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Laura C
If you are 12 and weigh 160, is it bad? Does taht mean you are overweight?

Additional Details

thats really big, not to be rude.
Unless its all muscle, than just ignore me lol

My thumb is bigger than yours
That would depend upon your height. If you're like 5'2" then yes it is. If you're like 5"11, then no it's not .

If you do a google search for BMI (which is body mass index) calculator, you can find sites where you can type in your height and weight and they'll tell you whether or not your overweight and by how much.

true soldier
yes you are a lot

According to www.cdc.gov the average weight for a 12 year old girl is in the low 100s. BUT everyone's body type is different. You should have your mom talk to your doctor and review your growth charts if you are really curious as to whether or not you fall into the category of "overweight"

( :
unless your like 6 feet tall ( =

it really depends on how tall you are
but in the normal relms yeah you would be considerd over weight at 12
but that is not really a bad thing because you might have not hit you growth spert yet between the ages of 11 and 17 ppls bodys will change alot
i myself was considerd over weight at 14 but when i was 15 i was considerd just right because i went from being 5'3 to beign just about 6 feet tall at 210 pounds

yeah at 5'3 i was way over weight but at 6 feet i was considered healthy

Mrs.Cullen ♥▲♦◊♪ (anti-jonas!)
How tall are you?

it depends on your bmi, but it probably does mean u r overweight

well im not sure how tall you are...

but yes, that sounds unhealthy.

This can be a signal...are you always the last one to finish in P.E. at school?

Don't they normally access you in P.E. each year anyways? To let you know if there is an issue with your fitness and weight?

It all depends....go to this link and it tells you your BMI (Body Mass Index):

depends on your height, but if you are planning on losing weight please do it the healthy way! I was in your situation at you age so i decided i wanted to lose weight..i lost 40 pounds in 3 months because i started starving myself and it got out of control and then turned into bulimia and ruined my life..i cant even begin to tell you all the things it took away from me..If you are happy where you are then stay how you are!

depending on how tall you are would decide if you are overweight. it also depends where the weight is put on your body. the outside of your body might look fat to you, but you could be perfectly normal. it just depends on the shape of your body. <3

well it depends if you tall but if your short you need to loose some weight

It depends on your gender, height, bone structure, and muscle build (muscles weigh more than fat). However, 160 does seem a little heavier than I would expect a 12 year old to be, but I can't really give you a good answer without considering the above factors. You should see your doctor and ask him/her what they think.

Mikayla S
i know many people ur age that weigh colse to that.....but it also depends on ur hight!!!!!!!!!!............u may be a littile overweight but it just depends!!! :)

Mr. Tickle
160 may be fine or it may be overweight. It depends much more on how tall you are, than what your age is. It also matters if you are muscular or not. If you are tall and muscular, you may be just right.

kitty kat
um kinda...im 12 and 76 im a little underweight but you are so over.... no offense

Joe T
Y to the E to the S

yes, that is overweight

Maggie D
it's not bad. it all depends on your metabolism or genes. check with your doctor. :)

well it depends how tall you are and if you are a male or female. If you are short (4'5 or below) and 160 it can be unhealthy. It also depends how much muscle you have.

i ♥ chicken
wht would be the height? and if ur all muscle, its not as bad as being all fat. most likely, yes thts over weight

Marc Denis #30
It does not necessarly mean you are overweight, it depends on how tall you are and if you are active. If you think you are overweight, you could consider being placed on a safe diet.

Good luck! -Marc #30

Well You need to put how tall you are in order to figure that out.

Thats a fat kid!

I swear...yes I swear that some people leave the stupidest answers. If you are twelve years old and weigh 160 no, you are not over weigh because your weigh range depends on your height.

Come on people


♥ amanda
u may be.. but how tall r u? that should give us more of an idea..

most probaly
i'm almost 17 and i'm not even there yet
but doesn't mean you're fat

it means you're quite obese
exercise cures all :]

Nathan G
depends on your height, but you're probably a little chubby.

chocolate luver
go to mypyramid.gov and it will tell you.

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