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I work out at night. is it better to eat before the gym or after? i usually hit the gym by 8pm.?

You should eat before the gym, so to break down
the food in your system.

BEFORE, however not right before, you could get cramping. You really shouldn't eat after 5p.m. or 6p.m. at the latest, that is if you're trying to lose weight. Just a rule of thumb. ALSO, my friend's dr. told him that if he took a shot of vodka after he worked out (he too worked out at night before he went to bed), it would continue to burn the fat while he slept. Also, one of my nutritionists told me not to eat 3-5 hrs before bed (unless totally active). How hard do you work out at the gym and for how long? I would say that if you get the munchies before bed, have something light - maybe some fruit. KEEP IN MIND that not everyone's body is the same, so what one might do, may not work for someone else! Hope this helps.

Rev. Two Bears
You can get an intense workout at home with no exercise equipment to buy and no using dangerous weight, and best of all you can get this workout in only 5-8 minutes a day.

Ba Duan Jin Qigong will take you 8-10 minutes a day

"The Way Of Energy" Master Lam Kam Chuen

Five Rite Of Rejuvination will only take about 5 minutes to complete.

"The Five Tibetans" Christopher Kilham

I have a resting heart rate of around 60 beats per minute. After I do this set of five exercizes, I am exhausted, and my heart rate shoots up to around 130 BPM.

This will give you one heck of a workout in only 5-6 minutes!

Eat before you go to the gym if it's over an hour before you get there and start to work out. Don't eat after if you're going to be soon, it'll just add pounds. Don't eat before you go to bed period.. unless it's about two hours before you hit the sack.

We'll we are suppose to eat no later than 6 p.m. My personal trainer once told me that we should work out 2 hours after we eat since we will feel full and less energetic right after we eat. So if you work out at 8, you should be fine.

If you feel hungry after u work out, don't mind having 1 toast w/pbj. Good protein!

i would say a light snack before like a smaller sandwhich (like at Publix they have sliced wheat bread in the bag and go to the deli section) and that tastes really good to me with peanut butter and jelly

Meiran C
Hopefully I'm not repeating advice but since I don't know the answer I went to where I get most of my health information, Go Ask Alice.

Her answer is sadly not conclusive, but here's a link!

I have tried it both ways and have been working out for 30 years. Eating before for me has to be at least 4 hours before intense workout. I felt sluggish when I ate too close to starting time. My policy today is to always eat afterwards. I am 64 years old and work out 6 days a week jogging and on the weights!


chris o
My submission is that you eat after. However, because it will be late by the time you will be eating, I suggest something light.

Kayla D.
I never exercised after eating, I would always eat afterwards so I wouldn't get cramps; The other benefits of eating after exercising, I don't know of. Maybe if you ate one or two hours before going to the gym, you wouldn't have anything to worry about. It depends what time you go to bed, otherwise I would say you eat a couple hours before hitting the gym.

I would recommend an energy bar or piece of fruit before your workout, to provide you with some energy for the workout, and then a light meal after your workout. As a general rule, you should provide your body a 2 or 3 hours to digest your dinner before going to sleep. Email me if you'd like any additional info!

Uncle John
I used to go the YMCA twice a week. I'd always get there around 5pm, and home around 7pm. I'd have dinner after wards. But 8 and later, is pretty late to have dinnner, esepcially if you get up and have breakfast as early as I do, and did. So I think you should eat first. Of course, after is generally recommended, as being the better option. What a person should do, though, is what's the easiest to do.

It's always best to eat before you go, ideally an hour before. That way you have energy to complete your workout, and more energy during. It's actually been shown that you burn more calories if you eat before you work out, because you put more effort into it!

lil' dena
it is better to eat before going to the gym,if you eat after the gym you will just put on more fat.
if you eat before you will lose the fat like BAM! BAM! you are slim

After - you will eat less.

Its always better to do work out with less food or empty stomach.

I would try and eat at least three or even four hours earlier before attempting any strenuous exercise! as that type of exertion could make you very nauseous if you've just eaten! And as for eating after 8pm. that is not advisable also, because the general theory is that anything consumed after 8pm. will turn to fat, as you will not have enough time to burn it off before retiring to bed. Have a good day.

NO!! It will take away from your performance and if you do the calories you put in will keep you from loosing weight which is the main goal of all work outs.

Think Richly™
If you're hungry, eat an energy bar and drink some fluids like gatorade or other sports drinks before workout. Then eat a normal meal after the workout.

Eat at least 2 hours before working out...you want all the blood you can get to go where you want...your muscles. IF it is busy digesting food, etc., you are defeating yourself. IF you wait until after you work out, you will have a load of food laying in your stomach when you are sleeping...not a good idea. Perhap change your schedule, eat your large meal at noonish, and your "lunch" in the evening after work. Good luck

I work out late too. I eat before the gym, cuz if I dont I wont have any energy to work out on. So I eat like 2 and a half hours before and then eat a small meal again when i get done. Working out makes me very hungry.. and i get hungry every 3 hours anyway, so I have to eat before I go, or I wont have any energy to go work out with! I dont know about u but thats just me.

After is the best bet Your body is in need of substance it will undermine the mind if it does not recieve it. Besides that every miliatary activity is directly followed by a full meal. ( in boot camp)

After, definitely. If you feel like you can't make it without eating before, you shouldn't eat too much - just something really light.


KC Big Ones

i think that u have to eat after 1 hour of the gym

Cockney Hustler
eat a banana bout 1/2 an hour b4 hand (for a slow energy release) than afterwards eat a Banana and Peanutbutter sandwich on whole grain bread (protein from banana,fat from peanutbutter and carbohydrates from bread) trust me i aint pulling your leg its quite nice

AFTER, you should eat after. The only thing you should eat before a workout is something really light like an orange just to get the any hunger urges out. Don't eat at all before working out if possible. You want to burn up all your stored fat. Eat after while your metabolism is still up.

Eat after, anything before bed as long as it has the right sought of things to help rebuild the cells in your muscles.

Hmmmm. Well normally I would say after but because you are working out so late, it probably not a good idea to be eating that late at night then sleeping on it.

I would say an hour or two before, to give your body time to digest, then a light snack if you are hungry after.

After, always after. You want your body to burn up the stored up energy. Eating aftwards is always best.
Pick up ANY fitness magazine like "Muscle and Fitness", "Muscle Mag" or any of the like and the "experts" will tell you the same thing. Eating before a workout is going to slow you down and plus then your body is not burning any of your stored fat. People shouldn't just say before, they obviously have never taken the time to read any kind of data on working out and fitness if they do. Any legit magazine or workout/fitness show will verify that.

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