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If you only eat 100 calories are you anorexic?

yes - you need around 1500 calories just to maintain the weight you are at right now. so keep eating 100 a day, and you'll become weak, likely to faint, you'll have less energy, your muscles/cells deterirate and your metabolism will actually slow down

all that is NOT worth it - 100 calories is just about one bread slice

Yes and you will end up killing yourself if you try it!!!!

Should be Working!
Considering a daily diet to maintain weight is 2000 calories, then OF COURSE!

if it's your daily dose, Yes.
if it's your hourly dose, No.

Billie R
no, not at all, just stupid, and besides that you cannot live on 100 calories a day! DAH

no you are DEAD..

Claire h
Yes, you need to eat at least 1,200 caloriesa day.

thats definatly anorexic!!!!!!!!!!!

it's just not healthy. your body needs more to function.

That's roughly 5% percent of the recommended daily caloric intake.

So, depending on the reasons for eating so little, only eating 100 calories would definitly qualify as anorexia.

Not until you become skin and bones like Nicole Ritchie

Jared P
normal people can live on 1500-2000 calories per day. If you continue to eat 100 calories you will look sickly.

so i would say yes

Anorexia really has very little to do with how much you eat. Moreso, it's about why you eat a certain amount.

If you're only eating 100 calories a day because you think you're fat, then yes, it's anorexia.
However, if you're just not hungry after 100 calories a day, you're not. In this case, though, there could be some severe underlying issues, so if this is the case, you should probably get that checked out.

Well i don't think you could live of it so just eat what you want when your hungry eat and it doesn't have to be chips and gravy it can be a salad or something healthy

Derek Zoolander
You SHOULD be eating about 20 times that!

No, you're dead, if you do it very long.

It would definitely do the body a lot of harm if you only ate that much.

100 calories a day? Well, say goodbye to yuor live, cos yer gonna die. You need FAR more calories than that in a day.

Nikki W
In one day, yes!!

heidi m
Ur average calorie intake that is recommended per day is around 1500 for women and 2000 for men (roughly) only having 100 would be very dangerous and nearly impossible unless u don't eat anything??? Didn't u watch that program with Louise redknapp she tried to put across how dangerous it is!!!!! they class u as anorexic depending on ur bmi and if u only have 100 calories a day I'm sure ur bmi wuld be very very low if anything at all. y do u ask this do u only have 100 calories a day???

Chef Mommy
only 100 caleries a day is VERY unhealthy. I don't know if it would technically be anorexia but it definately is an eating disorder. If you only eat 100 a day please go to a doctor/counsler... talk to someone about it and get help... :D

yes, womans daily calorie allowence is like 2000 calories i think, 100 is beyond a joke, you basically wouldnt be eating anything at all.

Eva C

true blue
I would say yes.

It really depends on the amount of time that you have been starving yourself. Anorexia is actually a mental disorder that keeps you from being able to eat because of a distorted body image. Truly anorexic individuals see themselves as obese, and in their confused mental state, think that they have to obsessively diet to get the extra weight off. They combine that extreme lack of food with excessive exercise for extended amounts of time to become totally skeletal. Death comes from systemic failure, such as cardiovascular malfunction (heart failure) or some other organ failure due to lack of nutrients and protein.

If you are, in fact, starving yourself with only 100 calories per day, which I find unlikely, you need to stop it before you become anorexic. The fact that you are asking the question on this forum suggests that you are not yet to that stage, because an anorexic person would deny the condition ever existed, or at least would not admit it publicly. Many are proud of their accomplishments, and will sabotage any interventions or treatments, but if you are asking about it, then I doubt that you really are.

It is also very easy to underestimate the number of calories that you eat in a day. It is easy to forget a bite of this, or a piece of that, and the calories add up a lot quicker that you remember, so you may be eating more than 100.

If not, please seek help before you do permanent damage to your body. If you are asking for someone else, find some help for them. Damage can become permanent quicker than you realize, and it is very unfortunate to see someone starving before your eyes.

yes, most people need around 2,000 calories a day

No human being can survive on only 100 calories per day. So you aren't anorexic, you're dead!

Slappy McStretchnuts
I think even anorexics eat more than that! You're well on your way to dying if that's all the calories you consume.

silly billy
Yes...and DUMB!!!

100 a day?? thats ridiculous...yes its anorexic...its called starving yourself. why not try running or jogging to lose weight instead of hurting your body

No, just as long as you do that 20 times a day.

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