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I haven't eaten anything in 3 days...?
i havent eaten a bite in 3 days, other than those little tubes of frozen water with the artificial sweetener in them, and i've lost weight, but i'm just not hungry anymore. its like even though i should be freaking out and really hungry, i feel like i could go another week with nothing but water and a tortilla chip. is there something wrong? oh, and also, when i start to feel hungry, i'll open the fridge, and then close it even though theres alot of food, and i just ate a cookie, and i threw up, but i didnt purposely throw up, so i'm not bulimic.
Additional Details
another PS:
look people, i didnt purposely not eat for 3 days. i just didnt feel like eating, because when i saw the solid food it made me sick to look at it. the weight loss is just a bonus. and i'm already skinny, but i'm just concerned with my weight because i'm 5ft 6in, and everyone says i weigh so much because i'm tall, but my friend is taller than me and the same age [12] and she is 120, and i'm 111 and its freaking me out that i might weigh as much as her but i'm shorter and skinnier.

ive had that before, maybe not as bad, but for like 2 days i was completely not hungry, just drank water. this should go away, but if it doesnt, force yourself to eat, even if you throw up, because the nutriants is vital.

You're a f*cking idiot for a start.

Secondly, if you want to lose weight, don't be an idiot and do it the lazy way. Eat right and work out. A lot of the time, you even need to eat MORE to lose weight when you work out.

get help... you are starting to have an eating disorder .... and eat even though you are not hungry ... just do it... and get HELP

Chip D
sometimes i dont feel hungry when i feel stressed and it sounds like maybe youre a bit stressed or down so just try to eat things like fruit smoothies or milkshakes it usually helps me start feeling hungry again

Yeah, that's normal, I can't explain it, but perhaps the stomach shrank some. Same thing happens to me, I fast one day a month.

What you are doing is not healthly at all. You need to eat, doesn't matter if you're not hungry. Every day you should eat something/anything for breakfast, for a start. It will help you. I dont eat lunch or dinner, just breakfast. It's better than starving yourself completely, at least your body gets some kind of nutrients. You might be losing weight but you are putting your body in more danger than ever before and that's not good.

anorexic perhaps given enough time once you stop eating for a period of time and then go back to eating your body rejects the food you can end up making yourself really sick

Alyssa M
eat girl you will get back to normal your body has just adjusted to that

Girl! go eat something!!!!
u NEED to have a balanced diet!
if ur trying to loose weight go eat a salad or something but dont just star eating chips!!!!
u should at LEAST eat twice a day a good meal....

you shouldn't do that! You should rather exercise.
hope this helps:)

The reason why you're not hungry any more or you feel sick at times is because your body is in starvation mode. It thinks you are with out a means for food. It doesn't know you're just not eating what's available to you. If you think that starving yourself to loose weight is a good thing then you really need to see a doctor because you have a problem.

Sarah Archuleta

ok..so you are an idiot. what do you want a medal for being stupid? unless you are a plant based lifeform that can manufacture energy using photosynthesis you need to eat food every couple of hours, every day of your life.

Ryan O
eat something before you die

Porcelain Sky
Your body is in starvation mode. You will soon stop losing weight at a fast speed and your body will start gettting energy off your muscles and tissue. Get help!!!

i think you should see a doctor! or being not hungry is not normal and not eating is bad for u...... you may have an eatin disorder! going to the doctor is the best thing though!

maybe you're sick. you can't keep food down, and its not a big deal. You probably caught something. Don't worry. Im sure your body will fight it.

Digital Age
You are describing what sounds like the nervous condition known as anorexia. It is a nervous condition in which food becomes repulsive; you disdain food and no longer want to eat.
At the same time, you are afraid to eat because you don't want to be fat.
The reason you don't want to be fat is because you believe nobody will love you.
What you really need is love.
You have a deep need for love that you are not getting and it is eating away at you, making you lose weight and hate food.
It is love...to be loved...that you really want.

Why? Are you trying to lose weight? Naturally, if we stop eating our bodies will make the necessary adjustments to preserve self thereby your metabolism will slow down and of course you won't feel hunger pains. It sounds like there's more behind this story than "you're just not hungry anymore".

You have a problem. The body can not properly function without nourishment. You need to figure out a healthy eating style. You also need to seek counseling. This is a not a healthy way to lose weight.

That's not normal. You may start gaining weight because your body will go into starvation mode. You need to eat more. You are going to start to lose not just fat but muscle mass as well.

I would go see a doctor because what you are doing is not healthy. I know it's not like you are doing this on purpose, but if you keep this up it could lead to more serious problems.

Just force it down anyway!

what your doing to yourself is extremly unhelthy!

definately see a doctor immediately
it may be another illness
obviously just eating may not fix the problem by itself
but you need to eat

I think you should talk to a doctor !! That isn't safe. You seem to have a case of anorexia This is serious. Talk to someone! Both bulemia and anorexia are serious.

Bright Idea
Um see a doctor please

Go and see a doctor before you collapse

umm ok that sounds serious you might want to go to the doctor

feel better :)

u must eat

Alyssa S
that is unhealthy.

You re starting on a very dangerous path. You need to eat every day in order to be healthy. Your body will start feeding on itself if you don't give it food. You also will stop losing weight if you don't eat. The reason why you threw up the cookie is because it was too heavy for your stomach to handle after no food for 3 days.

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