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they do not want to be like that.it is a kind of illness....

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 How far is too far with a diet? Serious answers please...?
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 Am i fat???
I am 5 3 and 137 lbs and i have a huge belly and huge thighs so am i overweight ir just really chunky??
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oh yea im 15...

 Give me 5 good reasons to give up smoking please..?
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If I eat 200 - 400 calories a day..?
Will I lose weight in a month?

Breakfast: Weetabix with water. ( 65kcal)
Glass of water

Lunch: Large salad (Lettuce,cucumber,red pepper,red onion)( 50kcal)

Snack: Apple (60kcal)

Dinner: Low calorie soup with 1/2 slice of bread (100kcal)

Please dont give me all this crap about how the metablism stops,because ive been reading this book about how this man stopped eating and he lost 2 stone in 2 weeks...

124lb ..
Additional Details
30 min jog a day..

Omg if you are 5'4 and 124lb you dont need to lose weight and your just going to end up starving your self. Don't do it or you are going to just look disgusting because you are so skinny.

If u do that u will kill yourselve!
U r a perfect size!

You will lose a lot of weight in a month...
Just telling you that its not healthy stuff.
I watched a true movie on lifetime show, one teen girl became eating disorder and passed out and died.
You might don't think yourself are eating disorder, but you are.

yeah did you read the sequel where he gained twice that amount back afterwards?

Nina J
NOT HEALTHY? ARE YOU CRAZY? try eating more healthy food, you need at most 1500 calories to loose weight

Daisy S
hell yeah you will lose weight...but you will be to week to do anything...calories is engrgy and if you wanna run for 30 minutes you will need to eat more than 500 cals...walkin up 5 blocks and you only ate 500 cals...you will drop...YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT BUT DROP AND BE RUSHED TO THE HOSITAL...THAT'S STUPID

alan u
hi, you will lose weight but you'll put it back on really qickly as soon as you start eating properly. your better off eating 1000 cals a day and losing it more gradually. i lost 6 stone doing it that way and have kept it all off, good luck

Laura R
I did wot u are doing now and tis is wot happened me- became anorexic obvisouly, lost my period, went into early menopause, i have ostheoporosis now aswell. icant have kids and have very week bones. so please stop doing that it so not worth it. I spent ages in hospital getting loads of test loadsa bloodtests, i nearly died as our bodies need calories!! Please stop before u go to far i no wot im talking about!!

you will teach your body and brain what it means to starve, and you will screw up your metabolism for life.

what are you doing to EXCERSIZE??

yeah whatever.....u will ose weight and fast but u will never be able to eat normally again as ur metablism will be **** after u starve yourself ! u wont lose fat , and as soon as u eat anything over 700 u will get fat ! enjoy!!!!

Nicole K
Oh please! Well did you read about what happened to that man afterwards? You're ignoring science. Yo-yo diets are extremely bad for you and often cause you to gain more weight after you finish the diet. This happens because your body stores as much fat as it can in preparation for another starvation period. I know a lot of post-anorexic people to whom this happened. But whatever, it's not like you're going to listen to me anyways. Continue starving yourself.

Jileena Kay?
this can be highly dangerous and bad for you you should have about 1,000 calories with some exercise

Yeah im going on holidday and going to do something similar but if you really want to detox cut out wheat and bread they make you bloated and crave carbs. Celebrties do it all the time. Eat fruits and veggies. If you hungry eat some Celery and carrot sticks. Fon dinner have someting like salmon/ chicken salad. Also drink 2 litres of water. Do this for 10 days and you can lose up to 10lbs.

Shopaholic Chick
yes and he did permanant damage to his body - if you do that you will take years off your life and likley cause yourself to need to be hooked to a dialisis machine 2-3 times a week by the time your in your 30's....so if you want to spend 3 hours a day in a hosital 3 days a week while you wait for a machine to clean your bood - and then pray for an organ translate so you dont die before you get to see yoru children get married...go ahead

a lot. then if you start eating again, ull balloon and if you don't start eating again ull die.

well .. im pretty sure once you stop that eating plan you will gain the weight back .. :S but i could be wrong ..

Where's the protein? Every living cell in your body needs protein. Without it you won't get very far.

This isn't even a diet it's starvation.
When will people learn that eating very very little will not speed up your weight loss it will slow it down.

As soon as you start eating more food than this your body will hang on to every single morsel and the result will be rapid weight gain.

Just eat 3-6 small balanced meals per day consisting of protein, carbohydrates, vegetables and mono-saturated fats and snacks of fruit, low fat yogurt or nuts plus exercise and the weight will come off without all of the negative side affects associated with the diet that you have outlined above.

Hope this helps :-)

Just out of pure curiosity, what happened to the man who lost 2 stone in 2 weeks once he started eating again?

Heather M
Babe your perfect the way you are :)
If you do that plan you will kill yourself soon!
Just stick to the 1500kcals a day and excercise
xxxx hope this helps!

that is REALLY dangerous! you could like die from that!

your body will go into starvation mode and hold on to as much fat as possible, therefore, you wouldnt lose weight. The best thing to do is eat 1200 cals a day minimum and exercise. BTW...mens metabolism is WAY different from womens, so they tend to lose weight a lot faster and easier.

Of course...
I`ve gone for 2 weeks on a lemon diet(all i eat is lemon) I have lost 30 pounds in2 and a half weeks... it`s pobably the water weight but for sure if you dramatically reduce the amount of food u eat, u will lose weight no matter what.
but in a long term, it wouldnt be healthy. and u know it

you'll die

eating too much is unhealthy and eating too little is unhealthy. by the way no man wants a woman who is too thin. women are meant to have abit of fat, its a natural female feature and men are naturally attracted to women. (obviously)

ignore those people who say its stupid i normally eat that (or a little bit more) and im fine. If you want to lose weight the best thing is to eat all your calories in the morning then eat nothing for the rest of the day as that gets your metabolism going and helps you lose weight quicker.

if u eat 200-400 calories a day, then you will die in a month.

You will die. A person can't live off 400 calories a day.

Fe 7
So if you don't want to hear "crap" why ask?

If you do that, you will lose the weigh but gain it back faster once you start to eat...

Run, work out, eat less...that's all you have to do.
You are find for your height and weight!

Nurse Betty
That's a starvation diet. Yes you will lose weight but you will lose muscle mass. You will ruin your hair and nails, your teeth will go to crap. You will have no energy at all and your body will begin to eat itself.....sound nice huh?

Make the right decision. Eat right and exercise, that's really all it takes....

Good luck

Your metab. really will crash.
So when you start eating again, you'll gain it all back.
And we'll laugh at your stupidity.
But have fun.

this is dangerously stupid

i could rant for PAGES about anorexia, how it has ruined my life, etc etc. but to be honest i cant be bothered, if you must be so ignorant and persue this then fine, i'll just give you the answer you want, but let me tell you you're playing with fire here, it's not so easy to just switch on the normal mindset again.

ANYWAY, as you have quite a high BMI, and i assume are used to normal eating so have a high metabolism your weight loss will probably average out at 6lbs a week. that's 24lbs in a month. making you 100lbs. i hope you know what you;re doing...

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