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oh yea im 15...

Im 15 and my breasts are already a size E there anyway i can reduce there size ?
im not overweight or fat.

ɷ ɹəɥʇɐəɥ ɷ
you are still growing..!! just wait until you have kids, they will get bigger!!

i have 2 kids and i am a size 42DDD and i am 28 years old.

Wow, thats a harsh thing to be given. Apart from surgery there isn't too much you can do to really reduce them. The best thing to do is going to be make sure you really exercise your back muscles because your going to need strong stabalizing muscles to be able to not go through life with a constant back ache. Doing chest exercises might help a little but you'll still have alot there. Get some serious sports bras, invest good money into them you'll need it.

If I were you I would definately start saving up money for that surgery. Wait until you are around 19 - 20 to do it though so you will be done growing for the most part. Breast that large will just pull you down and restrict your options in life.

not until you get to 18, as your body is still growing,

If its any help I have had friends whose breasts have gone down a size or so after puberty.

Also the pill can increase breast size, some can anyway, its a good idea to look up the side effects if you are taking any medication.

E. F. Hutton
Breast reduction surgery. Lose as much weight as would be healthy.

Don't worry about it. You might feel awkward now, you'll be glad you have them when you get older.

green eyes
breast reduction surgery

Caroline S
When you grow up you can get a surgery to reduce them.

Outspoken but Honest
well they could come in handy if you ever fall over at least you wont hurt your face.

Well, if you're not overweight, then I wouldn't worry about it. You may be able to get surgery, but it probably wouldn't be worth the money or the risk. Go to the doctor and ask her about it. But other than that....just eat healthy, stay active, and be happy! :) I know a lot of girls who would be jealous of you. :)

Not without a surgical breast reduction I;m afraid. My friend is 17 and has had size F breasts since she was 14. She's not fat either.

I think you could try buying clothes which play down your bust and make it look smaller, but I think you should just make sure you have got a good supportive bra.

Sorry I couldn't help :)

Cubs rule
not without surgery.

why reduce the size, there fine!

el Rocky
Because breasts are made up of mainly fat, try exercising if you aren't already. It's normal for a female to lose size in the chest area from exercising.

that sounds like my story! do your best to stay fit or you will be dealing with severe pain in years to come. build your pecs. & if your insured tell your doc you suffer from pain so the ins. will pay for a reduction. 15 years ago i was denied & 3 months ago i fianally got reduction surgery i'm gonna try & find some exercises for you to link. even these exercises will only help
i know all these ppl are like "why ?, most girls want big ones, " & all kinds of other cr*p but all my life i wondered why guys liked me, if it was only physical, i felt fat, & its hard to find clothes that fit. if your comfortable in your skin thats great, but i wish i would have gotten surgery earlier. consider a vegitarian diet or at least be sure to stay away from hormone treated meat! & dairy

Jamie-lee A
Haha exercise, Since I've been going the gym mine have shrunk!!!

Surgery may be necessary for you, being already size E at 15 and probably going to keep growing for a few more years- you could wind up with a seriously bad back.

I'd talk to your doctor, it could be covered by your parents insurance if it's considered medically necessary.

Unfortunately, there's no real way to naturally shrink them or stunt further growth.

The Girl Behind The Camera
I have pretty much the same problem. i'm 17 and I'm a 36G
I know you say you aren;t overweight so maybe start doing pushups and excersizes to tone your pecs. the muscles behind your breasts will tone and firm and your breasts will become perkier and possibly smaller. other than that if you want a dramatic change the only thing I can advise is surgery.
If that is something you'd consider I would suggest finding a girl on here named Terri. she is so sweet and is really helpful in that department.
(I have a feeling she'll answer this question)

good luck!

i bet you eat a lot of chicken from fast foods! wear a good bra or a sports bra for support it will be few more years before you could have a Dr reduce them because you frame os still growing and watch your diet 1200 cal a day will cut the fat out of you body. good luck

New York Sucks!!!
Yes, there is a procedure that Soleil Moon Frye had done when she was a teen. It is called: breast reduction surgery. At 15 she went from 38DD to 36C.

If it is in your genes to have size E breasts then theres not much you can do about it except get a breast reduction.

Since you are young and not overweight, this is definitely a good idea because they will cause you back problems even in your 20s.

Beth K
Running is the best thing you can do. I have been running for the past few years and my breasts have gotten smaller. When you run, your upper body moves a lot more than you think.

Don't be too quick to accept surgery as the best option. Breast reduction surgery is a drastic measure. It can damage the breasts, and even if the surgery is successful it is common for them to GROW BACK to the same size as before (or bigger)

Think instead about diet, exercise, toning, wearing appropriate clothes, and accepting that mother nature has given you large breasts.

hard to believe. but reduction surgery is the only way.

ask your doctor about breast reduction surgery

LIttle miz small
You could do more excercise but i think you should be happy with the way you are

Well you can do a heck of a lot of push-ups...


You can get them surgically reduced.

I don't think there is much that you can do healthily, other then losing weight, but if you are not overweight then I don't know? Love your body. I am an E, and i took getting used to as I am also very petite (I'm 19 years old, 4"10, not overweight, with an E cup) I was a late developer though. But I don't think that you should do anything about it. Even if your friends/classmates tease you about it now, wait until your 16/17. All the girls will envy you then and the boys will oogle you! Haha, just wait it out love. You will regret doing something like surgery at your age.

Running could help tone you up?

even if you're not "fat"

steve f
I wish people of your age would not ask questions of this type. You are inviting idiotic perverts to respond in their pathetic, immature ways.
If you have a problem like this...go and see your Doctor and discuss your problem with him/her. I'm sure you'll get the best advice this way.

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