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Pebbles A
Im 13yrs old im 5'1'' and I weigh 140lbs all my friends were bikinis except me how do i lose 40lbs ?
i want too lose 40lbs over summer break
im 5'1 and weigh 140lbs
i want too were a bikini like my friends please help!

Charlie H.
Wow, a lot of what people are saying are REALLY mean. Don't listen to them, all people come in different shapes and sizes and they are ALL beautiful. You're a little too young to be worrying about your weight now, but I recomend trying a variety of foods. Try to get all of your daily nutrients and get plenty of exercise. Try and stay away from any carbs like bread, potatoes, rice, noddels etc. The idea isn't to lose weight, but to be healthy. As long as you're healthy the rest shouldn't matter.

try "summer beach eat healthy plan" my brother tried it, he lost 55 pounds in two months! look it up on the internet,

Read Seventeen Magazine and they have a lot of healthy eating tips and great abdominal exercises. You'll look great!!

i know exactly where youre comin from! i lost 20lbs last summer by jogging/walking for 30 minutes a day, 5 times a week and not even changing my diet! its really easy, you just gotta stick with the plan and dont miss any days or you will get off track. be sure to treat yourself with something like a snack though so you dont get bored of working out. listen to music while you excersice too! it will def get you in the mood :].

im 5 2 and i weigh a little less but i wear a bikini but i have major thigh problem!!!! lol i want 2 lose 13 lbs. i ran track and im in gymnastics. i dont eat very bad and i only drink water. i tried special K but it didnt seem to work but let me kno if you find a way

Don't eat as much.

stereotypes... eh...

dont freak out so much!
stress plays a big part on weight gain.
im about the same height as you and trying to loose weight, but little people like us just need to run run run.
really, any kind of cardio will work, just dont focus on muscle gain, it will all come in time:)

and try to eat healthier, start out with small things at first, and when you become more controlled, cut out others.
like at first, cut out sodas, and later on start to cut out more like more junk and things like that.

Ivo Ruest
I suggest you go to a Nutritionist to get an eating plan! Thats one of the best things you could do in life!!

Its not about eating a lot or nothing!! Its about eating properly 5 times a day with balanced foods and healthy things!
3 Meals (use the Alimentary Pyramid and vary your foods) and 2 in between like granola or a fruit!!

Exercising is very important also! Sports are a very good thing to do not only for physical condition but for mental too!!
At least do something active 3 times a week in order to be in a good shape and drink a lot of water!!!

It is recommended to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day! I would say 10 is perfect!

Having a scheduled bathroom time is also good!! Talking of number 2!! Well for number 1 theres no limit! but number 2 once a day is standard i would recommend start scheduling at night and morining once each so that you evacuate more and store less!

And eat a lot of Oat Meals!! they are very good for your entire body!! It is probably the best food ever!! You should look for the less treated since the more natural it is the better for you!! I hope this helps!!

Don't eat anything at all, and then when you feel as if you're about to pass out eat a cube of cheese.

* Pittsburgh Penguins! *
140 pounds isnt that bad :) Just eat healthy, and excercise. Hope this helps :D

People think that losing weight is difficult, it's not. Eat sensibly and exercise. Simple!

Anna O
I understand. I am sorta in the same boat as you. What I am going to do is exercise and eat well. It should really help seeing as how it is summer. Oh and you arent Fat whoever said that you were doesnt know what they are talking ABOUT! :) (John)

Like everyone said, Exercise and eat healthy.
If all else fails Buy a cute tankini (Shorts and vest) Very flattering and hides the stomach

Shimmy D
Eat a healthy protein breakfast.(ex:eggs with one slice of toast and milk or juice). Then go exercise, you can walk, jog, play a sport, swim, ride your bike...whatever you like, for at least 30 minutes 3 times a week. Drink lots of water or Crystal Light because water can get boring. For lunch have a small portion of whatever your mom cooked. Then for dinner have a salad with light dressing. If you get cravings in between meals, brush your teeth and then you won't feel like eating cuz your mouth is clean. Good Luck!

To start you need to excercise A LOT. Every morning this summer you should wake up bright and early and take a walk even jog. Stay out for about thirty minutes.
For breakfast have maybe one bowl of cereal. Anything from general mills is healthy--it contains whole grains and a lot of vitamins. You should ask your mom to buy you some more fruit and maybe have some with your breakfast.
During the day don't just sit around snacking. If you are a little hungry, choose a little ziplock bag and put a couple pretzels or chips in it. And when you finish that little bit you are done so don't get more. Also maybe ask your friends to go on a bike ride with you.
For dinner ask your parents to start cooking meals. If they won't make vegetables or other healthy meals, do it yourself. You are thirteen make your own healthy dinner. After dinner you should go on a thirty minute jog.

Don't eat more than you need
Eat healthy foods
Get off your butt
Get excersize

Keep in mind. You don't need to wear a bikini to be beautiful. If anything, you should want to watch your weight purely for the sake of health.

Since I might need more information (eating habits, level of activity) , this answer may not be spot on but I'll try.

1) [Water]. Help move things out of your system and helps takes care of water weight from water retention. Also, reducing your salt intake helps with this.

2) You don't need to starve yourself. Best advice on this: listen to your stomach. Eat when, and only when, you get hungry. Treat your stomach well and give it only the good stuff. Green veggies are wonderful and help to control appetite.

Tip if you have trouble with food that seems to creep into your stomach: If the food is in wrappers, leave the wrappers out so you can see.

-Write down what you eat. Don't go crazy and calorie count. Just be a mindful eater. =]

-Don't fall for empty calories. Worst offender? Soda.

3) Increase physical activity. This one is never a fan with anybody, but you don't have to go all out. Don't make exercising some chore to accomplish, don't let it bring you down. It should make you feel great. Do what you love to do (if it's shopping, walk around the mall. Maybe try yoga. It's not intense but if done right is a great way to get active and increase flexibility.) You should feel when it is necessary to challenge yourself more.

4) Keep the reason you want to loose weight close. Use it to motivate you. For example, "Do I want to eat this Oreo cookie or do I want to look amazing in a bikini?" or "Do I really need this soda or do I want to become a picture of health?".

5) Don't let yourself be discouraged. If you slip up by binging out on a whole bag of chips while watching TV, remind yourself that you don't really have a diet Plan. You don't have strict rules to follow or break. Pick yourself up and do better next time.

I hope this helps! Good luck =]

ok dont listen to that insensitive guy!...i think if you want to lose any weight at all you should only shoot for when you arecomfortable enough in your own skin...that might be at 130 or 125 (which is what it should be..) just stay healthy and excersize whenever possible....also watermelon (if you like it) is a great snack to eat if you have a craving for food but are trying to lose weight.

Try loosing 1 lb evry two days instead of wanting to loose all of it in one go!

To do that, you got to eat helthy food, read all the books there are about healthy diets! and go for it!

Eat salads, fruits, less and less carbohydrates, such as bread, burgers, and pasta, no pizza.

Not a lot of rice, maybe just a bit!

Have lots of beans if you like, they r fine!
they ll give u all the energy u need!

Do exercise! as well! well just a bit!

but make sure u have no cake, no ice cream! untill u get this in order, then you start eating ice cream again in moderation, or chocolates! as well!

{VS Pink _Luverâ„¢}
It's hard to stay slim when you are short. But here are some tips that will help you loose weight so you can fit in with your friends.
*get an exersize plan. You should try to exersize for about 30 mintues for three-four days a week.
*limit your portions. Eat three major times a day(breakfast, lunch, and dinner-include protien in each meal) and two-to-three snacks in between. Also, use small bowls and plates.
*change your eating habits. Have only one drink a day that is not water. It can be tea, soda, juice, etc. Also, try eating low cal-snacks such as 100 cal packs, fruits, and frozen fruit popsicles.

Follow those tips and they will help you to become a healthy weight for your age and look fabulous in a bikini. Just think of it this way, you want to become happier and more healthy. Food is not worth feeling unhealthy and upset with your body.So good luck, and you can email me if you need some more help or encouragement.

eat salad and exercise ^-^

you have to jog everyday for like 30 minutes . cuz 40 lbs is a lot to lose.u also have to eat veggy dont starve yourself, that only makes you slower your matabolism and its harder to lose weight like that

Sophie S
i say eat healthy no junk food and exercise a lot!!!

I'm also 13 years old.. so I can help you with this..
eat right.
don't eat too much.
watch workout programs on tv and youtube.
don't sleep too late
after eating, just walk.
plan your meal.

in just weeks, if you follow this, you'll get the body you want.
good luck!

40 mins running a day

50% vegetables and fruits (tomato, lemons, bananas, oranges)
40% meat (meat)
10% starchies (bread, potato, pasta, rice..)

Have as much sugar as you want but be sure to add 5mins of running for every tbspn

Shoshana F
ok u ahve to b exxxxxxxxxxxtemly motivated but cut out all sugar and eat only proteins and lean but filling meals

make usre to get at least 45 mins of excerise and do alot of healthy activitys

dont starve ur self becuset thats terrible plus ull gain all the weight bak

try tankinies they r great

you dont need 2 ur 2 young

you don't have to wear a bikini to look pretty, sweetie - i know what its like to be an outsider in this department.

make your swimsuit cute & pretty.
so you can feel pretty

lovelove; leah.
"be yourself"

john, that was extremely rude T_T
okay, a good way to loose weight is to, of course, excersize daily, whether it's walking to bicycling or whatever. and only eat when you're hungry and stop when you're full. if you HAVE to have a snack, eat fruit.
also, cut out sugary drinks, too.

Eat healthy and exercise lots!!

I Will Make Changes
it is going to be vigorously hard. first you need to prepare yourself mentally to lose wieght. you have to find great motivation in wearing a bikini. now wieght problems may be hereditary, but that doesn't mean they can't be fixed. you need to cut sugar out of your diet completley, that means ice cream, candy, cookies, and most other junk food. eat only fruits vergatbles, and protein filled things like chicken or fish. you have to RUN at least 10 miles a day. if you stay consistant, i'm willing to bet you could lose a lot of wieght this time next month. good luck, i know it sounds hard, but you have to motivate yourself

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