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I love Coke but i want to lose weight for Halloween how can i without giving up Coke??

Additional Details
And i wont drink that diet coke crap it kills brain cells what now, Huh im waiting and i hate candy

Have you tried Diet Coke?

Lose weight in anticipation of a holiday that's celebrated with tons of candy?......That's funny.

You can drink Diet Coke or if that doesn't grab ya, maybe Coke Zero.

I like coke too, and i cant stand diet sode.

try this...mix your coke half and half with club soda. You cut the calories in half, and you dont lose much flavor.

Diet Coke! I switched from regular to Diet and now I will never go back. Or limit yourself to one or two a week.

Vince M
Depends on how much Coke you actually drink. If you slam down a lot of Cokes during the day, that many calories may prevent you from any significant weight loss in such a short period of time.

But here's a suggestion. Figure out, as closely, honestly and accurately as you can, how much Coke you drink. Figure out the calorie intake. The bottles and cans will tell you exactly how much is in them. If you drink Coke dispensed out of a fountain at restaurants, pay attention to the size (ounces) in each cup. Add up all of it. Don't fudge, it ALL counts.

When you reach a number, find an equal number of calories in other stuff you take in daily and eliminate it. Maybe you normally eat a Twinkie every day. (or a doughnut) Figure out it's calories and then stop eating them during your diet. Keep doing that until you have eliminated as many calories as what would equal what your Coke intake is.

Now, somone may tell you that you don't have to eliminate ALL the calories you take in equal to your Coke. That all you have to do is to eliminate more calories than you can burn off with daily exercise. And, this is true.

But I am picking on your Coke calories mostly because these are EMPTY calories. That is, these are calories that provide no nutritional value EXCEPT sugar. In other words, your body does not need these calories. It gets the calories it needs from the other food you eat. So, the Coke calories are WASTED calories. If you choose to continue to take in these wasted calories while you try to lose weight, (and that's the choice you make, if you still want to) then you need to drop them from somewhere else.

There is no way around it, UNLESS, you are willing to either cut down on how much Coke you drink, or eliminate them entirely. This last suggestion may be a little easier to do. If you do try to cut down, then be careful you don't cheat. Nobody CARES if you cheat. But you won't be happy with the results, and there will be no one else to blame, if you don't lose weight.

Run several miles for each Coke you drink in order to burn off the calories from the massive amount of sugar in it.

Go to a coke with less calories, cut your intake in half, exercise more than you drink.

Start working out......go on a diet.

drink lots of water man.

penguin, or maniacle evil genius
diet coke/excersising

How about 'coke lite', 'diet coke' ot whatever it's called where you from. Same tast as cold, but without the sugar.

- Count how many calories you gain by drinking coke and subtract that from the calories you need every day, say you need(not want!) 2000 calories a day and you get 300 or something from coke then you will have to limit your food and drinks to the1700 calorie left) doesn't sound like fun but you gotta do it if you really want to lose weight without giving up coke.

- exercise at least a half an hour every day (if it's too much to do in one go try 10 minutes three times a day)

- get the food out of your night stand! it's at night when you feel like you deserve a treat.

Diet Coke .. but not the Zero Coke .. it tastes terrible ! Good Luck ! :)

My boyfriend and I both lost weight just by switching to diet drinks. We still drink all the pop that we like just with no calories. We have then since continued to loose the weight by counting all the calories we intake. We try to keep it at the suggested daily intake of 2,000 calories. I have went from 180lbs to 140lbs in just 4 months and I lost the first 20 just by switching to diet coke. He has went from 220lbs to 170lbs in the same amount of time. He lost the first 30 in the first month. Amazing huh! We did nothing else but change to diet for the first month. So you can loose quite a bit just by changing to diet drinks.

If you don't like the way diet drinks taste then I suggest that you look into the new diet drink that Pepsi put out called Jazz. They are wonderful!

ashley f
try coke zero, tastes like the real thing

Umm....They make this stuff called "Diet Coke".....

diet coke...or maybe start using the other coke and then you will for sure loose a few pounds

I can't get with diet sodas either. For every coke you drink, drink two glasses of water. That'll help flush it out of your system.

drink less coke and do more sit up and things like that

you can maybe drink coke zero.. but in all honesty if you truly want to lose weight STOP DRINKING COKE. its not that hard. just stop buying it!!

tina t
Have the diet coke which is sugar free!

exercise more or cut out other unhealthy stuff from your diet

Kristina C
Try Coke- Zero it tastes like coke but it has 0 calories. I LOVE it. TRY IT!

Coke Zero is the best! Much improved over Die-it Coke.

Coke zero, I have tried and believe me when I say I am a coke junkie. But it really does taste like Coke just no calories. Try it out and let me know what you think.

Want to lose weight but aren't willing to give up the things that cause the problem? good luck with that.

Dolphin lover
Diet Coke...you'll get used to it.

try coke zero

Drink Diet Coke

Drink Diet Coke or Coke Zero. Both have no calories and especially no sugar but taste very similar. You will have to sacrifice the true taste if want to reach your goals.

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