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If I stop drinking a lot of pop will i lose weight? I DONT WANT TO!?
Im already underweight, Im a 26 year old female 5'5" and weigh 108lbs. Its something Ive struggled with for a long time, first I couldnt get too 100lbs for nothing, even the depo (bc shot) didnt make me gain. the most i weighed was 118lbs last summer, i dunno what happened, but i wish i could get back up there.

i inherited a high metabolism from my daddy :) for those of you who may throw out other suggestions as to why im so thin, they have done all the tests... its just me.

now for my problem, someone told me that her son lost a lot of weight & all he did was cut out pop. well me.. IM A PEPPER! haha i drink a lot of pop. I once tried to stop getting my huge fountain beverage in the morning & i would have an awful headache by noon. now im not working so i dont drink as much, but im afraid that if i do slowly stop drinking it that i might lose weight. i do not want that to happen!

so will i?

sorry its so long :)


increase your calorie intake. i an naturally thin and i used to drink soda (pop) but i dont anymore and i havent lost any weight because of that.

Just replace the pop with Twinkies or Ding Dongs. You'll do fine :-)

Sneakers OToole
possibly because soda has a lot of empty calories and so many sugars that your body doesnt need and works to get rid off. your has some type of normal weight so in some cases you may not lose a lot, but cutting out those empty calories will make you lose some weight.
cutting out soda is just healthy too, especially diet soda, its simply not good for the body. If you dont want to lose weight try some type of weight gainers or replace the calories

* Jess *
yes you will, try replacing it wt juice or something

Danielle S
You could...you should still eat and drink healthy foods even though you don't want to lose weight.

You will lose weight... just not as much as you think you will. You won't disappear or anything.

you will lose weight.

if you want to keep the weight you gained, try weight lifting to build muscle mass. if you stuff your face with fatty foods, the mass gained will be.....well, fat. eat often and eat a lot of lean foods.

no it won't effect your weight ...but your health will definitley improve ...

just eat loads and loads of chockii and that ...have fun!!!

i wish i was in your situation ....

good luck babe =D

Actually I think you might just stop gaining weight and just stay the same weight


yes probably since sugar has a lot of calories ... and there is a lot of sugar in pop.. you might want to increase proteins in your diet to compensate.

it all depends! i quit when i was 16 and i lost weight around that time, but i never picked it back up and have gained all that weight back

You probably will, but you need to talk to a doctor. Drinking that much pop is really bad for you, and not just cuz it makes most people gain weight, its bad for your whole body.

eat more chicken....stop soda

If you stop drink you will definitely loose weight. If you want to gain wait, I suggest getting some protein powder and making your self 3 or more drinks a day.

Yes you will. But if you want to gain weight, look up articles about your body type. In your description, it seems as if you are an ectomorph. Look into it and do some research, don't just consume fatty foods. There are much healthier ways to go about it. I am an ecto too.

Things like juice and whole milk have a high caloric index, they are by far much better for you than soda.

Cutting out the pop will not cause you to loose weight just as long as you are getting the calories from somewhere else.

Lovely Lady 27
I lost 5 lbs when I stopped drinking it. Mostly water weight. I was 24 at the time 27 now. I'm 5' 1'' and I weighted 97 lbs when I quit. But now I'm preggers and I weigh 106 already.

Yes, If you cut down on soda you will loose weight. But that doesn't mean you have to stop drinking Soda completely. Instead of having 6 cans of soda in one day have 3. Not only will you loose weight but you'll save your teeth some trouble too.

Haley J

If you're getting headaches from not having soda, you seriously need to stop drinking it. Your body is having withdrawals from the lack of unhealthy sugar calories, and that's super unhealthy. Have some juice in the mornings. A whole grain breakfast. Even 16oz of black coffee would be better for you than all that soda.
Muscle weighs 3 times more than fat. If you're looking to gain weight, start strength training. And don't drink soda while you do it! It's really dehydrating and does more harm than good.
Have a nice long conversation with your old friend water. Even juice would be better than soda.

You will loose weight if you don't replace those calories with something else. But, overall it will be much healthier for you to eat something with some nutritional value vs the empty calories of soda. If you drink juice instead, you are at least getting some extra vitamins. And the headache is probably just from the loss of caffene. Try to eat calorie dense foods - whole milk, Avocado, beans & cheese... etc.

I also have your problem of trying not too loose weight. I'm 5'7" and weigh 115. (also inhereted my metabolism from my dad). I also struggled to reach 100lbs - didn't happen until I was around 20. I'm 30 now and I found that a regular routine of lifting weights would stimulate my appetite more and I would end up gaining weight when you would think that I would loose weight because I was working out. Funny how eating right and excersizing appropriately will bring you to ideal weight whether you are too thin or too fat!

some people do some dont ask your doctor.

kuato lives
soda is bad for you and your complexion...if you get off it slowly, everything will be fine. high metabolism isn't bad and drinking soda doesn't effect it.

i have the same issue. try eating potatoes, pasta etc. carbs make you gain weight. soda is just poison for your body.

If you drink regular pop than yes you will most likely lose weight

I lost 10 pounds 2 months ago when I cut out my Mountaindew,I used to drink anywhere from 6-8 a day.I have now switched to Propel. I did this for Health reason.Pop has alot of wasted calories in it.

we hate people like you

you may lose some weight but the good health benfits will outweigh the bad points, popm is rubbish for your inards stop it no matter what.

John A
Yes you will lose more weight. The good news its likely fat since sugar when its not metabolized turns into that. Of course, in your case, with your high metabolism the sugar never has a chance to turn into fat.

The headaches are from caffeine withdrawal on the Dr. Pepper.

Switch to drinking tea, its better for you. Its very important for you to realize that just because you are not fat by no means you are 100% healthy.

Just ride out the headaches for a few days and you'll be fine.

From your email it sounds, as it is for most people on these forums, you just want someone to tell you its OK to keep drinking soda because thats what you want to hear. If you are actually serious about your health, you will replace it with a more nutritious option, as well as eating the right foods to gain weight.

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