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Dont want to
I weigh 142 i am 5"8 am i fat?

No You are the right size.

I'm a man, 5'10 and 156 and I'm kind of skinny, so you are kind of big compared to most, but I can't tell without seeing.

no I think your perfect!

no your not your perfect

It all depends on if you exercise, not just on the numbers alone.


No way are you fat. Don't even think that. Actually I'd think you were on the slim side if your 5'8" and only weigh 142 - so "NO - YOUR NOT FAT". You probably look pretty good. (and no I'm not gay) ha ha

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You're lucky girl!

no, you are healthy

your huge go to the bathroom right now don't even finish reading this! start puking just do it, all the models do it!! are you ok?? your probably drop dead gorgeous and you just want some attention. well i'm listening!!

Chelsea P

Why are you asking people who have NEVER seen you in person?!

Rashmi M
i think this is perfect weight with your height

Amish Rake Fight
"Festively Plump" would be more descriptive

Tre E
no because im 180 lbs. and im 5'6

Lindsy N
no to me your skinny keep going and the height matters be gald your tall!! it makes u look better if your taller

No, your not fat. As a matter of fact i think that your skinny. I'm 5'2 or maybe even 5'3 and i weight about 155. but i'm not fat. Anyways what guy can hold on to a skinny girl if there nothing there.

no hunny.

Jonas V
ask beyonce! that dont sound too bad to me! fat is when you got mud flaps under your arms and you gut hangs to your knees

I don`t think so, but every body is different. I am 5 foot 7 and weigh 165 lbs. I don`t consider myself fat. (Before I got pregnant with my second child I weighed 135 lbs which was "skinny" for me! I had no butt, no nothing, I didn`t much like it, I think 145 lbs for me would be ideal)
The more important thing is though, that YOU are happy with yourself!

no ur not fat

No youre not fat. You also have to realize that 142 is not going to look the same on every person who is 5'8". If you workout alot and youre mostly muscle then you'll look much different than someone the same weight and height who doesnt workout. Im 5'2" and I weight about 132 and Im not fat or chubby. I workout, eat pretty well(lol), and drink lots of water. When people find out how much I weigh theyre surprised b/c they would think at 5'2" I would look fat at 132 pounds.Its not all about how much you weigh.More importantly, are you healthy? Skinny doesnt mean healthy.

No, medically speaking your high and weight calculates to a BMI of 21.6 which is in the normal weight range.

im 5 8 and weigh a lot more then that i think you are at the right weigh how old are you are you big bone or small bone

noway my sisters friends r the 1s that r to skinny imagen if u were like 96ids. u couldent even drive a car! do u really wana b that skinny? i hope not cause if ur 2 skinny ppl make fun of u. ur a good size dont chage it

No. I am 5'8". I wish I weighed that much.

maybe your big toe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jwill J
YES! LoL! Just Kiddin! No!

No you sound great to me.

jose g

Use this as a guide.


The website says:

According to your height of 5' 8" your ideal healthy weight is 140 pounds. Your recommended weight range is between 131 and 164 pounds.

This was calculated using Hamwi formula, a simple formula commonly used by many clinicians.

These are recommended weights. Talk with your doctor about what weight is best for you and before undertaking any new diet or exercise programs.

You can learn more about BMI and see what it is for your current weight by checking out our Body Mass calculator

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