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 I if eat 500 calories or less a day will i lose weight?
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I am desperate PLEASE HELP!!!!!
i weigh 117lbs
i rly need ur help!!!!
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 Fat and desperate...need to lose 25 lbs by Aug. 28th?
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If I ate 700 calories daily, would I be able to weight less then 100lbs by the time school starts?
Even if I didnt exersize?
School starts like September 6-8th.
Somewhere around there.
I burn 1300 calories daily (by just breathing and stuff).
I weigh 107.

Thankss :]
Additional Details
I need to loose it, gawd.

thats not enough calories.
thats not enough at all..
ur body stores fat when u dont eat enough
causing you to feel bloated and want to eat less annd less

excersize is recomended if you want to live a long, healthy life.

107lbs is a fine weight you dont need to lose that weight

just stop eating all together until school starts that should do it..

because either way ur going to end up looking like a dead horse by then..


Why would you want to do that if you only weigh 107 now? you are allready burning more caories then you are taking in. Thats not healthy for your body.

cindy g
wow thats reallly bad for u and wats wrong with being 107 thats not bad at all

well.. how old r u anyway?

You DO NOT need to loose weight,Your light already.

Dangerous for your general health to do that for more than a couple of days at a time. Eating that much less will actually slow down your metabolism thus making you gain it back with normal eating. You would be better off eating a healthy style and doing some shaping/toning exercise 20-30 min a day like pilates. No pain no gain!

why do you want to be so skinny do you want to get hurt?

email me please:[email protected]

Anorexia isn't fun. It isn't something you "want" to do.

Severely controlling your intake in such a fashion is not only unhealthy, it's dangerous.

Don't let your self worth be determined by a silly number.

Anorexia stays with you...I've been in recovering for three years. And I still find myself having to consciously stop counting everything and restricting. It's a constant battle.

Don't set yourself up to be unhealthy.

DQ to the rescue
107 is probably great for you unless you're really tall. You don't need to lose. Just need to maintain....eat healthy.

Agent Mime2
Probably, but it is real not a good idea. You body has to have some fat to be healthy- it cushions your brain and organs, and also you need to eat some fat because some vitamins are fat soluble. I would focus more on just being healthy and having a balanced diet and an active lifestyle.

Tim N
1000 calories is just enough sustain life. I don't think starving yourself is a good way to lose weight. Start working out like running or just doing physical activity. (Wii Fit doesn't count)

your insane you need more then 700 calories a day thats like almost one meal for me... i need practically 4000-5000specialy since i'm a runner

Absolutely but you need to exercise just a little bit. Much healthier if you add exercise to the mix.

Also you can't maintain eating 700 calories a day for ever. I'd always recommend eating what ever you like in a healthy way while counting your caloric intake and then add exercise by cardio and strength training.

why do you want to lose that weight. If your 107 you don't need to lose weight

If you want to be anorexic then sure

that is not enough food!!! you will starve yourself and then end up putting it all back on. Not to mention it could have very damaging effects!

BeauTifully DeZined
700 calories isnt enough daily...its not healthy...and NO ONE will notice that uve lost 7 pounds....

that's not healthy and if you start eating normally after that...you will gain it all back...you need at least 1500 calories sweetie...

Why do you want to weigh less than 100 pounds? How tall are you? At 107, you are probably already on the skinny side.

Sneha B
ure 107.. im the same wieght.
and i want to be 100 by the time school starts too.
im 15.

you should work out . dont just cut down on eating. thts not good for you
infact tht could make you gain more.. like.. if u change yur diet drastically, your body might feel like it needs to save those calories when theyre not being used (cuz u wont excercise) and then it gets stored as fat. you dont want that do you?
so what im doing right now..
eating as healthy as i can. smaller meals tho. but healthy ones that are satisfiying
and i work out. even just going for a walk daily, jogging or situps or sumthing is perfect.
i ride my stationary bike i have in my house. and i do situps.
im trying to get a flatter tummy actualy so yea. situps is the best.

and to keep my routine going, im using Microsoft Outlook
i figured out you can use a calender and plan events and put reminders on it, so i put it to remind me everyday when i have to work out and stuff. its working for me
even putting reminders on your cellphone or sumthing is good. it keeps you going!! =D motivate urself.
goodluck <3 .

i hope we both reach our goals =p.
dont starve yourself tho!
stay healthy.

Nacy's Man
I don't know. I would recommend that you should go to the dailyplate.com and sign up for a free account. Enter in your information and see. You will need to know your weight, height, and age to get started. Then it tracks the food you eat. It's easy. This website has helped me lose weight in a healthy way. So, I recommend it for anyone that wishes keep tabs on their weight. So, good luck to you. By the way, you can lose up to 2 pounds a week and still be healthy. I would recommend no more than that though. Keeping that in mind, yes, you could do everything that the site recommends. Exercise just allows you to be able to eat more. I hope this helps. Best of luck to you!!!

Christi L
Acutally, by cutting down to only 700 calories you run the risk of (and I would almost guarantee it) throwing your body into 'starvation mode'. When calories are severely cut, your body reacts like it would if you were stranded on a desert island or something and will latch on to every calorie and gram of fat to preserve for energy. Your body will also cut your metabolism and energy expended in order to 'save your life'. This is the bodies way of protecting you and helping you to 'survive' because it has been shocked into thinking you're at risk of starving. In theory, it's possible to actually GAIN weight by doing this.

For some tips on health and fitness, visit my blog:

you might lose it, but thats not enough calories daily. you need more. because when you eat way too less, your body kinda goes into this "storage" mode, where it will slow your metabolism, storing food and so whenever you do eat a normal amount again you will gain all the weight back, and possibly even more. i would recommend exercise more, and eat the same, maybe just healthier choices, like less desserts, more veggies, etc.

Katie C
no thats not healthy at all, you might even gain weight.
just live your life

Bob H
Losing about two pounds a week is healthy and it will also STAY OFF. Luckily your time frame fits pretty well.

Amy N
yeah but its VERY unhealthy to lose weight that fast n it could be dangerous!!!!!!!!!

yes but you will not have enough energy to make it to school

Mrs.Nicholas Jerry Jonas ©
That's very unhealthy.

Watson 123
Is 7 pounds really that big of a deal?

Hailey M
No. that is VERY unhealthy and you will die if you burn more calories than you eat. On E! true hollywood story I was watching this movie star story and she had an eating disorder. She ate so little that she had this extremely horrible pain in her body which led to medical attention: the ER!! So please, do not follow in her footsteps. She got her life back on track though and she has been successful ever since so if anything, gain a little more=] good luck and stay healthy!

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