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Liposuction is the last resort probably.. But you are going to have to obviously change your diet, drink more water and less soda. And somehow you need to get a little exercise in there somewhere. I wish you good luck :)

♥simply beautiful♥
have sergery... its the quickest nd it keeps weight off teh best

or go on teh next season of teh biggest loser

Lost In SanDiego
Meth, for someone as fat as you, you need something that will work effectively and quickly. Knowing when to stop is the hard part. But as fat as you are you wont really need to worry about it for quite a while. Good luck

first u should find a diet from a physician.. then first start out with a medium walk for a while.. if ur losing weight and gaining more muscle try jogging..

i wish u luck and be strong

can you get a copy of nutrigenie software.

Dipang P
exercise, diet, and eat healthy food

You want to start off slow. You don't want to over exert yourself because that may do more harm than good. Register for Biggest Loser. They will give you all the right tips and a good diet and exercise program. Talk to your doctor first.

Camilla the First
I am sorry I just am sorry to hear you are at this seriously dangerous weight. You get help immediately from your doctor or advice from a diet nurse. You must be feeling very unfit, so the sooner you take action the better, because even to maintain this weight you must be scoffing a lot every day. I wish you luck and hope you can break this cycle. If your doctor agrees join Slimming World or some such club for support and a laugh. You really need to start now. All the best, Camilla, I understand how hard it will be even to get motivated, but in the first week you should lose quite a lot, and it boosts your morale to keep you going one day at a time before weigh-in. And you will make friends and try to say have a walk with them to begin with - there is usually somebody bigger than you so never ever be too embarassed to join up. XXXXXX Camilla

At 500 lbs, you may have a problem with being ABLE to exercise, right now, anyway.

First, DIET. Cut your calories down to 1200 a day if you are a woman, and 2000 a day if you are a man. Seriously condiser seeing a nutritionist. If you are able, start walking for exercise - it is very low impact, and won't give you too many problems.

I would talk with a doctor to get you going in the right direction for diet and exercise.

If I were you, I'd definitely look into gastric bypass surgery. It's a medical procedure in which a surgeon makes your stomach much smaller and reconnects it to a different segment of your intestine so that you eat less and absorb less food. My mom and grandmother were both morbidly obsese, and both got this procedure. They each lost a substantial amount of weight. My grandmother's diabetes virtually went away, my mom no longer has back pain or sleep apnea, and they are much happier in general. Do online research and then talk to your doctor. Since you're very overweight, and being that obese affects your health significantly, your insurance will likely pay for it.

Good Luck!

drinks lots of water. No booze,juice, soft drinks or junk food.
Eat lots of veges (not spuds), 120 - 150 grams protein per meal (lean beef, chicken, fish or eggs or edam cheese), wholegrain bread, use olive oil - sparingly.
2 - 3 pieces of fruit per day. Always have 3 meals a day.
Regular exercise - walking is great and cheap !!
I lost 18kg. Set small targets as you go so you don't get disillusioned.
Good luck.

Charlotte P
walk 20 minutes a day, 3 times a day and that will really help. After you get comfortable doing that, you should walk 30 minutes, 3 times a day. Once you get a weight where you feel comfortable, you should start off at half a mile running 2 times a day, while walking 30 minutes. every week go up run a half a mile more. Try to go swimming once a week too, its amazing for your body and will really show results. Take all of the bad foods out of your house, and make a LIST before you go to the grochery store so that you know what your going to eat instead of just choosing random foods. If your a soda drinker, try to switch to diet sodas, and if you can, try to just drink water. Every time you pull something out to eat think "am i eating because im hungry or bored?" i realize that when i do this, most of the time im just bored. Try to keep yourself active, and buisy, in any way you can. Cleaning burns tons of calories, so your house should become spotless. Every 5-10 pounds you should reward yourself (with a manicure or new shirt or something like that) and never say "ill start tomorrow" you need to start today, every day counts. GOOD LUCK!!

traci s
You should talk to your doctor and do it very carefully. Count your calories and try not to eat junk. Losing weight will have to be a lifestyle change. You will need a lot of support look into a therapist or a life coach

Mum Of 3 Boyz
you have to change everything if you want to be successful in losing weight. I would start with good fibre food for breakfast then protein to fill you up at lunch & plenty of yummy veges & red meat for dinner, but you would also have to do alot of walking & gym workouts aswell. Change your lifestyle. I wouldnt try any diet pills they will only may you put the weight back on once you have came off them. maybe get a dog if you havent got one to help you aswell cos a dog needs walking everyday it may help modivate you. hope this helps, good luck.

You should talk to a doctor, and see what they say.
I would say to take things slow. Try eating healthier. Start going on walks.
You'll have to be patient, it will take time.

Walk everywhere you go (or as much as possible anyway!) and see your doctor for advice.

Ahhhh, There Is No Cure For Fatness Disease But Exercise And I Don't Consider Diet, Just Exercise As Hard As You Can, And If You Feel That You Are Lowering On Weight Then Be Happy Cause You Are Going To Live More!!!

Talk to your doctor. He may advise that you first go on a diet for several weeks because beginning exercise right away might overwhelm your body. Start with walking, work your way up to light jogging over the course of a few weeks.

There is surgery but I dont know much about it and it's
total effects, and there is dieting.
Maybe seeing A doctor would be your best bet and they
could help you with your food intake and give you some
steps to follow.

Start by talking with your health care provider. Work out a diet/exercise plan that you think will be something you can stick with.
Start by walking. Try to take 10,000 steps a day. If you fall off the wagon, start again. Join a support group, either on line or in your community. There's more success in people who have support.
Good luck - I'm proud of you for starting this journey.

Betsy's & Tory's Mewse
don't start off with running. walking is easier on the joints. also check out health clubs for water aerobics. the water eases impact on joints and offers resistance. good luck. it's not a easy battle, but you can win. your best and first step would be consulting a dr. about diet plans and exercise. at my heaviest i was 297. got to 279. i tried everything. my last hope/resort was the roux-en-y. i am down to 219. i've gone from 22/24 in womens plus jeans to 13 to 16 misses (depending on cut) and 26/28 in blouses to 18/20. IF you go surgery route, easearch ALL the options/procedures,and discuss them with your dr. to decide what is right for you. if you need me, e-mail me.

Eat less and exercise. :-) Everyone knows that.

My friend's been suggesting this site to me called myfooddiary.com. She says it's the best. You might want to try it, though it costs a little money.

You should invest in a Lap Band proceedure.

Eat less, exercise more and have ALOT of discipline.

Just take it one day at a time, keep a food diary and write down not only what you eat but your feelings and emotions. When you overeat you need to find out what triggers you to do that - stress, sadness, lonliness, boredom?

There are no quick fixes. You need to psychologically fix whatever it causing you to be addicted to food. Otherwise you'll never win the weight loss battle.

It's not easy for anyone - I'm trying to drop 50 lbs. myself!

Good luck to you. Watch the show "The Biggest Loser". That will motivate you alot!

i AM a baked potatoe 14
First go see your doctor. They will help you get a good plan about what you should do.
Second, get a trainer at your local gym or rec center. You should not do this by urself. You may try to over work yourself and cause more problems.
Third. Go on a strict diet. Weight watchers works really good.

Hope this helps.

Aloha Dre
You should really go see a doc for this one to make sure you do things right! Good Luck, you'll feel better soon!

go to the doc...first

♥ maddie ♥
DO NOT only eat one meal a day! that makes you gain weight! Eat healthier. For example:
Breakfast- eggs, turkey bacon or a smoothie or oatmeal or toasted Ezekiel bread.Stay away from sugared cereals.
Lunch- a chicken salad or a boca burger on whole wheat bread.
Dinner- fish (not fried) and rice or beans and beets.
Snacks- nuts, carrot sticks, any type of fruit.
I eat like this all the time because my mom is a health nut! Also, only eat until your full. Do not stuff yourself. SODA IS THE NUMBER ONE CAUSE OF WEIGHT!!!!! Stay away from soda for good!
Since you are overweight, I would suggest taking it slow on the workout for a little. Maybe start walking around more and once you can move better, join a gym!
P.s. Water, water, water, water, water, WATER!!!! Drink a lot of water!
I hope this helps. I am trying my best because I know some people in the same situation as you and want to help them too!

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