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{Evil Loony} Leo
I want to be underweight.?
HI! Im 15 and weigh 7stone 12
(approx 50 kgs/116llbs I think) and I'm 5 foot 6 1/2inches, and my waist is approx 23/24 inches.. when I look at myself I cant stop thinking about how I want to be thinner.. I eat breakfast in the morning (cereal) but I dont eat lunch.

I try not to have dinner, but my mum says I should, so Im usually forced to eat a sandwich.

Everytime I eat I feel stupid, which doesnt help with my friends all saying stuff to my BFF whos larger than me, that shes stick thin.
I dont know why but I want to see my bones ..

My friends all say Im being stupid and silly, and that Im already thin, but.. I just dont feel happy about ANY PART of my body :S

What should I do?
Additional Details
PLease.. I dont think telling me to be a loser helps me exactly.. um

well Ive been thinking about it.. but I.. think Im gonna tone and make my body really thin BUT by adding muscle mass... Im gonna quite sugary stuff too.

Thanks YA you really are HELPFUL!

Tom O
Ignore your feelings and carry on as you are eating healthily being underweight isn't good for you. Its probably just a phase that your going through and at this time of your life its a good idea to be as healthy as possible as your still growing so and sort of deficiency associated with eating less and more unhealthily will affect your body much more than normal.

: )
7 stone 12 (which is 110lb btw) is underweight for your height and you are obviously very skinny.

You sound like you have a distorted body image and are on the verge of a possible eating disorder. Please get some professional help before things get out of hand and you make yourself very depressed and ill.

x . kayla . .
People at school might think you're attention seeking if you say you're fat when you're obviously not and it'll offend people you know that are overweight so dont be one of those people that moans constantly at school about how fat they are (because you're not fat at all)

Talk to a parent, or a close friend, or a doctor cos it sounds like you need help to stop you becoming anorexic.

I'm your age and about you size/weight and I want to be thinner half the time but then I think about what it'd be like if I was really skinny and it'd be horrible, you need to have curves, not bones!

I think most people want to lose weight at this age but don't stop eating!!

Don't fall into the trap of basing your self-esteem, self-image and self-worth on your weight....I know how hard that can be, and after doing some stupid things to my body I realise that there is so much more to life than being 'skinny'.....to feel better about yourself focus on things you're good at, things you enjoy, and the good things in your life (relationships with friends, family etc).
You seriously don't want to be underweight - think of the medical consequences......you would more than likely lose your periods....and if the damage is permanent then you won't be able to have kids later on - don't ruin your future - you will regret it later on.
Why don't you just try to be healthy instead of stick thin???? Eat everything in moderation, and do a healthy amount of exercise - you'll feel good and your body will be getting looked after.

Dirty Jack
Well to me this sounds like a text book case of anorexia. You should talk to your parents about it first of all. Take up some hobbies or something that makes you feel happy. Try to gain self-confidence by doing something challenging...rock-climb, hike, write a book, etc. If you still worry about your weight too much you should go to a doctor or see a specialist. In fact you should consider seeing a psychologist or psychiatrist now just for the heck of it. With your current mindset, you need either some major moral support or professional help.

Your friends are correct. If you REALLY care about your body, you would find out a HEALTHY way to become the shape that you want to be, and be that shape in a healthy way. Not eating will only do your body harm, it slows down your metabolism which means when you DO eat after a long time not eating, you will gain more weight then eating regularly.

Also, eat healthy, exercise, and look up HEALTHY diets if you really care that much. Not eating is the worst, irresponsible, stupidest, shallow, and unhealthy thing to do.

PLEASE, hear me out.

Toby T
talk to a guidance counselor and tell him/her how you feel

You are definitely on your way to developing an eating disorder. Seek medical help as soon as possible.

Get professional help. Start with a visit to your doctor, he will be able to advise you.


* Loss of 5-15% of normal body weight coupled with a refusal to maintain normal body weight
* Extreme fear of gaining weight
* Distorted body image (feeling fat even when very thin)
* Absense of three or more consecutive menses/periods (amenorrhea)

Get help, bones sticking out of ur body is NOT attractive, if u become underweight, u will be under nourished, u could stop having periods, it could stop you having a child in the future, ur liver will be f****d also, do the right thing, admit u have a problem and seek help, anorexia is a KILLER, many people die from it, u are obviously concerned as to why u feel this way so u know it is not right, before its too late, go tell someone

Please do not be offended but you need psychiatric help.

This is not an unusual condition but it is dangerous.

You have taken the first step by asking "What should I do?" This demonstrates you are ready to accept help but now you must make sure you get it. Tell you parents and your doctor and insist they refer you to a specialist.

At present you feel hopeless but cases like yours can be treated very successfully. Left untreated you will only become more miserable and your health will suffer dangerously.

So take the first step now. Seek treatment. You may have to join a waiting list but a happy outcome is available. Go for it.

Best wishes

you are stupid..no you are an idiot.

You need psychological help. There are tons of young girls who go through this same problem, so you shouldn't feel alone. But you really do need to seek help or the problem could escalade, and it could end up tragically. Just talk to your mom, and tell her what you're really going through.

shut the **** up grow up n get real!

Well, no guy likes girls that are super thin! Also, if you don't eat enough, you'll get sick, get bad skin, look unhealthy, you'll pretty much be exactly what you don't want to. Rather excercise instead of not eating! My advice, find out what your ideal weight is for your height, and stick with that. Underweight is just as bad as being overweight.

♥♫ Dead! ♫♥

think about the medical consequences

think about the fact you could die

not the 'oh my i am going to die if i dont get that new top die' but the 'not living on this earth or anywhere else die'

think about the people around you who care about you

you are on your way to an eating disorder and you are half way there

Gee, its Bree!
you need to get help. thats anorexia.

Nadia K
you have such good friends who are their for you,i think you should listen to them,being under weight is not a good thing it's unhealthy.

Get some psychiatric help.
You sound very poorly in the head.

Lady B
I think you need to seek help! They call it anorexia!

Hang a weight from the ceiling and stand under it. This is the only way I can think of.

Get some professional help sweety.

you need to eat, your killing yourself

you alredy are underweight so there,mission accomplished

Jillian P.
You want to see your bones? Go get an X-ray... haha! That was a good one.

Anyways... maybe you should eat healthier, i'm sure you will feel better if you eat healthy foods. Make sure you keep a balanced diet though.

dont be annorexic.

tongue in cheek
lie down on your back and put a sack of potatoes on your tummy

youll be under weight then

This is what I look like



Im always cold and struggle to walk up the stairs. Just getting out of bed to use the washroom is a struggle for me. Trust me you dont want to be underweight

You are well on your way to a eating disorder and an unhealthy life. Turn it around. You need to eat and you are a perfect weight now.

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