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I dont think I'm fat but....?
Alright so yesterday I was at the doctor's because I accidently cut my thumb pretty deep ( it was really icky trust me ) and while I was there they took my weight and height.

Well after she dipped my thumb in this stuff and finished wrapping it in a bandaid my doctor told me that while I was at an average height (5'5) I needed to lose like 10 pounds.

I don't think I'm fat. I weight 136 pounds

but honestly , should I drop a few pounds?


no. im apparently 15 lbs overweight but im clearly not fat either. those charts are flawed.

Lee N
AH NO! i dont think you should but i do kinda think your doc is a bit mental

Candy C
Your weight fits your skeletal structure, you look great! I don't think you need to lose any weight....now me on the other hand... 5'7 and 175 lbs. Yeah I could afford to drop some weight lol!

as if!!!! your not over weight!!!!!!!!hahahahaha omg you have like the perfect body im thinking you have low self asteam and want ppls to tell you your not fat!!! theres nooo way a doctor would tell you you are over weight unless you carring 100 lbs behind!!!

That is NUTS. Are you sure you heard that right? Maybe she said that you look like you lost 10 lbs??? Did you do the BMI calculator thing? You are ideal weight for your height. I am 5 ft and weigh 125...you are 5 inches taller and are told to lose 10lbs?

Also, was this the dr or physicians assistant or nurse? You should really ask what they are talking about. wierd.

no your not fat.... i'm 5'4'' and weighed 145 when i was 26..... i never thought i was fat but now that i had a son and put the flab on..........now i'm fat. you're a very pretty girl and if anyone says your fat they're just jealous. but also there is nothing wrong about staying fit and eating right.

average weight for my age 30 at 5'4'' is between 140-150

no way in hell!!!!
Your perfect the way u are

[email protected]
Hell No

You look fine..really fine!!

its just the average weight for your height

»Kaysee Katastrophe«
lol u look fine. tell ur doctor to ***** a donkey and get a life.

ur fine. i dont think u should lose anything.

I`m not mean, your just a sissy
nope, you look FINE!

if you think you need to loose weight then you have a problem
i think you are fine
if you had love handles then maybe
Nah dont worry!

wtf??? absoutly not! ur almost the exact as me, im about 5 lbs heavier actually, but u are absoutly gorgeous, ur dr. is crazy!!! keep ur curves and embrace them darling

and im sorry to hear about ur finger lol

Jordan Nichole
No, you really don't. You look fine. Hot actually.lol

Kendra H
SHUT UP U SKINNY *****! lol

i l♥vermont
no way girl! you're curvy, but guys like that!

your average

StabMaster Arson
Good God no....by the way, marry me?

Joe the hilarious Toronto Raver!
No, you're fine.

~♥ Hollister ♥~
honestly, no ur good the way u r

You're definitely not fat. I'm 5'5 and recently gained so much weight due to stress over graduating with my Master's degree and I'm 138 pounds. I definitely feel the excess weight because I used to weigh 110lbs.

You're not fat but 10 pounds wouldn't be terrible to lose just for overall health.

hell no!!! lol youre perfect baby )

No, you are beautiful..doctors are always saying you should lose weight, they say it to me and I'm like 90lbs. (I'm really short though)

The doc is stupid!!!! Whatever............its not that they think ur fat its just the weight for your height........but that doc is stupid!!!!!!!!!!! I'm 5'4" and weigh 165........my doc says that for my bones and muscle mass that I am fine........maybe I should weigh 161............so your height and judging by your frame you should weigh 140 or so...............whatever DOC......if ur one!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! OH......and I'm hot........lol........jk.........but I am..........so r u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!! Those people who say u do need to drop a few.....well.....they are just jealous...............and u know it.......so go on.............be yourself.......why starve!!!!!!!!????????

When you need to lose weight, it won't be a doctor who lets you know. This isn't just a vanity related stunt though, is it?

You are so not fat! Ok i think IM fat. Your BEAUTIFUL, omgggg your hot. Anyway; i just say eat lotsa fruit, its yummy AND healthy!! :)

you look mad fine too me, you look good just the way you are baby.


If thats you in your profile poic then youre not fat (fat is 170+ to me) at all your HOTT!! haha just speakin my mind.

Your doctor is nuts. You look fantastic! Just right! Yummy!

no you're not fat... you're hot...

I Think you need a better educated doctor. The scale is a very crude measure of weight.
It doesn't take into consideration muscle or liquid weight never mind bone etc. Many things go into what makes your total weight and all things need to be taken into consideration.
For example; if you were at the doctors in the latter part of the day, you could very well weight up to 5 lbs more then in the morning. If you are about to come on your period it can affect your weight also in the 5 lbs range. If you are constipated it can affect the numbers on a regular scale.

You doctor in my opinion has some nerve! How dare she make such a statement when she hasn't taken the time to figure out the facts of how your real weight is distributed. Fat vs muscle, vs water, vs bone vs clean colon etc... Too many factors come into play.
Find out our healthy you are; that should be your goal. Are you healthy on a biological level. That is what matters most.
If you are happy with yourself, do not let anyone; not even your doctor make you feel insecure. We have enough of that in our society.

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