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Im 14...does smoking weed help you loose weight?
or gain.
i excersize (run 3 miles every other day, dance for two hours to nights a week)
and i eat right.
about once a month i hang out with my brothers friends and we just hang out and smoke. (funniest bunch of kids everrr!)
i dont need a bunch of bible pushers telling me how wrong smoking is.
i just want to know if it burns calories....
Additional Details
and i dont do the whole munchies thing.
idk why i just drink water if i get hungry.
i dont really get hungry when i get high...i get happy. hahaaa

coastal stone bird
lol no

Kale C
Nooo it does not help you lose weight it just kills your brain cells and turns you lungs into coal like any other type.My advice for you is to stop what ever your doing cause it is stupid no offense. Hope i helped

Cinnamon Spider
NOT AT ALL! Smoking weed makes you hungry, so you eat. If anything you will GAIN weight! They can prescribe medicinal marijuana to cancer victims to give them an appetite to eat. It does not burn calories.

There are alot of rumors saying that smoking helps you lose weight.
If you are taking up smoking because of this, you are doing it for all the wrong reasons. Im not going to tell you how to live, and im not going to tell you to stop smoking, but one of my friends picked up smoking, ( weed, sniffing Cocaine, everything) and it has just made her miserable. She cant run as frast, can't go as long. Just, think this over. If your picking up smoking because of a weight problem, then it is a stupid reason to start.

Nope, there are drugs that help to lose weight but weed is not one of them. And your fourteen years old, you do not need to be worrying about losing weight now. (Not trying to boss you around) but its true. Your doing great right now, if you eat right and do exercises every other day, your in great shape. keep it up : )

Dude, I tried weed with some buddies. It does make you have the munchies, but what´s worse, is that food tastes so much better with it, making you want more food. So weight loss and weed don't mix.

Candii JoJo is a groovy chick.
Ever heard of the munchies? It also slows down your metabolism. Weed=fatty!!!

Sunnyside is right, cold water burns calories because your body uses more energy to warm the water up to body temperature.

Wow, you sound like a real winner. Ha. Anyways, smoking weed will not help you lose weight...maybe brain cells though (which you already seem to be lacking). Good luck with that!

john l
There have never been any studies done on how many calories you burn while smoking marijuana! I would imagine the same amount of calories as sitting still and having a conversation which is about 5 an hour!

NOOOOOOOO! You eat more and kill your brain in the process. Since you are talking about an illegal drug you should know that there is no one checking it, so you could end up smoking more than "weed" without knowing it and causing yourself permanent medical problems, even death.

no, but where your going will *coughjailcough*


No! Ohmygosh.
you gain weight.

I run crosscountry so during season, I'm do about 5-7 miles everyday (and I try not to smoke during the season) however, during the off season, that's when I start smoking again like atleast 4 days a week or less and I used to think it would calm my cravings like cigarettes do, but NOOOO when you're high you get really really hungry and tend to bindge eat alot which will probably make you gain a couple of pounds.

it doesnt help you lose weight..you might gain some weight if you eat alot after you smoke..but other than that..nope..no weight loss over here!

First I don't know if I really believe you're 14 but what ever. And I'm not a Bible Pusher, it's not a SIN to smoke, it's just bad for you. But hey I'll play along... you don't care you just want to lose those calories huh. Well as far as I know weed makes you hungry so go to a salad bar after. Now let's see 14... in a couple of years weed won't cut it for you so you'll probably start doing Cocaine or something and now that one helps you lose weight. You may not make it to 30 so have fun in the mean time.

The Seeker I
I know something for sure ... Smoking helps you die Faster !

It'll burn your memory cells so maybe you will forget to eat.Stop smoking it cos it just aint clever espacially at your age when your brain is still growing.

me myself nd i
no you dont lose calories but you will lose your head

if it gives you the munchies do you really think its gonna help lose weight?

nikki l
Maybe a couple as you are moving your hand back and forth to puff and pass :) But not enough to count honey..

your one and only
Not weight but your mind! stop doing it


Maggie MercuryMorrisonTownshend
Wow one I am an atheist, and I will tell you how stupid you are for smoking. For all the work, three miles ever other day and dance, you could do one thing stupid while you are high and it could ruin everything. And why would weed make you burn calories? You will probably get the munchies and want to eat so you will eat more, it's not Cocaine.

PS. Your dumb
PSS. Your only fourteen... that's just sad.
Oh but its okay since they are so funny.

not very smart for 14. the answer is no

k, im pretty experienced in this certain question. And weed does not help you at all to lose weight. It actually is proven to make people gain weight due to after the inhaling, when kids or people get the munchies they tend to eat more even though their bodies don't need it.

No dear, it kills brain cells.

U is for Uranium
You pile on the weight from the munchies. No it doesn't burn calories.

no.. i gain weight from munchies then lose Testosterone (proven apparently as i read somewhere) and brain cells

if smoking weed help loss weight, i think all the ladies in the world would smoke weed. And also weed would be legalize for that reason :P. Completely overwhelm cigarette market. :D

no, it helps you lose brain cells.

no it doesn't burn calories, why the hell would it burn calories?

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