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If I exercise while I'm still sore, will I gain or lose muscle?
I'm trying to lose or tone muscle, they're kinda big, and I want to be slim. If I excercise today, while I'm sore from yesterday will I gain or lose muscle?
Additional Details
Yes, I am trying to lose muscle. I have these like huge thighs from gymnastics.. I know some guys like them but I don't, I want them to be slimmer...

Cortney N
I would not train that muscle group if you sore. I also have muscular thighs and weigh training makes them bigger. even if you do high reps/low weights or low reps/high weights. If it is primarily your legs you want to size down, I would completely back off the weight training and have cardio be your leg workout. If you do not feel comfortbale doing that, you can do things like walking lunges, etc, w/ your own bodyweight (no dumbells).

But if your legs are sore, that means you have broken down muscle tissue. Everytime your muscle tissue is broken down (sore) is repairs itself by building stronger (bigger muscles)

When I was training at a gym, I was told to exercise every other day until I built up a tolerance. You really should not exercise if you're still sore b/c you can do damage to your muscles like a tear or sprain. Good luck to you and I hope you get good results, I know the Elliptical is what helped me lose the most amount weight wise and inch wise.

you will still gain (at a slower rate)or maintain the muscle you have for two reasons...first the soreness you feel is the muscle repairing itself i.e. building but secondly because you are sore you will not push as hard so consequently your rate of growth will slow...to lose muscle you must stop working (exerting) the muscle...try just aerobics and light weights for the rest of your body...good luck

Chances are if you have been out of gymnastics for awhile and your thighs are still large it is genetic and you are not going to shrink them down.

If you quit recently they will slowly decrease in muscle mass do to the lack of activity that developed them in the first place.

Working out heavy when sore is a bad idea. It leads to further muscle damage and fibrosis. Working out light while sore can have positive effects as far as pain relief. LIGHT!

I would limit leg workouts to 3 sets of 15-20 reps to decrease muscle hypertrophy but stay "toned" and active.

I think any time you exercise your muscel sore or not, you are working out, so I am pretty sure you not lose the muscel, however have you thought about some pilates, pilates lenthens the muscel, some people actually claim they grew an inch or so after comitting to pilates because it helped them create LONG LEAn mucsles that aloowed them to have better posture and balance, if you look at the peopel who do pilates, they never bulk in one area, they are toned throughout their whole body, see being a gymnist you always use your legs, so your mucesles always get a good workout, thus building and building, I would try to do a combo of pilates and cardio foloowing just to burn some calories, but dont focus on legs for the cardio, just walk fast (with no incline if on a treadmill, but i think pilates will help

Tyler Durden

In my experience which includes some gymnastics. I would not think you will be able to cause much muscle wastage by training very frequently with weights. If you were a god gymnast you must be very naturally athletic. That probably means your legs will adapt to whatever load you put on them. Try long distance Jogging to tone but not grow your legs. There is a very famous fitness model named Monica Brandt who did years of Gymnastics and weight training and she no longer trains her legs with weights because her legs were out of proportion.

you'll still gain muscle. what u should do is minimize the amount of protein you eat and do alot of stretching exercises like yoga. don't do too much though otherwise u'll still gain alot of muscle. but the yoga stretches out the muscle! i hope i answered you're question.

let ur body rest

The only way you will lose muscle is to not use it. It will atrophy and turn to flab. That becomes another problem in and of itself. I think the best thing that you can do is consult a properly trained physician and explain your desires and after a a proper body fat test and physical then he/she can advise you a heck of a lot better then 4 million strangers on Yahoo answers. Don't leave your health questions up to people you don't know or are not properly qualified to diagnose.

I think you would probably gain muscle, it sorta makes you stronger i think!

you wont loose muscle, your only sore because there is a lactic acid build up so make sure you stretch or use the sauna. And another thing if you want to tone do high reps and light weights and stretch very important.

Lose muscle. You'll be damaging your muscle tissue because the lactic acid flowing around your muscle(s) is actualy burning away the muscle fiber. So it's better to let off on some weight lifting excersises, because you might tear a muscle and that will only slow down your recovery time even more. Always stretch after you workout, because if you do that first that will only fatigue your muscle(s). And to help your muscles recover faster try eating greens such as peas, collard greens, celeray, any else that's solid green.

It depends on what kind of soreness you are talking about. I assume you mean that after working out your muscles become sore for a day or two. This is due to the muscle fibers breaking down, after which they rebuild themselves.

If you exercise while you are sore, you will probably create a catabolic state, where the muscles are breaking down, instead of building up, this is true. You would lose muscle, but most likely you would not lose you thick thighs.

Your shape is inherited from your parents, and doing gymnastics doesn't drastically increase the ratio and proportion of certain parts of your body, gymnastics is a good way to develop all of the body's muscles in a balanced fashion.

If you want to totally change your body type, that's a lot of work to get there and maintain. The best way for you to get slim legs is become a long distance runner, and that process of change will take months and years to happen.

My dad has big thighs, narrow hips, and broad shoulders, and so do I. I used to run, when I did, it kept my legs slimmer, but as I quit running and exercised in different ways, the genetics of my body won out, and I have big muscular legs again, and if I were to go to the gym and lift weights, my legs would get huge.

So breaking down muscle in an attempt to get slim is a bad idea and will ultimately fail, and it will hurt your body's health.

I would recommend going with what you have. Except if you have tattooes, get them removed, and any piercings except one in each ear in the lobe, let them grow over and heal. It will make you very much more attractive. Not "some" guys would like that body, MOST guys will like it. Shoulder length hair, not dyed, also helps.

It generally takes 3 to 5 days for the muscle to tear down (what happens when you work out) and then completely build back up larger. To keep this short, sweet, and in layman's terms: working out everyday will tone but you will not lose muscle mass. You will most likely cause muscle and mental fatigue, burn yourself out and give up. You are much better off alternating muscle groups and days. i.e. chest, shoulders, triceps on M-W-F and back, biceps and legs on T-Th-S. Keep the weight light and do A LOT of repetitions. Any cardio addition to this will increase your results by 3 or 4 times once you get in the groove.

They wil get bigger, Let them relax day/ 24 hours
Allo if your doing weights do sets of 10 with lite weight that mean extremely lite like 10 pounds!!! cuz f you doing more heavy you are gaining muscle

Also be proud of your body if that how you that how you are!!! You prolly shou go ez on lifting and go biking for ur legs!!!

I'm in a weight lifting class and our instructor told us that when you are sore its just your muscle ripping becuase of the work, and then growing on top of the old muscle, that is how people gain muscle, by continuosly working on it.

I would just say don't too very much weight workouts with your legs.
Try to just stick to just running and maybe some aerobics to tone your legs.

Use lighter weight when u exercise your legs. Try doing your legs less often instead of once a week try twice a month. And
do lots of cardio

Wait for 2 days, and then you may start again. You can hurt herself. If you really want to exercise, do it in moderation and be carefull. Dont push yourself too hard.

You will gain muscle more than likely. But if you want to lose weight I suggest stretching or pilates to prevent soreness and doing a combination of healthy dieting and aerobics or other excercises but it doesn't have to be strenuous. Lifing weights is good for toning but if you don't want to gain muscle do more reps once you get comfortable with a certain weight as opposed to adding more weight, because that is how you bulid muscle.

If u exercise while u are still sore u might lose weight, but i think it's best to relax ur musles for some time.

Well it depends on how you workuout. If you do high reps, you'll be moving more towards toning than bulking muscle. Also, you should spend more time on cardio than weights if you want to lose the bulk (muscle). I say this because we all know that muscle, if not used, becomes fat and you of course don't want that. As for rest periods, it's always a good idea to give your muscles time to recuperate after working out. If you worked out like 2 or 3 days ago and you're still sore, it still depends on how you workout, but you'll definitely benefit either way if you allowed your muscles to rest.

Just think of it this way: when you workout, you're tearing muscle fibers. So when you're sore, that's your body repairing those fibers to be stronger and therefore giving you a sign (of pain), not to do too much while the repair is going on.

Tiara H
you would gain muscle. There is alot of different workouts to make your legs slimmer, like pilates. i did that fo like a year and it had a huge impact on my legs. Try using pilates for a while.

let your body rest. if you're sore and exercise you might tear a muscle, so be careful. if you want to lose muscle, drink lots of water and do a lot of cardio, also have under control your intake carbs.

If you train while you are sore, you will not lose muscle. You probably won't gain much either. You will, however, overtrain. You will be more susceptible to colds, lose sleep, be more irritable, etc.

My wife has the same "problem" (I don't see any problem with it at all ;-)). Her personal trainer had her really concentrate on cardio when it got close to competition time (she competed in a couple figure competitions). This brought her muscular legs down, but it also brought down size all over her body so her legs were still pretty big in proportion. She still placed 3rd in a field of 20, so that proved that most of her discontent with her legs was personal and her trying to fit the mold of the Cosmo girl.

Unfortunately, our body makeup is fairly set by genetics. Yes, we can all lose fat, but some of us are more predisposed to having fat or muscle cells in certain areas of the body.

I pretty much do this as a personal trainer. I wont be able to tell you how to "lose" muscle b/c i dont know you but I will tell you that running will lean you out and tone you up... However the only reason you are sore is from lactic acid build up in your muscles. When you work out lactic acid builds in your muscles and runs through your body but when you stop it stays in your muscles. I always suggest jogging after a workout or walking for at least ten minutes and you will never be sore.

christopher s
You are sore because you have an excess of lactic acid in your muscles. Exercise tears the fibers of your muscles a little bit, then they heal with larger fibers in the place of the originals. Lay off a day or two and the soreness will go away. Drink water and take a leak before you exercise. This will decrease the burning sensation in your muscles.

You do have to let your body rest, but you can still workout. Just do different kinds of exercises, like yoga or pilates, which focus on making you lean. Gentle exercises are best, especially stretching. You don't want to overdo it, because the soreness limits your motion, and you could injure yourself. Good luck!

Casey B
you need to alternate your workouts. Cardio one day and weights the next. This will help regulate the muscle usage for a more toned appearance.

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