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Is a Size 10 Fat?

No i would say average or a little below

no dear its not.....but being a bigger size wont have to make u panic....

Nicky B

definatly not

Way too many variables to give a true answer.

I am a size 10 and I dont think I'm fat

No unless you incredibly short!

Well it's up to you and how happy the mirror makes you.

If you are 5'1" yep. Google your BMI (Body Mass Index)

size 10 is a really nice size u are still really sillm

i cant believe u are actually asking this!
its not fat or even chubby or curvy!
sz 10 (uk) is small.
the worlds gone mad, im a sz 10-12 and everyone says im slim, i would never want to be below an 8 and anyone under this doesnt look good (generally)
whoever said a sz 10 is fat is bonkers!

for goodness sake of course its not

Uhhh NO.


absolved lemon
no! size 10 is nice, size 22 is nice. size 14 is lovely

yes huge....dont be silly now

Virginia L
no way...Merlyn Monroe was a size 16...and SHE was no where near fat!


um...i guess you are talking about jeans. and no size 10 isnt fat. i am a size 13 and i'm not fat. i just have bigg hips and a big butt. so no you arent fat.

Look I think we all worry too much about what others think. I mean you can be a big girl and be a 10 or be an athletic one and be a 10. What do you think? Do you feel like you should be a smaller size? Do you exercise and eat right and are a 10? It depends on body type, genetics, etc. Being from CA everyone over a 2 is "big"! So smile and be healthy! ; )

Wishes to remain anonymous
No, in fact I think it's below average for most American women. I used to wear a size 10 and I never thought I looked fat. Don't worry about it.

I know what you mean by this question. Actually your responses make me feel alittle better. I am a size 10-11 but I am 5'4. Because I am a athlete and only 17 I face alot of in shape small girls with practically no fat so I always feel insuperior and fat. I dont think we are fat, but if you are anything like me, you will be right back in the gym tommorrow morning 6 am trying to loose the little bit of fat we have left!

rob e
No it is not. ANd anyway, its personality that counts. I've dated dull slim ladies and larger fun gals. A good book doesnt always have the best cover.

I can't understand why people keep asking this. A UK size 10 couldn't be fat in a million years.

Just because retailers keep bringing out smaller and smaller sizes to cater to a nation of anorexic wannabes, it doesn't suddenly make a size 10 fat and it never will be anything but slim, ok!


No way!!!!

A size 10 is just another size on a clothing rack.

Depending on how your built and what type of family you come from decides that.

I would think it is that overweight, but for some it is. It wouldnt help to lose a couple punds, but not losing any won't hurt you. When you ask is a size 10 fat, youll get multiple answers.

*In constant wonder*
Not necessarily. Fat is relative. Depends a lot on waist size. If you can't pinch too much on the waist and it is smaller than your hips, you are probably not fat

only if u r talking shoe size in a woman!

good god in my day (im only 32) a size 14 was normal and 12 was skinny! if anyone was a 10 then we took the mickey out of them!

oh come on ......

Lily & Stu Too
Oh, absolutely enormous. You really should be a nice, trim size 18, like me.

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