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 What can I eat that contains nothing?
I obviously need to eat, but I wish to make my body eat itself up - if you see what I mean...?
What can I eat that contains virtually *nothing*, but is still food? I dont want to trigger stomach ...

 Would you consider me thin?
-20yrs old
-5'8" or 5'9"
*measurements are"
Hips= 34 1/2"
Waist= 29"
Chest= 32"

would u say ...

 Do you think I'm fat?
I'm 5'5" and weight 135 lbs.
Additional Details
I'm a female and I'm 18......

 How can i lose 100 pounds in a month?

 I haven't eaten anything in 3 days...?
i havent eaten a bite in 3 days, other than those little tubes of frozen water with the artificial sweetener in them, and i've lost weight, but i'm just not hungry anymore. its like even ...

 I am 14 and weigh 175 Ibs and im 5'1 how can i loose 40 Ibs in 2 weeks?
i look thin but not fat i dont look overweight but i am how can this be??...

 Fat or skinny what are you?

 What is the best low carb diet?
I'm looking for something less strict than Atkins....

 I need names of some good songs??
I run 5 miles a day and i have been running to the same old music too long. Anyone no of some good motivating songs?...

 Does weight training affect your growth or height?

 How many glasses of water do you think you should drink in a day?

 I weigh 142 i am 5"8 am i fat?

 Does it look like I have lost weight?
Okay I'll post 4 pictures, the first two are of me a few months ago at my peak weight (250lbs - 260lbs) and the other two are from today (207lbs). I am still working on losing weight, but I want ...

 How tall are you??????????????????????...
I am 5'2"...

 Does water make you fat.?
i know water is good for you but can it bloat me and how many regualr sized bottles can i drink a day
Additional Details
um ya susan, ...

 What's the most healthy food to eat?

 Can eating carrots really give you aids?
a recent study stated that if you consume about 3 servings of carrots a day, you can develop a certain stem of the aids virus. This carrot epidemic is currently affecting iceland mostly, I hope i ...

 Just ate and i feel scared?
i just ate a bowl of cereal at 5.55pm!! Im such a pig and i need to know what will burn it off. I calculated it had about 250 caloriesl, so add on 50 to be safe and ive got 300 cals to burn. I'm ...

 Do you feel ill after eating a McDonalds meal?
Do you ever feel sick, ill and bloated for the rest of the day after eating a McDonalds meal?

I only have one about twice a year, but usually regret it soon afterwards!

Why ...

 What do you think of people who are over weight.?
what do you think of people who are very over weight do you think they should diet or be happy as they are. what about health risks....

If i get fit and eat healthy, will i still die.?
its just that people who do think they wont.

Lily & Stu Too
I don't think anyone has yet lived forever, so your answer is Yes, buddy!

As soon as you're born, you begin the process of death. What's important is how you live your life. You might be able to extend your life if you make healthy choices, and you can certainly shorten it by making unhealthy ones.

of course you do, everyone does, just fit people generally are healthier.

You will have happy life. There is yoga poss which is standing on your elbow upside down. It said that if you do it 3 hours a day, you will never die. No one tried it.
Anyway, keep health, you will feel better.

soz of course you will die you can eat healthy go to the gym but at some point in your LIFE you will DIE of something, its the only certainty in life

dave c
yes every one dies

no matter what

Satanic Demonic Prometheus
depends if you have a condition or if you have any problems in your earlier years

but, you'll live longer

Of course. Eating healthily and getting fit doesn't stop disease or illness. And no one lives forever.

YEP !!! start prayin

Your going to die! But you can stay alive longer by being healthy, there is a less chance that you can get sick and have cancer and other bad things but yeah...

markos m
Of course not, you'll remain alive even when dead!


Rob E
of course you will...don't be stupid. You could eat healthy and still die of cancer at a young age...not to mention you could get hit by a bus.

everyone dies.


Of course you won't die...as long as you keep excercising and keep your heart healthy you will NOT die. If you can still find the energy to keep excercising and active at 100 then good luck...but remember......once you've started on this rocky road.......once you stop you die!!!

Frances Fullafrogs
Everybody dies at some point. Healthy people too. It's one of those things that come to us all.

oh absolutely, there was once a man who claimed that with proper diet and exercise that he would basically live forever. He was on the Johnny Carson show when he died on the set. (I wish I had a name to attach to the story) Everyone dies, period.


You won't live longer.
It will just feel that way.

Yes, it's pretty safe to say that eventually you will die.

Yeah, you'll just look better in the coffin.
Someone once told me that if you exercise you'll live longer but only about the amount of time that you spent exercising. I did some rough calculations on that and it's about correct.
The difference, I think, though, is that your quality of life will be better. I see how people go who drink pop and eat chips and watch TV go (in other words, the whole of Appalachia), chopping off toes and feet and going blind from diabetes.......and I figure that's enough motivation for me to eat well and exercise.

You won't get out of life alive; but you will get more out of life and have more life in your days if you are fit and healthy.

yes dieing is a fact of life...someday you will die, no matter how healthy u are.

everybody is going to die at some point in their life

darling *****
try standing in front of the number 10 bus and then get back to us

Everybody dies sorry... I wish that was true..

Yes I am afraid you will. Everything that lives, dies. It's a natural process that nobody can stop.

Richard M

Actually everyone's soul will live forever. The question is will it be in heaven or in hell. Our body which will die a physical death because of sin is just the tent for our soul while we are on earth. Ask Jesus into your heart and you can live forever in with HIM in heaven.

That's the one thing you can count on!

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