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Is being a 13 year old girl 5'5 and a half and weighing 106-108 skinny , normal , or fat?

Gymnastics Cutie
normal, and im 13 at r age we can easily and quickly, lose and gain weight so dont worry!

of course it way normale

ssounds good to me.. keep fit..

According to the Body Mass Index (BMI) you're slightly underweight. But you would be better served by getting your body fat % checked. BMI is a very generalized chart. It does not take into account your muscle to fat ratio.
Hope this helps!

its a little bit ob the thin side for your heigth...but it's normal really. Don't go gaining weight or anything when you start to develop and turn into a women you'll fill out nicely and put on a little bit more weight. I'm 5'6" and my BMI ideal weight is 123-128 for an adult women....the weight index is like 123-140 though. So you're good...just don't loose any weight you'll be too skinny then. And bones isn't attractive.

At 5'5 and 13 yrs old I'd say you have nothing to worry about.

Just about normal. :)


im 15, 5'6'', and 145
dont worry im not obese, I play two very competitive sports and i have a man body

Samian Quazi
normal, but on the skinny side ))

You have a BMI of 17.6, which means you are underwieght. It's cool to be skinny, but being underweight could be dangerous to your health. Get some meat on those bones!

Haylee R
Your skinny or just about normal. I'm 14 5'5 & i weigh 103-105. But i eat what i want, and i am lots of sports. So i am healthy as long as your healthy & feel good, then your in the right place.

Good Luck & enjoy your summer,
Haylee (:

la.koto コト


this is how you calculate for the perfect weight

5ft is100lb

so 100lb + inches x 5 = perfect height/weight radio

for example


5ft = 100lb

5inches x 5 = 25lb

so you're normal weight should be 125

Your a little skinny.

Amanda H
I'm 13..
n I'm 5'5
n I weigh like 118..
But I have lots of muscle...
I look like a guy when i flex...
and really it just depends on howur body is made...
but I think ur skinny..
Do't think ur fat!
tht's not fat at all


Dani Boo(:
i'm 13--i'm 5'8, weigh 105.

Kirsty T
definately not fat - in the middle of skinny and normal

No babe youre skinny.. hell at 13 i was the same height.. but i weighed 125. (5'5). if you stay that way as an adult you are gonna be a lil too skinny.,.. but really it depends on you--your size and how it looks on you... I know i wld look anorexic at tht weight..but its jst my build..

at this age if you are already worried about this. then you are not going to have fun being a kid. you are skinny so just be happy

Thats great size
I find it between skinny and normal (slim) :)

Best shape in my eyes. Not to skinny but not chubby either.
im Sure you have a great body lol.

for me it's normal, it also depends on your race, if you're asians, you may be smaller size, but if you're white, you may be bigger

ghezai k
According your information

Your Body Mass Index is 18

If you have a genetic predisposition to leanness, or if you are a competitive runner or other endurance athlete, and you are a healthy individual, a BMI in this range may be appropriate. Even if you are genetically thin, it is still important to focus on healthy eating habits and a variety of physical activities. However, intentional weight loss to reach this range if it's not your norm is not advised as it places you at risk for malnutrition and offers no additional health benefits.

it depends on your body composition. 106 and no muscle is not fat but can look sloppy. it can also look emaciated if you have a larger bone structure or very fit if you have muscle. don't worry about the number on your bathroom scale. look at yourself in the mirror or if you want a professional opinion ask your doctor.

iM 13 5'1 AND WEiGH 103

im 13
5'1 and weigh 101

Shana B
Normal for a 13 year old, thin for an adult.

A little skinny but good for 13 - don't worry about your weight or height at all. Eat healthy and stay fit. You are just where you should be.

try this ideal weight calculator, based on age, gender and height. It gives you the per cent of people heavier than you, too. And shows you how you compare to others: http://www.halls.md/ideal-weight/body.htm

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