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Im 14 and i weigh 220 pounds..is that horrable?
ive been overweight all of my life and i weigh 220 pounds now and im only 14! i cant seem to make the commitment of dieting becuase i know that i will fail..i take p.e. this year but i eat really badly..would i lose any weight? or stay the same? or gain? i need some advice..i dont exactly know what the advice should be about...just what i should do or something...please!
Additional Details
im only 5,5

you should lose weight because you really young and that's not healthy

find calorie/fitness calculator on the net, enter your stats, take 300-400 calories off that number and that's how much you need to lose weight.
5-8servings of fruit and veggies a day
8 glasses of water a day
5-6 small meals instead of 3 big ones (breakfast is the most important - make sure to get complex carbs like whole wheat bread, oatmeal, fruit etc)
4-6 times a week cardio for 30-50min, light weight training, many reps
no junk food, no sodas, no alcohol, no white flour (cakes, cookies, white bread, pasta etc.), nothing high in sugar (ice cream)

It is only horrible because of what it will do to your immediate and future health...never mind how you look. You can develop diabetes and lose your limbs or become blind, or have a heart attack or stroke and suffer from brain damage. Take a visit to your local hospital and talk to a physician. Don't take your youth and health for granted because it will not always last. Try going to the Y and swimming, get on the treadmill for 15 mintues or however long at first, go to Weight Watchers to learn how to eat on the flex diet (you can eat anything you want, you just have to add the points) and their support group helps as well. Get some hobbies going to do things, instead of thinking about what to eat, watch less tv and food commercials which trigger cravings, and drink a lot of water and Green Tea, have your mom help with cooking low fat meals. Then, you go and enjoy life at 14 and stop worrying...if you follow those guidelines, you'll be ready for your prom in your jr year. How do I know, I was a fat teen who slimmed down by jr year and changed my life. Best wishes to you!

Don't worry about what some people say, hon. If you're overeating, its probably because you're inside a lot of the time. When you get bored, don't head for the kitchen, go outside. Go to a local park and do something. Or maybe call up a friend and ask if he/she wants to come over or something. Also, when you sit down for a meal, eat enough to get you full, and avoid eating more when you're done. Don't stop eating, by any means!! Have confidence in yourself. Thats what'll get you where you want to be. Its not about how much you weigh, its about your health and how you see yourself. I'm sure there are plenty of good things about you. Just like I said, don't eat when you're bored. Instead, do something fun to occupy your time.

thats exactly how i am and i think its bad but when i play football for a team it helps me loose weight and then i feel better about myself

I don't want to say it's horrible but it's very unhealthy, especially depending on your height. I was on a medication which caused me to skyrocket in the weight department. Let me tell you I heard from a doctor to eat breakfast and she was right. Eat whole grains, fruit, and dairy for breakfast. For snacks, try baby carrots dipped in one tbsp of ff dressing, and steer clear of carbs unless they're complex eg; multi grain, whole wheat. Eat less throughout the day. Like have a nice sized breakfast and eat small portions throughout the day. try to have your last meal no later then 6. You HAVE to keep moving. Just dedicate 20min a day to walking and you'll see an improvement. one more major goal: drink lots of WATER! TONS!!! i'm talking 64 ounces or more a day. It keeps you full and it really helps w/weight loss. I lost 60 pounds in 6 months like this. you can, too.

Baby girl born on 8/29/08!!!!!!!
Don't let fools make you feel bad. Being 220 is not the end of the world. It actually depends on your body type and your heigth. Noone actually weighs what they should.
All that really matters is that you are confident with yourself, know that you are beautiful, and you can do whatever you set your mind to.
If you are wanting to lose weight, don't deny yourself any foods. That will set you up for failure. Set boundaries and portions. Limit what you eat and/or how much you eat.
Drink 3-4 glasses of water right before you eat. That will make you feel fuller before you start eating and then you will not eat so much.
Do not worry about p.e. Find an activity that you like to do. Who likes jogging 4 miles a day. Play tennis or basketball. My personal favorite is tennis and jump roping. Both are very good for you and it is not boring.
Don't let anyone tell you that you are fat, that you are worthless, and any other bogus crap. Everyone is perfect in their own way and as long as you are happy with it, it should not matter. Be happy with who you are inside and out. Beauty comes from within.


Fortune Cookie
what do you think? do you feel comfartible with your weight? if you dont like it then you should talk with your parents and a docter. they can help you.

In p e you would loose wieght because your burning up calories. Try to see if there is any summer wieght programs they might help especially to the commitment.

it just sounds like you don't want to try.... there are a lot of risks of being over weight. try eating a little less...and drinking more water.. doing p.e. is not enough.to not be oveweight, you will need to exercize outside of school. watch your eat habbits. and count the calories you eat per day. cut the calories little by little each day if you can.

No sweetie its not horrible!!...its just not healthy,...Im wondering if your parents are overwight??? if so your big source could be your family just has poor eating habbits...which is usually the case...what ever the case,what you need is a plan.Before you start,let me tell you ,do not get involved in these trendy diets!!! they dont work!! what works is to be consistant!!...there is no magic pill or exercise,people fail because they dont loose fast enough,so they give up.Dont let that be you...I cant give you a plan on here,or train youi through yahoo,but I can point you in a few directions...1 the good old YMCA!!!!...cheap and will even charge based on your family income,you can go and exercise after school play and its full of kids your age and they have fun programs and free classes,Im there everyday!!! Or take a walk EVERY day,start with 15 minutes,1 week,30 the next,and 45,and walk 45 min a day its free,or just get active for 30 to 45 minues 6 days a week..next you have the net look up/study anything that says HEALTHY eating,not dieting,Bob Greene has a good site...have fun,your 14...your not horrible you just need to get active and change the way you eat...it would be best if you could see a doctor and let him put you on a plan....good luck and stay consistant..get some tunes and .start with a good ole fashion brisk walk..its spring this is a good time to start

You are very unhealthy. not horrible. just really unhealthy. How unhealthy you are does depend on your weight, but every doctor you meet will tell you

Ok, from what I gather (and my conclusions could be totally wrong, but this is usually what seems to be happening) here are some possible reasons why you are overweight:

-The members of your immediate family is overweight. Nobody bothers with educating you about how to eat healthy, or even what a healthy body looks like (and no, it does not look like those skinny little girls on TV who look like the come from a third world country). When your parents make food, it's usually very high fat, high calorie, and low in nutrients.

-The members of your immediate family do not exercise regularly. You guys don't take family walks. You don't go to the park to play with the family dog or play frisbee. No shopping trips. Your family never introduced you to organized sports (basketball, soccer, etc.) so you feel awkward when playing with other people or have other people watching you when you play. You were never introduced to single-person sports (swimming, dancing, running, etc.) and so your lack of skill turns you off about the sport and you lose motivation quickly.

-You have a very undisciplined daily schedule. Most 14-year-olds do. I know I did. This however, can easily cause weight gain. You decide "oh, I just got home from school, I don't have that much work to do. I'll just grab some chips and watch TV for awhile".

-Your parents tell you that it's genetic. Everyone in your family is overweight so they think that's just the way your genes are. NOT TRUE. They're just in denial. VERY VERY VERY few people are overweight solely because of genetics. While it's true that some people gain weight more easily than others, it doesn't mean if you eat 1500 calories a day you're going to weight 50% more than everybody else who eats 1500 calories a day.

If none of these reasons above pertain to you...then you could be sick and that could be causing how much you weigh.

My advice:

-Get busy. Make an effort to improve your grades. Start volunteering. Start a job. Join a club. Try improving some skills you have or pick up new ones (like drawing, knitting, sewing, etc.) If you're really busy, chances are you are going to moving MUCH more than you usually and burn more calories, meaning you will lose more weight. If you're really busy, you aren't going to have enough TIME to just sit there and eat or you'll be too tired to care.

-Learn about how you gain weight. Do you know how calories work? Intake and outtake? How many calories does that bag of chips have? What does it mean in terms of losing/gaining weight? If you walk for an hour, how many calories does that burn? This is REALLY REALLY important. Knowledge is power.

-Learn how to cook. Cooking your own meals means that YOU control how many calories you eat a day and the amount. It also means that you are less likely to eat because you'll be too lazy to cook.

-Eat breakfast. Breakfast is THE most important meal of the day. It stops you from overeating at lunch (where we eat more high calorie, high fat foods) AND it starts your metabolism.

-Start taking supplements. Just because you weigh a lot doesn't mean that you're getting enough vitamins and minerals. These things all help your body work properly, if you don't get enough of them, you'll have health problems (minor or major).

-If your family has the income, see a nutritionist and have them teach you about proper nutrition and set up a diet Plan with them. They will help teach you healthy ways of eating and exercising. If not, you can try talking to your school counselor or nurse and see if they can point you in the right direction.

-Start exercising. The easiest exercise you can probably do is walking. Walk around your block at least once a day and DON'T eat after you walk. If you feel up to it, run. You don't have to run until your exhausted or hurt yourself...just MOVE! Or, take classes that interest you (dance, martial arts, etc.) I know that at your age (body-image issues are REALLY annoying around middle-school age) you feel really self-conscious. Just think, you're doing this to get healthy...screw everyone who thinks ill of you for it!

-Join a web-blogring dedicated to getting yourself into a HEALTHY weight. Xanga has a good one and it's easy to set up. You can use the blog to help motivate you lose weight and type your thoughts on there when you're having a hard time.

Here's some inspiration: Most of Jessica Alba's immediate family is overweight, or even considered obese. Why isn't she obese? She started cooking for herself when she was 12 and hasn't stopped since. She also exercises regularly.

I hope this helps. If you want some more tips you can always look them up online...or you can contact me through this thing and I'll try and help you get on the right track (don't expect too much of me though, I'm not much more than a kid myself!).

Okay go on weight watchers it works for me and heres the excersise plan you need to do.
Walk 30 minutes a day and each day increase the speed a little. Do 100 situps, 100 crunches they are both not the same one works upper abs and the other works lower abs. Do 50 leg lifts front and back on each leg and do 50 side bends on each side. Keep it up and I asure you you'll lose weight :) good luck. DRINK WATER! AND DO THIS EVERYDAY.

I'm 50+ and 5'5" and weigh 110. So can you do something? Yes!! You can decide you are important and make a committment to change your lifestyle. Depending on how active I am, I eat 1500-1800 calories a day.

You have to decide to do something active everyday. I know its not easy to do for some people. I started dance lessons at 2 and have danced everyday for 50 years. Even when I was sick and in pain I did something.

I try to eat healthy. I buy 21 pieces (servings) of fruit every week, fruit is the original fast food, it comes in its own wrapper. You can take it anywhere. I at least six meals a day, I eat breakfast, a morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, and tv snack. Sometimes I am hungry so I get up in the middle of the night and have a piece of toast and tomato juice.

it also depends on your height because i have a friend who is close to 400 lbs but he's like 6' something and but he's healthy because he plays football and he can hang with us.if you actually do things in p.e. even though you eat junk food try getting your willpower up and try not to eat more or replace it with healthier foods, and because you started p.e. you might get hungrier try to control that by eating foods that fill you up like oatmeal or anything that has a lot of fiber. I would recommend that you join any of your school's sports teams.The first days after joining a sport are always hard and you may want to quit but keep at it and you'll see a difference in your stamina and you might be able to rest easier too.You'll maybe even get more respect from your classmates.

Daniel B
yes, you are overweight...but you knew that already. Keep a food journal. This will help you know exactly what you are eating and how badly your problem is. You may not realize how bad it is without writing it down...this will also help you to find out where to change. You don't have to become supper healthy overnight. Even a few changes like cutting out snacks can help. Also include in your journal your exercise regimen...even walking is good. Record how long you go and each day or each week try to increase it some....you didn't gain the weight overnight and you won't lose it overnight.

Don't feel too bad, there are many out there just like you. Don't be too hard on yourself. Look into a more healthy diet. Take your PE class and work hard. Stay active. I've just started Hip Hop Abs (dvd) and it's really fun. You would probably be able to stick with it. Just try, it's gonna be hard. This is for your health. If you don't do something now you'll soon have problems with diabetes and/or high blood pressure. Hang in there and Good Luck

Phillip V
Youre still growing, you'll grow taller making you skinnier. But if you have been overweight all your life you have a problem. You say you eat badly, there are many different foods you can subsititute for junk food. Instead of Mcdonalds, stay home and make hamburgers, there is extra lean meat (like 3% fat ) at Wal-Mart. Make baked french fries instead of fried at the fast food joints. Find a physical activity you like to do and stick to it. Try getting a paper route, yea it's lame but you get physical exercise, and you get paid for it. For a meal replacement, do what I do. I take a vinilla slim-fast, mixed with some pineapple and mango peices, a splash of orange juice, a scoop of vinilla protein powder, and a packet of equal.(a sugar subsititute). You get like 33 grams of protein, which supresses appiteite, and much less calories than in a typical meal. You can lose the weight, it is all in your brain. Don't think you're hungry because you crave the taste, your stomach will growel if the body is hungry. To help with this, if you crave food, do something that will take your mind off of the craving, go jog, play a video game do something that won't make you eat junk food. When you start your P.E. class here are some tips:
Wear a sweater when you're doing cardio. But drink PLENTY of water, the increase of body temp. from the sweater will burn more calories but will dehydrate you fast.

Consume as little calories and carbs as you can. Instead of this, increase protein. This is healty energy that also are the building blocks of muscle.

Hit the sauna. The heat will get rid of any excess body water which will decrease your weight.

To help with the cardio, try weight lifting also. This will help get rid of even more body fat, and increase muscle. These two put together will help you get the body you want.

You can do this man, but with all life style changes, you need one thing. Dedication. Remember, weight loss won't occure over night, give it time, and you'll see the effects. To keep you in track of your diet, count the calories you consume. Remember, there are 3,500 calories in a pound of body fat.
So the next time you go in to Wendy's and get that biggie size #1, to burn off those calories you'd have to run across the Golden Gate Bridge 3 times! Good luck dude, you can do it.

Amie G
Ask your parents to take you to the your Doctor. Talk to your Doctor. Your Doctor can put you on a diet.
I am over weight. I've lost 25 lbs in 5 weeks. I lost the weight by exercising and eating 1200 calories a day! Good Luck!

you should talk to ur parents and get a diet Plan worked out

Hi, it's very simple. It's good to be big, just you have to get in some Sport were you can sweat a lot. Now is more easy for you to get in good shepe, you have the mass (fat), now you have to change to mussels, i don't now were you live and if you have water around, but it's good to get involve with running, swimming, Kayaking, any ting in the water or around. You alloys can play Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, sports with a lot of running and fresh air outside...keep eating, but start moving a lot , make a Goal, not Diet, become Strong and good at what you doing, be the best...Good Luck

You're very smart to ask for help because making a positive change now can make your future much brighter.

Your message makes me sad because I wonder why your parents or guardians are not helping you eat healthy foods and control calories. You're not an adult until you turn 18, so it's an important responsibility for them.

That said, I strongly encourage you to ask your guidance counselor or a favorite teacher if they would help you learn more about eating right and exercising for weight loss. They will respect your asking for help and be there for you.

Good luck! You can do this.

mother of 3
yes that is a lot of ht that's why i want to help you
1800-2200 cals a day (when i say that i dont mean eat 3 choacalate bars for the whole day) divid those calories between:1. fruits (three survings a day apples paers.. not but not high cal fruits like mango if you like high cal. fruits eat only haif_)2.lots and lots of veggies speacially greens i know that it doesnt sound good put try it. eat a diifren salad every day try adding new stuff like carrots . acouple TB spoons of corn (corn has sugar so not too much)3. loud up on like white lean meats:chicken, fish,turcky,have some red meat from time to time. 4.for carbs eat whole grain foods; like whole grain bread read on the label it should have at least 2-3 grams of fiber per serving, include fiber in your diet too.5.and dont forget your dairy take 3-4 servings of non-fat or low fat milk, cheese and yougert. i know your young and like to snack for snacks try pretzels and air poped pop corn,fat tree ice cream, you know popciclee hardly have 30 calories and if they're sugar free they have like only 10 cals. DRINK LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER (8-10 GLASSES)stay away fron carbonated drinks their filled with sugar,even energy ones like red-bull ,if you want to drink something in addition to water try gadorade and Green Tea(some say Green Tea increases your matabolism)
do 60 30-60 minutes of cardio a day 5-6 days a week(jogging,power walking, running,riding you bike,or exercice tapes)2.streang trainig try lifting weights ( ask someone to show you the proper way to do so .so you wont hurt your back) do squads and crunches do this 2-3 days a week. it helps build more mussals which will burn more

honey... it is not horrible but it would be in your healthiest interest to lose weight Try this:
*go for a walk everyday or a run (cardio cardio cardio!!!)
*go bike riding
*try swimming
*get an exercise video (pilates or tae bo)
*workout 5 days a week for 35-65 mins a day
Instead of dieting and restricting food intake....
*eat healthy food (green leafy veggies, yogurt, meats, fish, special K, limit take-out)
Aim to lose 20 lbs to start...because that is a reasonable goal... when you lose that you can set a new goal
Other tips
*healthy alternatives--get baked potato instead of fries, drink water or 2% milk instead of whole milk or soda)
*take stairs not an elevator
I recently lost 20lbs by running 1-2 miles a day, 5 days a week for 3 months
I wish you lots of luck with your weight loss, if you want to email me with other questions feel free to do so : )

You are considered, by medical authorities, as obese. It's not a pleasant thought, but it's a fact. You need to ask your parents to get you an appointment with a doctor, and discuss this with your doctor. Your doctor can recommend proper diets, how to exercise, and help you in many ways.

Exercise and a proper diet will help you to loose weight, and feel better about yourself. You may want to start slowly.

Start by walking around your block every day. When that gets comfortable, walk twice around the block, then three times. Increase the number of times you walk regularly.

Eat more fruits and vegetables, and stay away from chips, candy, cakes, popcorn, etc. Also, stay away from fast food. Cut down the size of portions that you eat, as well. If you want a snack, eat a carrot or an apple.

Don't try to loose a lot of weight at once. Set a goal to loose a pound a week. The slower you loose the weight, the longer you keep it off.

Ron H
You are putting your self at risk. Diabetes has been associated with being overweight. Insulin resistance too. You need to get into some good eating habits. Your parents should help you.

I would go on the Ornish diet for heart disease. The reason I think this would be good for you is because you can eat all you want. The food is low calorie with lots of veggies.

It is a good diet to learn also because you are heading for heart disease already and this diet has been shown to actually reverse heart disease. Use Amazon.com

Ok, u say your problem is that you eat too much. Maybe if you cut down just a little and eat healthy stuff instead of junk you could lose some weight. And don't let anyone discourage you. Do it for yourself, not for other people. If you keep your mind on the prize then you will suceed!

gary h
Think of overeating as fattening the hog.

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