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The Last Harlequin
If I eat a CANDY-BAR instead of LUNCH I won't gain weight right?

Additional Details
Well, I got the idea from here. I asked a question before and they told me if I eat a 200-300 calorie lunch then ate a candy bar that was 200 calories I'd gain weight. But if I cut something out and replaced it with the candy I wouldnt.

I only eat about 200-300 calories for lunch anyway.

No, because that candy bar may have more calories and FAT than your lunch. Eat your lunch boy! Also, don't forget to eat breakfast! It's the most important meal of the day. Reduce your calories if you want to lose some weight.

You'll stunt your health. Develop diabetes. Ruin your teeth.
Not worth it! ..Oh, and you will gain weight because the sugar in the
candy bar will cause a sugar high followed by crash, at which point in time you'll feel like you're starving and you'll whatever's on hand.

Chris B
No you won't, only if thats all your eating. It's not healthy at all and you are going to feel hungry throughout the day, your better off eating a sandwich and some veggies.

You also wont gain anything good to keep you in shape, protein, carbs, vitamins, etc...

Don't skip meals or substitute ridiculous items for them. Lunch should have some fruits and veggies at least! Some meat wont hurt, but if you're anti meat - beans or something of the sort..

no. because the candy bar is full of sugar which will make you fat and the candy bar doesn't have all the nutrition that a real lunch has. Just eat your lunch, but don't pig out, and stay away from the candy bars.

sugar raises insulin levels which causes the body to STORE FAT

Harley Quinn
Ummm... I dunno... But I'm thinkin' MAYBE. I wouldn't know... I skip breakfast and lunch, then have a small dinner... Bad habit, I know. I'm trying to break it.

Aubreigh S
That's what people did way back then. You know, way back then.

Not right.
Depends on the candy bar.

A candy bar has very little nutritional value.Eat a salad or health bar,you want to be thin and sickly looking or thin and healthy looking,thats the diffrence,not to mention you will also feel great.

hopelessly out of love
Where the hell did you hear that?

[Insert Lame Name]
That's not true because there's prob a higher content of fat in the candy bar than there would be in a regular lunch

Depends? What do you usually eat for lunch? The candy bar might exceed the calorie intake of your usual lunch. But if it's not on a continual basis then it should be fine. What you need to watch is the sugar.If you eat sugar on a consistent basis in any form you will gain.

Dani B
you'll probably gain weight cause if you just eat a candy bar for lunch...you'll get hungry quicker and over-eat at your next meal.

i love candy, but theyre empty calories

you would be better off just eating regular food.


Calories taken in > calories burned = weight gain
Calories taken in < calories burned = weight loss
Calories taken in = calories burned = no weight change

Actually you might. That candy bar probably has more sugar and carbs packed into it then your whole lunch combined. Do not, i repeat, DO NOT starve yourself. If you are hungry, eat. You need the nutrients. Your body goes into starvation mode when it doesn't get enough fuel, slowing down your metabolism.

You'll just be really hungry throughout the day, and sometime, you're gonna slip up and eat some more junk food. If you really want to lose weight, talk to your doctor about it.
I've bet you've heard it many times before...Eat a balanced diet. Lots of fruits and veggies, and whole wheat grains. Foods with high fiber, like oatmeal, can keep you full longer.

Hope this helped!

I guess. But candy isn't good for you. and you will probably be still hungry

bubble wrap
well thats not a good idea because a candy bar is very unhealthy and may have just as many calories as another healthier light lunch.

dieting isn't gonna help...exercise and diet...don't eat sugar....

follow elementary school health class rules... :D :D

ok, first of all, that's not healthy!!!! and second of all, just eat something with protein and a fruit or vegetable and you won't gain weight. i swear, my mom did it, and she actually LOST weight.

more calories...more sugar.. depends on how your body breaks it down..do you eat breakfast of dinner??? there are lots of factors

[email protected]
Gimme a break have a lunch you may gain a little weight but if you eat the right stuff it'll pay of in the long run okay because if you do sports candy gives you a burst then a crash it ain't worth it

Blue Cow Blue Cheese
I suppose, but it depends on the type of candy bar and how big it is.
I suppose you won't gain weight, but it won't be healthy.

(Fun Size or King Size?)

Lydia C
hahaha!! I wanna know 2!!!!!!!!

Intelligent Gamer
how about u just eat some food

not necesarily true

like waves of sweet fire

Jack B
Probably not , but , eat enough of them and you will lose your teeth.

it all depends on calories. your candy bar may only contain 300 calories and your lunch could contain 900. so, you may lose weight eating candy. it won't satisfy your nutritional needs and it won't fill you up long....

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