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 Do you think im under weight?????
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I hate running!!!?
but i need to loose weight before i go back to school...in approximately 5 wks......what else can i do.....
Additional Details

αяιαииα ♥ x
Drink water when you're hungry =]

running really doesn't burn as many calories as people think. I'm pretty sure just treading water in a pool for 30 minutes burns more calories than running for that amount of time. Not sure tho. But yeah, running is BORING.

Also, try eating better (meaning no late night snacks before bedtime, because stuff u eat late at night doesn't get burned off.) If anything, snack earlier in the day to boost your metabolism.

Diamond E
eat a little of food and work out .did you no that it takes 3,345 to drop a pound

well if your last hope is running do what i do... take music with you and just do a little bit at a time!! i run 2 times a day for about a mile at a time and if that seems like to much then just do half a mile at a time! also watch what you eat! i know its hard but try to only eat when you are absolutely hungry its gonna be hard but keep with it! you can do it!

If you don't like to run then there plenty of other exercises. You can lift weights, dance, aerobics, go to a gym, or just walk. Also eating right is a major part of it (since I don't know your eating habits then this may or may not apply to you.) I am also trying to lose weight and have been doing so since January and I have found that if you have someone to help support you then it really helps too. My best friend is the one that I really fall back on when I feel like giving up. So good luck. Just remember to try to exercise, eat right, and find a support system.

me to... i just bike 40 minutes a day..... good for your behind

this is really easy evn i do it.
it is the most effictive method of excersive all athletes run no matter what the sport.
u dont have to luv runnin u just get tired easy is prob the thing. running builds all leg muscles if u hold weights u can gain arm muscles if u tighten ur stomach durin a sprint u gain abs so just runnin helps all ovr

Jen T
If you hate running then DON'T RUN! There's plenty of other exercises. Swimming is really good.

A brisk 3o to 45 minute walk each day will work.


There are alot of other exercises you can do which do not involvle running to loose weight.
how about getting a bicycle? or treadmill to walk?
or doing yoga or some other type of thing like that?

Mad Amish
hey at the ymca some of them have tv gammes as you play

Do the running. I have ittle faith that you are going to lose ANY weight with that mind set. It's not like you'll lose 50 pounds on a Krispy Kreme diet with no exercise. Get over yourself....

dd k
Did you mean lose weight? Loose is the opposite of tight. WALK WALK WALK to school and learn English.

Connie M
lift weights


Stra leigh
Swim or go to a gym and do different classes like kick boxing or cycling.

Have you tried running with a friend, it makes things easier.

Sherry bo berry
easy lift light weights more reps like alot more you will burn way more calories and get stronger and you will loose way more weight that way ...

bike, swim, rollerblade, play a sport... involves running but in an exciting way... umm lift weights, push ups, intense sit up routines, aerobics classes, kickboxing

I Need A Better Screen Name

shame you live in america

Just one more chance
well it also depends how much wieght u have to lose. Running and bycycling focus more on the lower part of the body. If you want to lose weight around the upper part ( stomach, arms, est)
try the low carb diet. You wont lose weight llike liposuction, BUT you do lose inches from around the waist and stomach wich makes you look more fit, but not like muscular fit , but not fatmore like average
as well as arms and the rest of your body, I'd suggest some pushups, situps, and bycyling can help ( go uphill and on flat surfaces, going downhill dosnt help much)
hope that helps!

bike riding :). also try to go on a diet.

...play DDR? >_>

claire b
Try swimming. You will tone up those muscles in no time. the water hold your weight, so you feel like there is hardly any effort (but your body is working just as hard). Its a great weight buster, trust me!

go to youtube, and look for cardio videos and follow along, that's what I do!

my boy friend is going threw this to try swiming and than maby take a walk wit a friend

Bicycle! It's much funner!

I hate running too...and im trying to lose weight before the school starts as well...i would go on youtube..put some kool songs on and dance and DONT be scared to go crzy!! it helps u lose ALOT of weight...i lost 10 punds on dancing in just 1 week!! totally true!! i danced an hour a day everyday...

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