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Im 5'3 and 90 lbs now , but i want to be 80lb?
is this ok , do you think? i ave already lost 2 stone to get to ehere i amnow , but i still want to be lower, can i do this ??

xxxx im 16 and in need of help ! x

you dont need to lose anymore weight.

Thats sad and gross

NOOO do not do that!! 90 is the perfect weight for 5'3 if you go any lower you will get dizzy and light headed and you will be underweight!! Please do not lose anymore or you will be in trouble...your good at where you are at!!

Melinda F
You need to be around 100-120 lbs to be healthy 110lbs is the target. Anything lower than that you increase your risk for heart attack, stroke, organ failure, and ultimately death.

You need to get some mental health help, you sound like you have an eating disorder and body image issues. search for eating disorder treatment and you can find local help for yourself.

Im 4'11 and 90lbs and suffering from mal nutrition because i was a vegetarian, and now im close to anorexic, im 90lbs and trying to gain weight, so i dont think trying to lose that much weight is healthy at all

well im 5'5 and i weight 100 pounds. every1 says im really really really really skinny. so if i were you i wouldnt lose the weght. plus, guys dont like skinny chicks. they like girls with a little junk in thi3r trunk. a little oooomph :p

You are way too thin! You're taller than me and I weigh more than you do and people consider me "tiny".

you do need help alright, but not the type you are thinking.
80 pounds is disgusting. 90 is probably a bit low.

eat more before you be a skinny lady and die

id say stop tryin.
you are pretty light and getting any skinnier might not be healthy.

OK. You are already skinny enough. If you see yourslef as fat then you need to see a counselor. Im 5' 4" and im 111 pounds. Thats around regular OR even a little skinny. You really need to look at your self the right way. No worries you are not fat at all. at 5' 3", 100 pounds is even too skinny. Please dont go anerexic or anyhting and if you already arrre, talk to someone that can help you see yourslef the way you really are. You are perfect!! MUCH LOVE

♥Jesus♥ ♥Loves♥ ♥You♥
if you are 16 and weigh only 90 lbs and wanting to drop even more, then you have an eating disorder and need help. my 8yr old brother weighs 80lbs!!! you need to gain at least 10 to be healthy dear.


Chaya A
that is nothing! i think u need to stay where u r b4 it gets serious! i am 13 and i weight more than u!!!!!!!!!!!!

You should not lose any weight, to tell you the truth. At this moment, at your height and weight, to lose another 10 pounds would be unhealthy, and could cause medical problems.

Don't lose any more weight.

i bet you look sick!

i need of help form a couselor or something if ur 5'3 you need to be about 110-115 pounds.

I think that your not going to want to hear it but you are thin.

your too skinny. you need to gain a little weight.

Heather A.
80 pounds would be a little to thin...i think you should just stick with your 90 pounds.

but if you really want to lose weight dont lose 10 pounds try 3 or 5 first and see how you feel.

im 5'3 and i weigh 102 pounds. everyone says i look very anorexic and too skinny. i think the opposite: i try to eat more to look healthier. haha being skinner than what you weigh now is not very healthy! you also look MUCH better when you look normal than way too skinny.
it depends on the person, really. some people like me cant really help it and have high metabolism. but if you're TRYING to get skinnier than average it aint good!
love how you look! (:

Ok. I was considered anorexic just a year ago and weighed 91 lbs. and I was 5'2. Now looking back and seeing pictures I looked disgusting. I was too obsessed with my weight and everything I did revolved around eating and exercise. If you lose any more weight your will start to look fragile (if you don't already) and trust me guys don't think its attractive. Your weight should be around 115 lbs. but from being annorexic myself I know that is not exactly what you want to hear. So even trying to stick with 90 lbs. or ever trying to bump it up to 95-100 lbs. is better. Just please don't lose any more weight it is so unhealthy and you are damaging your body for the long run. If you notice that your obsession with your weight continues or even gets worse you need to try and talk to your parents about it so they can try and help you or if needed talk to a doctor. With me I had lose self-esteem and thats why I wanted to continue losing weight so when I would lose a pound I was happy but I would look at the scale and still be disappointed. It was a never ending battle. But with help I conquered this battle. I know this is definately not what you were wanting to hear but I hope I have helped you in any way. If you have any other questions just ask!

Haley P
this is not ok. you need help, its called an eating disorder.

Jessie R
hell no!!!! you gotta gain some weight that is soo unhealthy honey

ily=] baby
your anorexic!!!

NO NO NO That is waaay too skinny. Please don't lose no more weight

You need to get help. YOu should be 125-135. Please talk to your patents before it gets worse

eww... go eat a sandwich... that is sooo unhealthy... you should gain 20-30 pounds not lose ten!!!! thats ridiculous... if your friends havent already told you, your wayyy too thin. yuck.

You're already a bean-pole, skeletons aren't attractive.

90lbs for someone who is 5'3 is severly underweight. Average weight is 120 lbs. Please get help.

♥You are my life now♥
dont lose anymore weight that is not really healthy. i am 16 and one inch taller than u but i weigh 100 pounds and i am really skinny. so pleeeez dont think about losing weight. u r fine the way u r!!!

i hope i helped!

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