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If im 5'8 and 117lbs is that a normal weight?

Additional Details
oh , if it matters how old i am , im 19

Baby Boo
sweetie im that weight and 7 inches shorter your PERFECT

YO that is a very normal freakin weight. That is even skinny.
5'8s usually weigh around 130 or 140lbs

U must be skinny and healthy ☺

it's perfect!
remember to eat and exercise right to keep it that way.

Elizabeth L
Depends on your build. But it doesn't sound bad to me, and I am jealous too!!! :)

by my weight chart female 5'-8" 25-59 years from 126 to167

how old are u? u should google bmi and find ur bmi

It's a bit on the light side, but if you are healthy don't worry about it, everyone is different. I have a brother who is downright skinny, eats like a horse and never puts on weight, the pig, and he is as strong as an ox. Different strokes for different folks.

Mrs. Paul McCartney
well, it doesn't matter the weight. you can weigh like 100 pounds and your 5'4 and look fat. or you can be 115 pounds while looking really skinny. remember muscle weights more then fat.


That's WAY underweight.

Talk to a doctor.

Find a therapist who specializes in eating disorders.

Seems kinda light to me. I think I would prefer a woman at at least 140 at 5'8.

Ugly Betty is NOT Ugly™
yr underweight

I'd say so. I'm 5'6" and 120 pounds........

Slightly underweight. Your BMI is 17.8 your optimal weight should be about 125 so you are not too far off.

At 5-4, I WISH I was 117lbs.

A bit skinny, but it depends on you body type, becuase I'm a little over 5'8 and 152 so I think it may depend on your body type, porlly best if you ask a professional.

If you are around 12-29 its normal wieght on the lower end if your over 30 your under wait. Check out link:

Depends how you carry it, if you are well porportioned then it may be OK, but at your height, another 10 or 15 lbs would fill you out nicely.

your at a good weight... a little to the slender side so i bet you look really good!

well...you can always check online sources...like this one i found...it says as follows

Small Frame: 126-139
Medium Frame: 136-150
Larger Frame: 146-167

no its anerexic an average weight 130-140

depending on your body type but you sound kinda thin for a pretty tall person

you must be dang skinny cause im 5 foot 9 and 130 and people tell me im really thin

So Condescending
your MEGA skinny

I would be willing to bet you are very skinny and look it. If you are really 5'8" and only 117 lbs your BMI is too low to be heathy, your are underweight. I am also taking a guess that you are only posting this so everyone will tell you how skinny you are. Get over yourself and gain some weight. You will probably feel better and have more evergy!

Your BMI is 17.8
according to the chart your underweight

John A
Kinda skinny actually eat something hon......

it might be under iam 5'7 145 and that is perfect weight

beach answerer
sounds a litle on the thin side to me!

in high school i was 5'9" and about 140 - but i was like a size 4. people could never believe i weighed as much as i did.

now ive had two kids and wont tell you what i weigh......

Well, I'm 5'3" and when some medicine caused me to drop 20 pounds to 108 or so, I was underweight. So, no I don't think that's normal weight for somebody of your height.
But there are plenty of girls who are naturally very skinny so never know...you'd have to check with a doctor to be sure.

sounds more like slightly underweight.

Unafraid ○?○?○?○?○
It sounds quite underweight to me.
Your bmi would be 17.8.
A healthy weight range would be 125-155 .
But if you're naturally that weight I would not worry.
Some people are naturally slender. However I am thin
and there is no way I way that much!
Have you always weighted that much at your current height?
Age matters too. Are you an adult?

You're my age !, I'll just assume that you are naturally slim if you eat well ( three meals a day) and healthily you should be fine. :)

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