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Additional Details
I am the 13 year old daughter..:/

Matt M
Im 14 years old, and im a overweight, id like to start working out but im too emabarrased?
My high school has a weight room
some of my friends go to the weight room
at my hs ive established my self as a sort of goof character as in not the type who works out
Any ideas on how to start?

dont be embarassed to try and get in shape it should be embarassing enough to be overweight it will also help u with future health problems : D

Catherine M
Who cares what anyone else thinks. If you don't do something now, while you still can, imagine how it will be later if you do NOTHING.
The health benefits are numerous.
Forget about everyone else, gain a little confidence for yourself and go for it!
Best of luck.

Jimmy J
Just dive and and ask for help.

If you're out for losing weight- get a bike. Its a recreation activity so you won't look like you're really trying, but rather just having fun or going to your friends house across town. I just started biking again and I must have at least an inch or maybe two since Christmas.

OR you can just start going to the gym- there is really no tricky way of doing it- you just have to go with your friends if thats what you want to do.

exercise around your block or in your house. lose some weight build some muscle then go work out more in public places. home first public second.

a gurrrrrrrrrrrrl
I have the same exact issue as you except I'm not much of a goof, though! I hope you get some good answers because this is going on my watchlist.

I could empathised with you on the situation you are in. I observed that many at the weight room, gymnasium, exercise room are often people with fairly well maintained physics and as a result it is often difficult to take the first step to go and exercise amongst them. You can make up your own secret project and plan a programme of runs, of cutting down on sweet beverages and drinks, and of eating more of vegetables and fruits instead of oily fast food. You keep this up for a couple of months and you can be sure to see some results of loss of weight. At this stage you can then go to the gymn, weight room or others to work out on your muscles without feeling out of place and embarrassed. Also seek out a mentor to be your exercise buddy so as to help you with the right way to exercise and the right food to eat to build up the muscles.

Andrea H
Who cares what other people think of you. If you want to be more fit and are too embarrassed to work out, you shouldn't be. Its your life and your body. Just show them a great personality and don't be afraid to excel.

Baby Boy Due 1/20/09!
Go with your friends....they will help you out and tell you what to do.

dont be embarrassed just do what u want and dont listen to people that make fun of u

mommy of twins + 1
Do you have a Wii. I recently bought one and the boxing on the sports game is such a great workout and you would be playing the game at the same time...I hear that they are coming out with a wi fitness disk to actually give you a fitness workout...Or you could always start out on the treadmill...

Let your friends know that you are interested in checking out the weight room with them, and can you tag along at their next workout and watch them. Once you are in there you can get interested in what they are doing and ask them to let you try it and ask for pointers. OR, you could always talk to the gym teacher about using the weight room and could he get you started on something and get his advice on what kind of workout YOU should be doing considering your weight. Absolutely do not be embarrassed about it - I give you a lot of credit for wanting to give it a try. Also, my 19 yo son started lifting weights secretly up in his room at night, and let me tell you, he really buffed up and increased his muscles and strength just by lifting those mini dumbells every night

just go with your friends, im sure they'll help you out.

ok, i shared the same problem, i was a little embarassed at first, but i did wat ever was good for me and that was excercising. i worked out for one hour everyday in the weight room for 2 months and i lost about 10 pounds! u just gotta beleive in urself

Try getting a membership at a gym. You can start doing cardio on the eliptical machines, bikes, etc. Then once your comfortable, you could start jogging or weight training.

Start at home. At no cost. There are excercise shows on tv. You can rent dvds from the library. You can tone up by lifting gallon jugs filled with water or sand. Walk around the block, ride bike, do push ups, crunches, etc. People were fit for 1000's of years without going to the gym.

Alicia .
Okay first off , you can't let shyness get the better of you , then you'll be to worried about what others think of you ,and you won't be able to enjoy life . If losing wieght is somthing you realy want then go for it ! Get a friend to help you , or go to a local gym . Eat healthy stuff and extersise alot , thats pretty much the secret to loseing wieght in the first place . Don't be embaresed to go to the wieght room , if your friends are there it can't be that bad . They might acutaly be realy good help to get you started !

dont be embarrassed. :-) be brave and hop right into it.
tell yourself its a plan, a award to yourself if it motivates you, anything

Go to the Y, if you can afford it. I see big people in there all the time and I'm glad they're in there doing something about it. If you must go to your hs gym, get ready for some ribbing at first, but after you start to look better, people will take notice. And it usually only takes a few weeks for a noticeable change. Get in there and GOOD LUCK. You'll be glad you did.

its okay. dont be embarresed at all. be brave and believe in yourself. u cant have ppl put too much pressure on u. so trust me, just try ur best and do the best u can in the weight room.

Who cares?! You shouldn't! Go with friends, if anything.

dreson k
Just do it dude!!

The longer it takes you to start the harder it will be for you in the end!

If you are not comfortable using the gym at school try the YMCA or just go for run in your neighborhood

Start walking around your neighborhood, school is not going to be a good place to start the process. Walking will fortify your feet and heart, then you can try walking some 2 block and running 2 blocks. Keep doing it until you run non-stop and start enjoying the results.

you should never be embarresed!!! be yourself and make a goal for yourself. Good luck!!

Sam S
I am in high school as well, same age and i know it can be hard to break down peoples perceptions of you. You might have to show people that there is more to you than just a goof. Or if you really don't want to do that then maybe pick a time when ther might not be any people in there to work out.

Follow your heart my dear. Ignore the comments of the people around you. :)

just start pumping son. Youll get the girls and the money

Who cares what everyone thinks. They should be happy for you trying to manage your weight. If your uncomfortable going when their are people around maybe find a time when not so many people are there.

start out by running on your own. that'll help get you in shape so it'll be less awkward when you start. good luck!

Never be embarrased on something positive you want to do with your life. Ignore others. Be who you are. Doesn't matter what other people think as long as your happy with yourself.

☆♥..Kt South☆
ask a person close to you
you are too young to go to a gym so maybe you and a friend could go for a bike ride or go out running twice a week or so
just be more active and no need to be embarrased about wanting to get in shape

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