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 Do you like think im fat?
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 Am i ....fat?
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and i'm about 5'4.
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 Yesterday my bf told me ' were you pigging out while we were apart, b/c you seem to have gained some weight' ?
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If i didnt eat for 3 days only drank water?
what could happen?

youd live, but it might be kinda hard to move lol

Your likely to get sick and may pass out. If you are fasting for weight, instead of NOT eating limit it to small snacks such as healthy granola bars, fruits, and even a small meal like a salad would suffice, not eating completely is very harmful and can lead to serious disorders =(. Best of luck and I hope this helped!

Katherine D
you'd lose weight, look pale maybe become ill, maybe even end up in hospital, youcould be walking down the street and just keel over.

you'd be hungry and probably pretty weak.

10w2d until we meet Grant Ray
You would get really hungry and you would get bloated with water, you would probably not really lose that much weight in the end, because at the end of the 3 days, you are going to going to gorge yourself with food....

Getting weak and sickly comes to mind.

first: you are all wrong she is not feeling hunger
after the first or second day, the person does not
feel the need for food which is wrong and dangerous.

second: nothing "bad", can happen in 3 days
but you should not go ahead, otherwise you can
harm your organism with unreversable changes.

Solution: since you are in the middle of this you should know
you can NOT just go to the kitchen and eat, no.....
First of all don't eat meat, start with juice, salads 3 times a day
then after a month go for the meat.

It would depend on how you prepared for your fast. If you gradually tapered from an animal food free diet to a fruits and veg only diet (go organic) to a juice diet and then did the 3 day water fast, you'd probably be pretty comfortable. (Taper back UP to your regular diet slowly too.)

If you're at all overweight and have been eating junk food, lots of meat & dairy, etc. then you might have headaches, skin breakouts, stomach upsets, and so on. This is because the adipose tissue (fat) will break down and as it does so the things stored in the fat, both good things and bad things, will enter your bloodstream. The good things will do you good, but those bad thinks floating around in your blook and passing through your GI track or kidneys could cause you some problems.

If we run out of food, fat people will "starve to death" more quickly than the slender because all those bad things stored in their fat will kill them before primary malnutrition even gets started.

If you're young and already on a fairly health diet, go for it. A 3 day fast once a month is healthy IMO.

I had a friend who had a five-day 'de-tox' diet of nothing but tea. I think she wanted to lose weight rather than detox. Didn't work - she's still a big girl. Maybe it messed up her metabolism.

Serena T
You'd get very hungry, and your metablism will slow, because your body thinks it's starving.

After a while with no food, your body will starve. It'll take a long time.

Watch out though, after your metabolism has become slower, you can gain a lot more weight when you start eating again, because it'll try to store the food.

Jacob E
you'd go bald like the first picture

www.sparkpeople.com is a FREE NON-PROFIT website that a guy made to help people control their weight, lose weight if needed, and learn about nutrition. At this site, they offer

- A free meal plan that you can follow but don’t HAVE to follow. If you would rather remove their meal plan and eat what you always eat… just cut down on the amount of food you’re eating…. you can do that too. You just put in the information for the food, how much of it you’re eating, and the website counts calories for you. The website tells you how many calories to eat each day for you to burn 8 pounds a month.
- The website automates a grocery list based on what you plan to eat for the week
so you can take it to the store. You can automate a grocery list if you use their
meal plan AND if you decide to put in your own food.
- There is an exercise plan they fit just for you and you can use the exercises they give you OR make your own. Either way they tell you how many minutes to work out each week and how often during the week to workout
- There is a free private journal for you to record your thoughts and feelings
- The more nutritional information you read online through their website the more “points” you earn. Points can be used to give other members cool comment treats
and to gain trophies on the site.
- They have a tracker to monitor your weight, and you can decorate it however you want.
- Similar to myspace you can decorate a page and post your picture allowing other people to visit your site and see what your about as well as your goals.
- You can tweak the diet to fit for you no matter what. They have diet plans for people with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, vegans, etc… If you don’t like a particular food on the meal plan they give you you can still use their meal plan and just substitute that food for something more appealing to you.

ALL IN ALL sparkpeople lays out exactly what you need to do to lose weight, tells you how to work out, and lets you track everything you’re doing. AND IT’S FREE! I’ve already lost 13 pounds since I’ve started using it and not ONE person has said anything bad about it. The only reason I’m posting this so much is because I have been trying to find a site like this for years and never could find a free one. I’m freaking out now because it’s awesome and I want everyone to know about it. I like it because since it’s non-profit you don’t have to worry about them giving you crap diet information. If you go the page and sign up you’ll see what I’m talking about.


Super Girl
Your metabolism would be messed up.

Mona Lisa
You would pee....a lot

mertleaturtle loves PATD!
You'd Want To Eat

You'd be in pretty bad shape. The weight you lost wouldn't be worth it.

Joe 64
Thats a fast and it could be good for your stomach, a body can go without food for many days, like 30, but you need water.

You'd put all the weight you lost right back on as soon as you started eating again. It's possible you'd even put on more weight than before.

your body would store your bodyfat because it thinks you are in a starvation mode (which you would be). You wont lose any weight, and just get lightheaded, headachey, and very hungry

you would be malnourished

[email protected]
you could get verry sick like anerexic

you would get ill. REAL ILL!!!!!! don't do it!

Your body would be put under allot of stress.

just like fasting...

you will get hungry and that its not healthy

you might pass out after 36 hours or so. you would live but it wouldn't be fun....

maaallliii ♥♥
you'd be starving and wouldnt have any energy =/

You would feel weak, hungry and be very grouchy

You would feel really, really light headed. You might pass out if you tried to do anything strenuous. Your body would be screaming at you to eat something, anything.

Hollister 22
You would be fat again when u started eating again

Mand P
you would be very hungry....

u would starve. loose a little weight. might barf if ur not used 2 it. might go a lil siko. ur body will hav 2 feed of itself for tht tim & u mig faint.
but if ur trying 2 loose weight, just exersice a lot (its better than starving urself).

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