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 You are what you eat? what are you then?

 Do you think im under weight?????
I am 13 and i weigh 97 pounds. I really do not have a diet except i eat one sweet a day and one carbonated drink a day. I also eat a fruit or veggie at every meal and after school.
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 Im going Anerexic,?
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Im almost 20 stone and im 17 i think im over weight?
but every1 says im under weight and make me eat MORE

am i over weight
Additional Details
im her friend lisa asking this.

No! But watch what you eat

check your weight in pounds then go on google and type in BMI this will tell you! or if you think you dont like your weight then try eating less but if your confident in your body dont worry!

Chris M
well since 20 stone is 280 pounds

you would have to be very tall to have a healthy weight

how tall are you?

shes better with lights off
yeah you are
sorry hun

pin ball
you're about to explode

Meher Baba
20 stoned from what? Grass, beer, vodka? I don't get your ?

depends on your height and body build.

Writers cramp
unless you are 8 feet tall you are overweight.
But you should go and discuss with your doctor before doing anything about it

depends on your height, if there isn't a six pack under that t-shirt you are overweight so ignore everyone.

Yeah, what the hell? Your profile basically says that you are lying about this question! Screw you.

At 20 stone you are most defiently over weight... although your ideal weight depends on your height you need to go on a diet. Who ever is telling you to eat more you need to stop as you are endangering your health!!

You should go to your GP and they can help you work out what weight you should be and help for form an eating plan... also your doctor will be able to rule out any health problems you might have!! just make sure that when you do start to lose weight to not try and do it too quickly as your skin will not have a chance to spring back!

You just need to remember not to be to drastic its not the bee and end all to be SUPER skinny you need to be happy and healthy

I hope everything works out x

fallen dark angel
go on a diet

Ding Dong
This is not meant to be rude but you are not overweight, you are obese and need to change your diet and start exercising immediately.
There are a great many health risks associated with being as large as you are so please don't listen to anybody that says "as long as you like yourself, that's fine" as although they mean well, it won't be helping your health.

Ulrina A
It depends on your height but you deffinately sound it!
PS- Weren't you saying you were 10 stone a minute ago? Gosh you put on weight quickly!

nick M
No your not! Anyway - you can be overweight and healthy!!

Angel !
Not unless your are 12 feet tall...you are very overweight

[email protected]
it sort of depends on how tall you are too but just watch what you eat and youll b fine

Amanda H
You know that you weigh almost 380 pounds depending on your height but you sound more obese than overweight.

How do lose weight
#1.Head to the gym
#2.Count your calories
#3.Try to get rid of stress

Good Luck!!!

Also caculate your bmi (body mass index) to see your ideal weight!!

you are correct with 1st question

you are only 17 and what height are you?start to loose now or you will end up having a heart attack diabetes high blood pressure do it now and no one can make you eat? easy to put on harder to take off get help now and light exercise to start take care

Very much so

Yeah you're fat. Are you seriously expecting a serious answer when you've just said that you're 12 and 10 stone. ^o)

you silly billy course you are

Your over weight and could be borderline obese. So i would seriously take a good hard think about what to do next.

if your 20 stone unless your a wresler, you are over weight, and if you know you are why waist 5 points? and to you americans 20 stone is 280 lbs, 1 stone being 14 lbs, we use stone and lbs where as you just use lbs, and youve put alot of weight on for a 12 year old in 15 minets, 10 stone! plus youve got old very quickly wow

Well unless your about 8 feet tall - or built of solid muscle - then I think you are likely to be overweight

[email protected]
try this ideal weight calculator, based on age, gender and height. It gives you the per cent of people heavier than you, too. And shows you how you compare to others:


Yep - you are obese

By the way we all know you're full of crap as your last question said you were 12 and ten stone


Unless yopu are 8'9" you are over weight!

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