose weight learn how to spell.

♥Cassie Wassie♥
Yeah. Lose some weight.
it will make you feel better.
and Make your health better.

Undecided A
I think personally if you want to live longer and healthy and be more mentally happy, it would be good to loose some weight. Being fat is not bad, just not healthy. Love yourself, take walks with your man, or get a dog to go walk that way you wont think of it as work. But you should only get an animal if you plan to love it and keep it for its whole life and of course take care of it.

well, it depends how old you are... like seriously if you are 10 years old old and weigh 280 pounds...... (.....)

It all depends on how you look at it or at yourself about something like that. Because if you think about it being to skinny is just as bad as being to fat look at some of these movie stars and other people who have died from being to thin because they starve themselves.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is "as long as you keep yourself in shape and watch your health and eat right and exercise once a day you can get yourself down to between being to fat and to skinny.

But the main thing is you need to have a good mind about yourself and as hard as it is for most people don't always try to compare yourself and the way you look to the way others look.

Sherlny H
well depending on your heigth and age.

It is bad, for a number of health reasons. I used to be very overweight. I didn't think I looked bad, and didn't think I felt bad. I started losing weight and once I saw the positive changes in the way I looked and felt, decided to work harder at it - in the end, I'm a different person. I am confident and healthy. I think the fact that you're asking this question indicates that you have some concern about it and I encourage you to get help and lose weight - it is bad, and you don't realize how bad until it's gone. Good luck!


Fred F
Your heart must work harder.
Better chance of getting diabetes.
Hard time finding fashionable clothes.
Look nicer with less weight.

I hope you're not serious. That's horrible for your health!! You should lose at least 100lbs

no being large is not bad at all. it is what is on the inside that counts (not like ur liver and stuff but personlaity). if u r happy with urself then nothing is wrong.

Perennial Queen
It's just not good for your health is all. Even if you weighed 80 pounds less, you would be in a lot better health then you are at that weight. It also depends on if you are male or female and how tall you are.

The Dark Prince
It is not healthy. It puts a tremonedous strain on your heart and other organs. So, yes fat is not good for you.

Matthew W
Yes, of course. Early death from diabetes, heart attack, stroke, etc! Lose the weight now.

Being overweight is bad in health terms. It's bad for your physical health and in some cases your mental health. Being overweight puts strain on your heart and usually decreases how long you will live. Being overweight it bad for your mental health because there is always someone that will make fun of you and you also might not have as many friends. But the real question is, does that bother you? If it doesn't then it doesn't even matter. But if it does then you should go on a diet, but not an extreme one. Just eat healthy and exercise. You don't want to go anorexic or bulimic. Just do what makes you happy.

well if you weigh 280 pounds than it depends how old you are if your younger then 20 than you either fat or muscular and fat is not good.

Hot Chocolate
Yes, "bing" fat is bad. Your clothes is more expensive, society in general looks down on you, you are considered unattractive by a lot of (not all) people, you have a risk of dying early because of your excessive weight, diabetes, high blood pressure, having a heart attack, a stroke, your children are also at risk of being overweight, need I say more?

Due to health reasons, it's not good. If you are uncomfortable in your skin, then you should do something about it. Good luck!

It certainly isn't good...for your health that is.

Of course it is and you know it.You are in line for some pretty nasty medical problems if you dont slim.

A good friend of mine just had a fatal stroke at age 50. He wasn't much bigger than 280.

So if you don't mind paying for all the fun you're having with food, by having a shorter life, there's nothing wrong -- Your call!

My Mama used to tell me,,"Eve, it isn't a sin to get fat,,but it is a shame to stay that way. Mama was wrong there about it not being a sin,,,it is the sin of gluttony..but moving on....... you could end up in the hospital if you don't...or even worse,,,you could need some type of surgery and it is more dangerous if you are overweight...you are more prone to infection, because of the layers of fat they must cut through.

I'm not trying to scare you, but you need to take charge of your life. No one else can do it for you. Start first thing tomorrow to get control. You know how to do it,,,everyone does....we just don't....eat fresh veggies, lightly steamed,,,no butter.... and fruits,,,lean meat, eat only as much as you need,,,,don't overeat....eat slowly.... and drink plenty of water....eat nothing else until you see results....

how tall are you? being that heavy definitely has it's health risks...your heart wasn't designed to to handle excess weight...not to mention your a high risk for diabetes heart disease high blood pressure, strokes....

Its not bad...just unhealthy. And depending how overweight you are, it could be really unhealthy. Studies have shown that being overweight is bad for your health and causes things like heart disease, and diabetes. Talk to your doctor about the right way to diet, if you're going to. He, or she may have suggestions geared towards you and your lifestyle.

If you are over weight, you raise your chance of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, and many other diseases. Weight isn't just about what people think of you, it determines your overall health. If you drop down to a healthy weight, you can truely put 10 to 20 years on your life span.

no being unable to spell is much worse.

"See I don't know if you know this ,but there are two kinds of fat people. There are the people that were born fat ,and the people that were once thin, so when you look at them you can sorta see the thin person inside. You see you're gonna get married . . .squeeze out a few puppies and then bwah, bwah, bwah."-John Bender explaining to Claire, The Breakfast Club

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