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oh yea im 15...

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I weight 100 pounds and im 5" 5', is that overweight?
Ohh yeah and also how do u lose weight on your face... im not real fat or anything.. justasking

How old are you? where exactly in your face is the added weight at 100 Lbs? it sounds like you are severely underweight, i am a professional make up artist i know a couple of exercises for your face to remove excess weight and tone muscle, start by chewing gum and make sure is low in sugar to protect your teeth, and see how that works for you.

you actually NEED to gain about 20 pounds. you NEED to.

Are you kidding?!?! No, you are too thin! Regarding your face and weight lose----do you know the saying 'look at your wife's mother, then you will know what you are getting'. It is in your genes. If you feel you have a fat or large face--I can guarantee there will be plenty of people who would argue that opinion! Be proud, we are all sure you are just great the way you are (except put on some weight). Take Care and be safe.

It depends on your age. For a young girl your weight is absoluteley normal. Don't try to loose weight to become one of those skinned fashion-models, he, he...

no i weigh 80 and im only like 4'8 i say no and who ever says yes is nuts!lol


No way you are definitely not overweight!

suzy q
very far from overweight!!!!!



you could actually gain a little more weight& still be okay. that's on the thin side of the scale for your height

♫♪ [email protected]+ [email protected] ♪♫
if u rlly want to know, figure out ur BMI or body mass index
it'll tell u about how you compare to average. to calculate this, go to this website:


personally, i think you would be on the skinny side

Sarah B
NO you're very under weight!

JC Rules!
What do you eat? Lard sandwiches? Or do you just stroll along the sea side gorging yourself on any helpless whale that beaches itself? Actually no your not fat.

u r not fat at all,but to lose weight off the face I dont think u gonna succed much,though it happens when we lose weight off the whole body,but for now try some haircut that covers yr cheeks,make up can also help.

older than dirt
Oh behave yourself in here-are you just fishing for compliments? If so Here is a good one WOW!! are you ever fat!!!

All depends on how old you are, so got that out of the way.

I think you need to focus on whats inside. you obviously know you are not fat.... why do you need a bunch of people you don't know telling you that? I think thats the issue. not your weight.

Uh-uh-uh Present
You are underweight. I am 5'5", and I can safely weigh 145 pounds, according to the Body Mass Index scale. Your BMI is 16.64, which is considered underweight. You are probably not getting enough nutrients. Your normal BMI should be at least 18.5, which means you can safely gain 20 pounds. Being underweight is just as dangerous as obesity, so be careful and take good care of yourself.

[email protected]
No, you are not overweight. You may, however, have a body image disorder, if you are asking this question. Even if you have a small frame/small bones, 100 lbs is a bit underweight for someone of your height.

Don't worry about losing weight in your face either, hun. The gaunt look is out--no matter what those skinny little hollywood startletts do, don't let their eating disorders influence you.

Steve D
That is definitely underweight, according to BMI recommendations. Your ideal weight range is 111 to 150.

You need a paperweight to keep you down.

No you're underweight. I'm 5'5 and 130 n i am not even overweight lol

Slappy McStretchNuts is back!
No, you should probably weigh between 115 and 120, so you're skinny.

Losing weight on your face is not possible. No spot reducing unless you get liposuction.

♥Special Red Girl™
NNNOOOOO!!!!! That's sort of UNDERWEIGHT. I'm 5'2" & weigh 300 lbs. I'd do ANYTHING to get down to 100.

No, you are not fat, over weight, you are under weight.

Penney S

no u need to gain sum weight

Callie R
No, actually that is a little underweight.

jamaican babe
You are underweight

Aspen Dreamer
Oh my goodness no you are not overweight by any stretch...
Just eat lots of fruit and vegetables in your life...
They all have lots of water in them and that cleanses your body well...
Also drink lots of water...
It washes out your whole system...
I think for your height and weight you are just fine...

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