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I if eat 500 calories or less a day will i lose weight?
or if i eat just one jacket patato with beans a day will i lose wieght?

I am desperate PLEASE HELP!!!!!
i weigh 117lbs
i rly need ur help!!!!
Additional Details
i am 5"1 and 177lbs

You will not only lose weight you will be anorexic and you will die. What you need is a diet given by your doctor and lots of exercise and fresh air. Good luck.

I heart Kyle

If you eat 500 cals a day, you will disappear.

Don't do it - drastic measures don't work and you'll just screw up your body.

You need to adopt a sensible diet, together with some moderate exercise - over a long period of time. There are no quick fixes with weight loss - it requires patience and determination.

Lots of luck. x

Hey you can lose weight.
You sound desperate, calm down.
First you must remember that it took several years to get to this weight so losing it has to be a long term plan.
Doing dramatic things like eating 500 calories a day will only make you ill. Also because you cannot sustain this permernently you will stop this drastic diet one day and regain all the weight you have lost and probably more
What you need is a sensible long term plan.
http://www.genuinefatloss.com has a great easy to follow weight loss plan. And the best thing is the site is free to view.
Give it a visit and see if their plan suits you.
You must avoid crash diets. They don't work

5'1 and 177 lbs is a bit much (didn't;t see the comments originally)

500 is too low, don't put food on the plate and throw some away like someone suggested as it is completely wasteful.
Eat smaller portions but eat more often because that will keep your metabolism higher.
Exercise is best done before breakfast as you need to burn what you already have not just using up what you just ate

117lbs!!!!!!!!!! Ur nuts!!! Why would you want to loose weight? You are very skinny. Don't worry, about that. You will loose weight if you do that, but it's not good for you.

Of course you'd lose weight, but why would you want to if you have to do it that way?

You're better off just making better food choices (fruits and vegetables are naturally low in calories), than making your life miserable!

short term yes long term no your body will save more and more calories over time because it begins to believe it could be starved again so you will just gain more weight

yes but you will be very hungary and get sick. just cut out fats and sugar and see what happens

you would lose weight but it is very unhealthy. you should eat atleast 1500 calories & exercise more

clem kiddlehopper
Yes, young lady, you will lose weight, but you will also do serious harm to your body. Go and see a medical doctor and tell him what the problem is, I am sure he/she can be of good help to you.

Janice Dickinsons' Shrink
That is starving yourself, and you will lose weight, but not the healthy way, and not for a long time. WHY? Your body will begin to recognize that it's not receiving the nutrients it needs, and will hold on to those 500 calories, and your metabolism will slow down, and it won't burn fat, instead it will begin to store it.

Visit www.askweightloss.com for a weightloss/health and fitness consultation.
They can calculate your body mass index (BMI), and suggest a diet to suit your needs and budget.

Irish Princess
thats not healthy

first off how tall are you? for all i kno i could be giving info to an anorexic.How old are you?

Baps .
Yes you do need help, but whatever you do do NOT just eat 500 calories a day. This is not the way to lose weight. You need to eat a lot more than a jacket potato and beans a day.

Also 117 is not big, how tall are you

Ron S
500 calories is not enough !!

Keep to 1200 or more and vary the food. (meat, veg and fruit)

Don't make yourself ill

Ashley P
you will kill yourself from your weight your not even over weight!

117 lbs means ur skinny ur no fat and if u eat like that u will get very sick my friend got super sick and has to go to the doctor cuz shes eating like u and if she didnt go to the doctor she could of died

Yes, you will lose weight. You'll also lose kidney function, and brain matter. At 117lbs you are already very thin and should think more about maintaining than losing weight.

Mr. Taco
Yes. You will lose weight... and also will be sickly and unhealthy due to malnutrition. That will make you far from attractive.

117 pounds is a splendid weight... and could even be UNDER weight if you are tall enough. If you really think you need to lose weight, you may want to consider discussing this with your doctor. You may have an eating disorder, or unhealthy psychological view of yourself. Please seek help!

don't be daft you would starve and lose muscle not fat and die besides your already skinny not heave you are great the way you are any one who says difrant is a prat who is jealous of you

Jennifer D
500 calories a day isn't nearly enough! Your body will think it's starving and you will end up losing less weight because your body will try to store up fat. You should eat at least 1000 calories a day. And 117 pounds doesn't sound overweight to me. I weigh 110 and I'm not fat.

alex g
first of all dont be crazy you have to have a healthy 1500+ calories a day if you wanna loose weight jog eatting less will actually make you gain more weight

117lbs isnt heavy...unless you are very short.
It is very unwise to eat such a restricted low calorie diet. You will damage your health. I suggest you go to the link below and calculate your BMI, thats will tell you if you are overweight, I seriously doubt that you are overweight!

Yeah - you'd lose weight. And probably your life if you kept it up.

This is WAY too extreme young lady. You are not heavy for chris'sakes!

Jason J
yes you will lose weight but you will also harm your body. No less than 1200 cal is healthy.

You will be anorexic.

A Lorraine
if you eat 500 calories a day, you'll die of starvation

yeh you will
but drink lots of water too and exercise!

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