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 Many people say im short?
im turned 15 in March..im going into 10th grade...& my height is almost 5 feet...i think it's around either 4'7" 4'9"
what do ya think?...

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You guys are the best, thanks !...

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can you lose weight from thowing up?
if so:
how much how fast?...

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im 14 about 5'5 and 124 llbs. ik im not fat but i have a lil extra fat on my stomach, thighs, arms, and armpits. i can still wear a bikini and stuff but i feel i should lose a lil...should i and ...

 Am I FAT??????????????????????...
I am 12 years old i have a small/medium frame, i am 5'2ish and i weight 115 to 120 lbs. A lot of the girls in my class are like 4'11 and weight 80 to 90 lbs! I am always conscious about my ...

 What is my age?
Cant measure my age......

 Did I Eat Ok Today????
-bowl of multi-grain cheerios with skim milk

-Peanut butter sandwich on wheat
-handful dried cranberries

-2 tbsp ...

 Best exercise for overweight person?

 How many sit ups should a person do on their first go?
i want to get into shape so i did 2 sit ups today, i dont want to push myself too far in the beginning, im not pretty when i sweat....

 Gym embarrassment?
i have started working out quite a lot. I always end up with a t-shirt soaked in sweat. The only thing is, I know it becomes seethorugh at the back.(Im a girl)

Will other gym users be ...

 How far is too far with a diet? Serious answers please...?
I've been on a diet for a about 5 months now, and have already gone from 10st 3lb to 9st. I want to lose about another stone. People around me are saying I'm too thin already, and it is ...

 Am i fat???
I am 5 3 and 137 lbs and i have a huge belly and huge thighs so am i overweight ir just really chunky??
Additional Details
oh yea im 15...

 Give me 5 good reasons to give up smoking please..?
..i need an insentive to stop. i know its bad etc for you but am not convinced its gonna make great difference to me as i smoke only 10-15 roll-ups a day. am 32 now and know its time to stop......

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I gave up soda about a month ago in an effort to keep my teeth white and lose a little weight. Does it really work??...

 If you are 5 foot 2 inches....and weigh 109 pounds are you fat?
my little sis is... shes 13.. is that bad?...

 Am i fat?!?!?
ok, i am 5'9 and weigh 145 lb. is this fat?!?!?! please answer im desperate, im convienced it is but everyone eles tells me i look fine... how confused can a girl get -_-;;...

 Is fat beautiful?

 Am i............fat??
ive been really really thin all my life. i mean ive had 6 pak abs easily without even trying. so i guess ive been pretty lucky. lately ive been feeling myself on the chubbier side. when i sit i feel ...

 Should i lose weight???
i'm 5'3" and weigh 100 ...

Is 100 lbs alot for a 13 year old girl?

nahh,,,wats you height...just eat healthyyy hah

You're kidding me, right?!

You're fine...you dont need to lose weight!

Haha no. Try 150 lbs for a 12 year old girl! Me! I'm so going on a diet and running on a tread meal. Psh I need to lose like 20-30 but you are perfectly fine.

Ask your doctor, he/she would be better to tell if you are normal for your height and age and any other medical conditions.

No you are just a litlle girl.

if i where you, i would take a bmi test, i dont have a link but go to google and serch body mass index test and it will tell you all you need to know

no way! thats freakin light!!
haha...it all depends on your height, but you're fine.

I Got Problems...
It depends on the height...though if you're under, say, 5 foot 8 u should be fine!

no, its perfectly fine. dont worry. just keep being healthy and maintain a good weight, which you are. relax!

no i weighed that much and i was good, but it still depends on youe hight i was 5ft 3 inches

No, that's average. It really depends on the height though. Calculate your body mass index.

Vicki : )

it isnt, but ya , height matters

♥CaNnOt WaIt FoR cAmP rOcK♥

Yikes! It wouldn't be alot if you were 5 foot! The others are right, it does depend on your height. If you are over 5'5" then you are way too skinny.

shut up. why do you think we have eating disorders, becuz nothings ever good enough for some ppl.

Depends on a lot more than your age hun! Ask a doctor, other factors to include are you height, body fat, body type,... etc.)

omg nooo. ur skinny.!

Depends on your height.

usually not. but it all epends on your hieght. and everything. i think its under weight though.

NO, 100 pound is not even enough pounds for a 13 yr old

Analisa :
It depends on your height. But if you are of average height, 100 pounds is probably too thin.

no I weighed that much and I was good

let it happen
Depends on your height. Just take care of yourself and you'll be fine.


sarah m
nooooooo depends on ur height

* StAy BeAuTiFuL*
nope its a good size

Ashley Michelle
NO!!! I think it's a little too small.

Depends on height.

peace love and harmony
depends on your height...

nope, ur alright.. keep trying to be healthy and in good shape

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