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Usra N
I weigh 85 lbs. and i am 14. i feel like im anorexic but im not? tell me all the ways i can gain weight! FAST!
i really want to gain weight and i want to look a little thicker than i am right now i have heard that excersizes builds muscles and that helps gain weight but i want to gain FAT...on places....i don't want to look fat but i don't want to look thin either...i want to look just normal...i just want to be a little thicker than i am now....i want to know ALL the ways to gain fat...i eat a lot of junk food but that doesnt work that much it just makes me gain weight and not fat! HELP ME PLEASE.......is there any medicine i should eat? should i go to the doctor? should i eat more (what should i eat to make met FATter)?...or anything i really need to know so pleaseeeeeeeeeee help me! i really need help! if i get even a little bit fat on my body then that will give a big boost to my cofidence! so please help!

Go see your Family doctor, and he can put you on a high protein diet which is what you should be on anyways, but, have him check you out first, remember you are only 14, and at 14 I was skinny to so it will catch up sooner than ya think.

[email protected]

the ROB's
you need to relax, most people would love the metabolism you have. in time you'll grow into as you get older

Liz C
Exersize, exersize! I play advanced soccer and advanced tennis and advanced all sports except gymnasitics. My thys are big and my legs are muscular and stuff like that or you could have surgery.....

[email protected]
A trip to the Dr. is in order,you might have a medical condition that is keeping you from gaining weight,if there isn't a medical problem the Dr. might send you to a nutritionist,who will work with you to make a plan that will help you gain the weight that is healthy for you.

well, better than problem that the other way around. Lol i'm 13 and about 113.. for you i'd say just keep eating. hahaha Idk, bread, pasta, candy... all that good stuff :]

good luck ‚ô•

I know how you feel
I have the same problem

Hmm, I have been told that protein and exercise would be good for that. But that might be the recipie for a huge bodybuilder (ahnuld). Try it, see what happens.

The Chair Wizard IV TEAM LIKE
Increase your intake on fat and calories but it is still important to drink 8 glasses of water daily

Aradia B
Next time you go to your doctor ask them about it, or schedule an appointment about it.
This is sort of a pinnacle of irony since most people want to lose weight, not gain it.
Also as you go through more puberty, I'm sure your body will develop fat in more places that it is needed.
Just be careful going about gaining weight. I had a friend who was incredibly slim, and she wanted to gain weight when she was around 13, so she started eating in between meals and such and she also matured more, and she did get a little thicker, and now she has horrible self esteem issues even though she is still pretty skinny.

well, you can just change your diet and excersize.

but really make sure that you arent anorexic or overeating because that will develop an eating disorder.
im 12 and i weigh 86 pounds and i feel heavy so i might be bordering anorexic, but i make sure i take care of myself. you should do the same.


i dont think you would need to gain much weight especially if you are taleld (i dont htink u need to gain ne at all....but if u think u do i dont suggest alot) try eating many calories and just dont excerise a lot....stay healthy though........junk food can help....ice cream, chocolate....

u can also ask ur doctor, u dont want to get unhealthy and it may be that as much as u eat u just cn gain weight i have a friend who eats A TON but she is as thin as a stick (not kidding) and she doesn't play ne sport or excerisse or ne thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 its rediculous

hope this helped!

i Know hahahah - have a boil up at my whare 2 times a week an we'll sort them thighs out for you lmao. no shiz not bacon bones maybe pork chops :D

I FEEL THE SAME WAY!! but i weigh 90 && im 5' so i prolly look bigger than u.....&& I dont know about u but i hate it when people say ""aww ur so skinny"" or ""I wish I was that skinny"" anything like that. i mean its mean to call fat people fat so how is it any different calling us skinny people skinny? anyways I eat 24/7 and i cant gain weight either!! so ive just learned to like my body and the way i look... && i also wear tight i mean really tight jeans so it gives me more butt and bigger thighs so i dont feel as skinny...... and i wear tight shirts with a push up bra so it makes me feel a bit fat but skinny too. so its like i dunno just get a whole new wardrobe that is tight so it makes u fatter cuz u feel like its too tight and u cant move LOL. but i definitly LOVE the way i look now... hehe sorry that i didnt answer ur question but i wouldnt try to get ""fatter"" cuz u wont look good that way..... ur prolly meant to be skinny not fat like me...well anyways hope that helps even a little in making u feel like u DONT need to gain weight.... and learn to love the way u r... yeah thats sounds korny but its true.....[[[im 14 too]]]

Well you will gain when you grow! SO dont! i used to weight like you did, but now i weighted 100 ibs and i m 16

You could talk to your doctor, but you should maybe eat more. Never try to gain weight fast, its bad for you, just slowly add more food to your life, but don't get hooked on food

My grandmother was lossing much weight so she used to drink a smoothie of carrots and Alfalfa two times a week and now she looks more healthy. Maybe the flavor is not the best but it works.

If you are already eating a well balanced diet, just eat bigger portions. You didn't say how tall you are. 5' -100lb. add 5 lb. for each inch over 5'. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, lean meats, drink milk with all 3 meals.
Your local county health dept. will have a nutritionist who comes in. You might consider going in for a check up. They can help you with a plan that would be best for you!
Good Luck!

eat lots of nutella in front of the tv. nutella is this really good chocolate that is sooo fatty. seriously. also, avoid running.

I'm 20 now and I have never weighed a three digit number in my life. Don't feel bad. I have the same problem wanted to gain the weight just in certain areas. It might just be that like me you have a fast metabolism. Try eating more red meats.

EAT PEANUT BUTTER it is full of peanut oil fat and it tastes FABU :) :) don't stop excersising though, stay healthy with just a little "cream"


wow a girl complaining about being fat! who knew? ok so im a runner and have been forever. i eat what i want when i want and run everyday. i have a normal metabolism, which is probably be ur problem. its genetics, and u cant help it. ive gotta friend who is like u, skinny and tall (ur tall right?) anyways, she went to the doctors and he told her to gain weight. he gave her this name of a drink, its like some milkshake. i cant remember the name, but go to ur doctors and tell them u want to gain weight. its actualy unhealthy to be so thin.. but word of advice, if ur a runner, THANK THE LORD ur soo skinny. u can make it sooo far with drive and motivation. im a runner, and im not fat. im just regular weight, but im not skinny for a runner, and i want to drop the weight to get better times, but its sooo hard. so just keep that in mind. btw ur body fat percentage is 14 1/2 if ur like 5' 4" (in just guessing)

Diana D
Hi Sweetie,
R Dr. cud have ordered this 4 U. It's called ENSURE which comes in a can r case. They have several flavour's, but I stuck 2 Vanilla r Strawberry, it's like a milkshake when cold. I can't remember if there was a limit 2 how many per day, but I don't think there is. Lots of Vitamens & whatever they put in it to fatten me up at 90lbs. U can get it at WalMart r any drug store, I jus thot WalMart wud be cheaper 4 U? U may find it in other dept. stores like that one, but it's the best tasting drink u cud ask 4 if u HAVE 2 take one!!!!!!!!!!! lol

LOL, Diana D
PS There's another one called Boost never tried it cud taste like **** so stick 2 Ensure, at least u know what r getting & u can add fruit 2 it r spices & put it in the blender>

It could just be normal for your body. You can't force your body into changing your metabolism. But don't worry, when you get older.. you will balance out and you'll gain fat in all the right places. But to add healthy weight.. first ask your doctor if you should be worried about your size and then think about how you can in a healthy way, gain the weight you want. Dont' take any pills or anything until you ask your doctor.

first of all you need to get happy with who you are. And seconed go to a doctor to see if your weight is normal if it is than dont worry about it if it is not then start to gain weight but find out what is what before you do anything drastic.

i hav that problem too. high mentabolism
there the angus third pounder at mcdonalds
i recommend the bacon and cheese one(sooo good)
anything with some fat and high carbs(protien if you want to work out) eat throughout the day(5 meals minimum- breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, and/or before sleep snack)
i don't recommend drugs cause they might have side effects

new friend
just b happy in any situation. take all the things easy, no tention. 'Tension is the thing 2 give and not 2 take'

hm... well, first thing is NEVER try to gain weight in a hurry, and second NEVER use any scientific method unless absolutely necessary. Okay, so you shouldn't eat junk food for that isn't GOOD for you. Since you only wish to get average sized, try to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner-- all three. Everyday! Plus, don't leave yourself hungry!

Eternal Love
My sister-in-law is very thin, she has been drinking protein shakes and lifting weights for her arms.

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