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Is 150 pounds for a 5'8" woman considered fat?

your bmi is 22.8 and that is average. so no your not fat


That's an awesome weight for a woman who's 5'8" you must be gorgeous.

All the right curves in the all the right places.

Proud Mama of 4
No, not at all. Don' t let anyone tell you otherwise.


I would say you were in the average zone, so you have some room for improvement, not much, though.

No way. enjoy yourself.

yea im like 5'9" and 160

not to ME!! of course in this society, you have to weigh, like 1 pound for every inch you are tall (5'8''=68"=68 lbs!!) or some stupid thing like that. lol. You don't worry what everybody thinks, if YOU"RE happy with the way you look, then you're PERFECT!

Not the easiest person to love!!
no it dosn't meen shes fat. i weigh about 152 but im not fat.
it just meens that me and her got some meat on our bones
and im about the same height too. and just because of what the scale says dosn't meen a thing. fat is when your wearing a bikini and people r wispering and telling you to put some cloths on and making really meen and smart comments.
do you think she looks aright in a bikini if so she not fat........


Daniel Eden
no, iam 260 pounds & dont think fat at all. see somebody has more problems than you

Im not a docter but i dont think so.Also if you want to lose some weight i recomend weight watchers thiere really fabulous.

I have no clue, but considering that you're asking this question in the first place, you may think that you are overweight for your height.

If you have any doubts, check out a BMI scale online as others have said, but also, everyone could eat healthier as well. My family and I just switched to eating fruit for desert rather than ice cream and what not. It's actually really good, a nice fruit salad. Also, make sure that you're hydrated well everyday (water, water, water, and if drinking Gatorade, mix it with half water), and foods that are not high in sodium. Water helps your body flush out salts that are bad, and also flushes out salt that would be trapped in fat cells.

Eating fish is also really good for the omega 3 oils. Try incorporating that into your diet maybe, because quite frankly Americans eat too much meat all the time.

hey girl dont listen 2 dumb people telling u that u might look fat. trust me..my sister is your same height and weight and she look fabulous! and she doesnt do exercise god i envy her, im 5'3 and 135pds. so girl dont have any shame and show off what your mama gave u! lol

Natureza Humana

your weight is perfectly healthy =]]

Not to me it isn't.

feisty one
No way! http://www.nhlbisupport.com/bmi/

no not at all.. just exercise and i guess you will lose that feeling.

I would say NO!
You should probably think less about the numbers on the scale, and think MORE about how your clothes fit:)

Your BMI is about 22 to 23...so according to "standards" your normal weight :)

Underweight = <18.5
Normal weight = 18.5-24.9
Overweight = 25-29.9
Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater


Sloan R
It all depends on where the pounds are distributed.

No Muscle weighs 3 times more than fat! I never use a scale just go by what I see in the mirror.

i don't think so, though charts may tell you you are overwieght. but i'm 18 yrs old, and 6'1'', and i weigh 205. charts tell me that i'm WAY overweight.. but i'm not fat at all.

â™  Maya â™ 
I don't think so.

No its not fat. You´re normal weight.

not at all

Heavens no!!

It's quite healthy--what is your body fat percentage? That's going to mean more about your health than just your BMI.

bob hanky
i'd consider it healthy !!!! ;)


Small frame: 126-139 pounds

Medium frame: 136-158 pounds

Large frame: 146-167 pounds

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