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Is 330 a lot to bench press?
Thats how much the guy I like can do, is that normal, above average, etc..

i suggust you go to his gym and ask to work out with him and see it for your self that wwould be divided by two. good for him if he can do it.

mack j
be very careful that he dont break you in half.

That's a real lot. He must be either short with short & thick stubby arms, big and fat, or masively huge.

Short stocky guys typicaly can bench more than tall guys. The reason is because they usually have thick shorter arms so they don't have as far to go and which also gives more stability.

Then there's the huge fat guy. These guys can sometimes bench a shocking amount of weight. They look way out of shape yet their strong as hell. I think this goes back to the thickness thing. There seems to be a huge advantage for people with fat arms.

Then there's the ones that have a normal frame but they're rediculously muscular. These guys are usually pumping riods.

So which one is he?

YEws Most nfl teams player do that AND THOSE ARRE THOSE BIG LINE BACKERS

Depends on a lot of factors. How many reps with a benching suit without. Is he a powerlifter or a bodybuilder? How much does he weigh? There are a lot of things to factor in. But to say an ordinary guy coming off the street to bench 330 is highly unlikely unless he does some sort of weight training.

Uh, Yes, I know a 180 lb adult that can do 250 and he brags about it all the time, so 330 must be a whole lot. Unless the guy weights more than that or something.

Depending on how big he is and how many times he can lift the weight. If he weighs 170 and can do at least 3 reps (repetitions - i.e. do it three times in a row), then this is very good. If he weighs 250 and can do it once, then it is still good, but less so.

Several people have told you that doing your body weight is good for a guy. This is true and assumes 3 reps. Hulk Hogan may do the 205, but that is most likely either his work out weight, where he does three to five (or more) sets of ten (or more), or it is in KG not pounds.

Yup. Unless he weighs 660.

The Evil Genius

it depends on his bodyweight,age,height... if he is average 5'8-6'0 tall with 200 pounds it is normal bench press weight

For most guys, being able to bench press 330 is a lot. It is definately above average. The average guy would struggle with 230. So, if you're looking for a strong guy to protect you, I think you've found just what you need.

My husband was a body builder before I married him. He was 6'1. 225 lbs, solid. 300 lbs was a feat to bench press "once" amongst him and his buddies. I was very fit as well, and could never press more than 100 at 5'9, 150 lbs.

depends on a lot of things, are you 7'3" and look skinny at 380Lbs? if that the case no its not a lot, but on the other hand if your an a ripped 215Lbs then definately ya your doing better then most! you should be able to bench atleast 90% of your weight, some guys depending on there size will lift close to double there weigt and think nothing of it, Friend of mine in highschool had the record for 500Lbs back in about 1993, if he tried going past he blew hs shoulder out a few times, up to you, are you happy with what you lift or not? average id honestly probly 90% of your body weight, take your weight times 0.9 and thats usualy what the average non lifter lifts that weighs the same as you.

That's freakin humongous. 330 is a lot.

yeah thats alot

It's a lot.

Joseph C
It's a lot compared to the guy who can only do 200, but it's not compared to the guy who can do 450.

Also, I think that know a martial art is more important than the pounds you can bench press.

Does 330 lbs sound a lot to you? It's like bench pressing Shaq so I'd say so. It's common sense really...

You Got A very strong buyfriend to feel sfe with thats gotta make u happy and no its not to much hes just VERY healthy and hes not lazy

Lol.....That's above average! Have you seen him do it? He could just be trying to impress you. Guys like to do that. If he has big muscles, then you know he could be telling the truth though! lol Have fun!

if he weighs 330 that is about average. but that is allot of weight for an average guy.

how many times

[email protected]
There is not enough information to answer this question. Age and body type are two main factors. A few years ago, I was really into the pumping iron thing. One day while I was doing leg presses, a couple of guys asked about what I do to have great legs. I'm 5' 6" and of stocky built. My answer to them was in the form of a question. "How the heck did y'all get so tall?

At first, they thought I was being a smart butt. I explained there is nothing they could do to obtain legs like mine. Just like I could not grow taller. Genetics determines what your maximums are.

Why are you lifting so much? Are you competing? 330 is a great number, but what are you trying to accomplish?

ya 330 is a lot to lift. but its not worth it. to me. its not good to lift anything above your body weight. or its surgery

do you know this for a fact,,have you seen him bench this much and how many reps can he do? thats alot if its the truth and if he can do 10-20 reps. at least. if he weighs 330+ do be to awfully impressed

Yeah, thats way above average.

I'd say the guy is lying to you just to impress you.
I wouldnt believe him.

HULK HOGAN bench presses about 205.
So the guy is a liar.
Sorry boo.

*Jenny from the block*
uh, yes, but why do you care how much he can bench press??

That a good amount. The real question is, can he really do that much, if so how many reps?? If he can do only 1 rep, then no big deal. If he can do 3 set of 10 reps, then that is awesome.

330 is nothing. I did 400. Oh wait, do you mean pounds, I though you meant 330 ounces. Yeah that's a lot.

If he told you that he is lieing. I just highly doubt that sorry. His muscles would be huge

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