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Im 14, 135 and about 5,11 wishing to bulk up?
well im forteen and i whiegh about135 pounds. i stand at 5'11 and im looking to bulk up.if you guys have any exercises or workouts plans .how about protien shakes or supplements?

Eat dog fecal matter, it is choc full o protien, as is the fecal matter of most offal eating animals.

$exxxy Je$$ie
1) GYM

can't help

damn my friend is 14 and he weighs like 110 pounds

Ryan A
wow, there are a lot of dumbasses on here. It all depends on you're genetics if you're gonna get big. I was 5'10 and 115 lbs at 14. Now I'm 6' and 175 and still have a lot of work to do. I take a pre-workout supplement and follow with protein. My biggest problem is eating enough food to sustain my workouts. I work harder than guys twice my size. I don't have the genetics to be really big. Some have it, some don't. If worse comes to worst and you really want it. Take steroids. I never have, but ALL professional bodybuilders do it. There is no way to get that big and not use em. For workouts buy Muscle Magazine, Muscle and Fitness, Flex, or any hardcore muscle magazine. If nothing else you'll be inspired. Work hard, eat even harder and never overwork yourself and give your muscles plenty of rest between each musle group. At least 72 hrs (natural) less if on roids.

Sure, wait to 17 or 18. But sport is good. Alternative protein is soya bean. Have fun !

Hannibal the Cannibal
The general rule for bulking is to consume 1g of protein per pound of bodyweight. If this doesn't seem like enough, adjust it until you get to 2g of protein per pound of bodyweight...if too much, try 1/2g of protein per pound of bodyweight.

As for bulking exercises, try the 5 by 5. You work one muscle group a day for a total of 6 days of exercise per week. You choose 5 exercises, 1 set per exercise, 5 reps per set. The key to this working is to choose a weight so heavy that each 5th rep is incredibly difficult and probably requires a spotter (do not do this for your lower back, but do challenge your lower back). For muscle groups with "parts" (upper, middle, and lower back for your back; hamstrings, quads, and calves for legs), you do the 5 of 5 for each part. Rest 30 seconds in between each set.

Brandon D
pushups and sit ups/crunches for muscle and Whey protein shakes to help grow them faster

omg ur fine trust me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if you ask me protien shakes arent even worth the nasty taste. i use em though. ok if you want to bulk up its gonna take awhile. what you want to do is do low reps but heavy weight. im about 5'11" and 130 and im 16 so yeah... lol. grr. anyway. do about 5 sets or so and on the last set go untill you cant do any more. for benching start with something thats kind of hard and then add 5 lbs or more every set. Also, you may want to try Creatine. It slows down the tired. lol it gives you more energy to work out with just drink ALOT of water. youll be thirsty if you take it. Protien shakes are just a way of getting quick protien. Just eat chicken and tuna it tastes better.

Armando L
Hey bro, Bulking has nothing to do with your workout but everything to do with your diet. To bulk means you are increasing your calorie intake wile maintaining a clean diet. Even more clean IMO because any thing extra will cause in fat storage. Make sure your eating every 3-4 hours. Supplements are ok like protein and vitmamins for example. Dont listen to some of these guys. Do someresearch on your own when thinking about taking supplements at any age. Protein is very safe for you to take but dont take it with the idea that because its a protein supplement that its going to make you bigger. No its a supplement and thats all its meant to do ids supplement. So forexample im between breakfeast and lunch if you can not have a small meal taking a protein shake will help in the sense that you are maintaining postive protein levels to support protein synthesis. Optimum Nutrition is a great brand of protein and studys have show that the raw materials are pure and are what they say they are


well the easiest way to gain weight in muscle is working your quads because they are the biggest muscle in your body. you can do those by doing, squats,leg press,leg extention. i recommend squats. but also do some weight training for all your muscles. make sure to eat lots of protein. dairy products are loaded with protein. but make sure to do cardio because what good is bulking up in muscle if your gonna hide it under fat. good luck. :)

bodybuilding.com will give you all your motivation you need.

I recommend doing push-ups & pull-ups.


Wow, I'm 15, 5,11 and I weigh 137. I asked the same question a while back and got nothin. Good luck.

Indianna P
well first of all make a routine and dont laze about it for a day or a couple do it every single day try eating less um...
join a school sports team thats a great way!
go for walks casually eat a healthy breakfast.

Jorge F
hit the gym

i'd wait until your at least 17 until really building your body because your body will become exhausted and you wont grow much/ quickly. so it really depends if yew wanna be tall =^_^=

aaron b
At the rate you are burning calories forget about it. You wil have to wait for a few years to get bulked up. RIght now your body metabolism will burn off anything extra you put into it trying. The only thing you will get by working out is cut up, and well defined unless your body is already designed bigger. You can't go against genetics.

DUDE, ur 14 and 135 !!!!!!!. thats TINY. well, your tall, but your really really skinny. based on what you said, you have an ectomorph body shape. (small frame) . so you cant really bulk up and look big. just eat more. lift weights and do push ups to get some muscle, but people with small body types cant really pull it off.

Obviously you are going to have to eat more. I suggest 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight. You're going to have to eat a lot of carbs too.

If you weigh 135 lbs. that means you'll be eating 270 grams of protein. Each gram of protein equals 4 calories, so you'll be taking in 1080 calories from protein. Eat the same amount in carbs too. Since a gram of carbs and protein have the same amount of calories, you'll be eating 270 grams (1080 calories) of carbs. As far as fats are concerned, eat about half the caloric intake of your protein and carbs. So that would be about 500 calories in fats. That would roughly equate to 55 grams of fat, since each gram contains 9 calories.

To make things simple, just divide these calories into six meals a day. So each of your meals will contain approx. 445 calories from protein, carbs, and fat.

Now I suspect that this may still not be enough calories for you. If you're not gaining weight, just increase your caloric intake but keep the ratios the same.

A protein shake or 2 won't hurt.

At this point you really don't need any supplements. Just eat and workout with weights. If you're lifting weights, have a high carb, moderate protein meal about 15 to 30 minutes after you workout. This will help immensely.

Troy G
if you want bulk
you need 1-2 grams of protein for every pound you weight
also eat plenty of carbs even more in the morning and after work outs they are a lasting source of energy and increase insulin which may help in blocking some catabolic hormones
lift heavy low reps


Mark V
Eat chicken and fish, be careful with protein shakes they can damage you kidneys if you take in too much protein. Just hit the weights hard and eat alot. I wish I started when I was 14. Good for you!!

Well obviously if your looking to bulk up, then you need to lift heavy. As far as supplements, some of the best ones are the safest. Protein shakes after workouts, taking multivitamins and amino acids can cause dramatic results.

Remember to eat lots and drink plenty of water. Lift intense!

Hope F
if your only 14 you don't need to take any supplements. I would just do sit-ups or maybe push-up. and maybe weightlifting if your a guy.

workout ........eat...........and .........rest...........leave the supplements alone...........eat good food..........peanut butter milk bread meat eggs.........enjoy.........leave the heavy weights alone so as not to hurt your joints............your still growing.........tone with a light run........hope it helps

Patrick R
its too early. you need to wait until about 17 or 18 when your Testosterone levels are more balanced. dont start taking supplements as they could negatively affect your growth and natural chemical production in your body. for instance, take Creatine to much or too early in life and your body may never learn to produce it. i was in the same boat as you but i was 6 feet and about 110. consider yourself big enough for now.

First if you wanna bulk you gotta eat more. eat alot of carbs dont eat junk food though and stay away from soda

Since your ony 14 the best supplements that you can take are these i gave you 3 good supplements for each one so you can pick whatever one you want

Protien Powder
One of these will be good since your trying to gain weight
- Optimum Pro Complex
- CytoSport Cyto Gainer
- BSN True-Mass

all these are good
- Universal Animal Pak
- AST Multi Pro 32X
- Optimum Opti-Men

some good ones
- BSN CellMass
- Prolab Creatine Monohydrate
- EAS Phosphagen

- SciVation Xtend
- 4Ever Fit L-Glutamine
- AST GL3 750

Fish Oil
If your wondering fish oil gives you Efa's which are the "good fats" that we all need. Fatty acids are a necessity which most people don't understand. They are important for cellular, heart, and metabolic health. We do not get enough "good fats" in our diet each day so supplementing with fish oil is a must.
- Olympian Labs Omega-3 Fish Oils
- NOW salmon Oil
- Health From The Sea PFO Pure Fish Oil

BSN NO-Xplode is also a good supplement that i use it helps physical and mental energy, muscle-expanding pumps, unparalleled strength and stamina; not to mention tunnel-vision like mental focus, allowing you to zone in and have the best training session possible. You can try it if you want i really like it

Alright now a Mass Building Workout Plan
this is a good mass workout here
http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/workout2.php?name=10+Week+Mass+Building&description=This+program+worked+for+me+and+it+will+work+for+you+too.+Train+HARD%21&type=Split&different=4&goal=Build+Muscle&days=4&schedule[email protected]hotmail.com&E1%5B%5D=bench&R1%5B%5D=10%2C8%2C8%2C6&S1%5B%5D=4&E1%5B%5D=incline&R1%5B%5D=8%2C8%2C6&S1%5B%5D=3&E1%5B%5D=decline&R1%5B%5D=8%2C8%2C6&S1%5B%5D=3&E1%5B%5D=flys&R1%5B%5D=8&S1%5B%5D=2&E1%5B%5D=pullovers&R1%5B%5D=10&S1%5B%5D=2&E1%5B%5D=tricep+pushdowns&R1%5B%5D=10%2C8%2C8%2C6&S1%5B%5D=4&E1%5B%5D=weighted+dips&R1%5B%5D=10&S1%5B%5D=3&E1%5B%5D=bench+dips&R1%5B%5D=10%2C10%2C8&S1%5B%5D=3&sy1%5B%5D=Monday&E2%5B%5D=chin+ups&R2%5B%5D=8&S2%5B%5D=2&E2%5B%5D=one+arm+rows&R2%5B%5D=8&S2%5B%5D=3&E2%5B%5D=wide+grip+seated+rows&R2%5B%5D=8&S2%5B%5D=2&E2%5B%5D=close+grip+seated+rows&R2%5B%5D=8&S2%5B%5D=2&E2%5B%5D=pulldowns&R2%5B%5D=10%2C10%2C8&S2%5B%5D=3&E2%5B%5D=barbell+curls&R2%5B%5D=8%2C8%2C6&S2%5B%5D=3&E2%5B%5D=ez+bar+preacher+curls&R2%5B%5D=8%2C8%2C6&S2%5B%5D=3&E2%5B%5D=incline+curls&R2%5B%5D=14&S2%5B%5D=2&E2%5B%5D=concentration+curls&R2%5B%5D=10&S2%5B%5D=2&sy2%5B%5D=Tuesday&E3%5B%5D=front+machine+press&R3%5B%5D=10&S3%5B%5D=3&E3%5B%5D=incline+rear+laterals&R3%5B%5D=10&S3%5B%5D=3&E3%5B%5D=arnold+presses&R3%5B%5D=10&S3%5B%5D=4&E3%5B%5D=lying+side+laterals&R3%5B%5D=10&S3%5B%5D=2&E3%5B%5D=shrugs&R3%5B%5D=10%2C8&S3%5B%5D=2&E3%5B%5D=upright+rows&R3%5B%5D=10&S3%5B%5D=2&E3%5B%5D=front+wrist+curl&R3%5B%5D=10&S3%5B%5D=4&E3%5B%5D=back+wrist+curl&R3%5B%5D=10&S3%5B%5D=4&sy3%5B%5D=Wednesday&E4%5B%5D=squats&R4%5B%5D=8&S4%5B%5D=3&E4%5B%5D=leg+ext&R4%5B%5D=8&S4%5B%5D=3&E4%5B%5D=leg+curls&R4%5B%5D=8&S4%5B%5D=3&E4%5B%5D=one+leg+calf+rasies&R4%5B%5D=10&S4%5B%5D=2&E4%5B%5D=calf+rasies&R4%5B%5D=10&S4%5B%5D=2&sy4%5B%5D=Thursday&exercount=30&s2r=

- Wanna bulk then LIFT HEAVY
-you still need to do cardio but your bulking so limit cardio so 2 or 3 times a week
-lots of water
-Eat every 2-3 hours
-Get as much sleep as possible, 9-10 hours
-Try to get at least 1g of protein per lb. of bodyweight
You do the things i said your muscles will grow like crazy but you have to stay dedicated and dont think it just happens over night it takes time so stay pacient

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