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Ashley K
I am really hungry, but it's late at night?
I'm going to jog for 30 minutes, because I didn't have time to exercise earlier, but I'm starving, and don't want to jog on an empty stomach. Problem is, I've already had 2,000 calories today, and if I eat more, then won't it be overeating?

Oh well drink some water 75% of the time when you are hungry you are really dehydrated. but if you are still hungry eat a Soy joy or something because that is kinda bad for you.

Victor D
perfect answer is........................
drinka glass of water and banana

eat fruit

no it wouldn't i have an idea why don't you jog over to a restraunt eat than jog on back but why would you want to jog this late at night you can Barley see unless you bring a flashlight or something

eat something lite like fruiT but not too much if you are jogging. After jogging, if you are still hungry drink more water and eat fruits. Hope it helps.

if your hungry just eat fruits and vegetables

[email protected]
i just seen some thing on tv about eating late it said that as long as you stay up for one half hours after you eat that you will be fine . the 7;00 oclock rule is not true

The only thing calorie counting is going to give you is paranoia, you'll probably have a few leftover calories but I doubt it will effect you in any sort of way.

So I don't think it will be overeating.

have some water st least but maybe just eat some cheese or something

Gene W
try eating 4 or 5 smaller meals a day. this has helped me.And not eat after 6 or 7 pm

Ross Hollister: Tragic Tranny
if you MUST eat something else try nuts they have protein

Best option I think would be some almonds or walnuts...they have protein as well as essential fats which are linked to losing body fat. Essential fats are healthy fats.

Water is a good choice for when you feel hungry as they say it masks your hunger and makes you feel full. You also need to have enough lean protein in your diet.
You might get some other great tips or information on this website http://www.pudgebusters.com

celery!!! very few calories if any, and will help to fill you up, the crunchiness is good, just dont dip it in anything as this add lots of calories!

kay alexander

First of all, after jogging at night, you won't be able to sleep as well. Your body will be active even in bed. Second, eating at night won't help you digest properly, so drink some water. At the very least, if you can't help it, some kind of bread or a low-cal food.

just take fruit,salad or nuts...very low in calories about 50-150 calories


AuqaMarine Water Girl
bannas fine or fruit

eat a banana, or fruit.

♥Sarah Nicole♥
Dude just eat the food

Lauren H
Fruit! The fiber is filling, but it feels light and is low in calories. Try for berries rather than grapes or apples or peaches - berries have less sugar and won't make you crash.

well try eating some yoplait lite. it's like 190 calories or something and it keeps u feeling full. and when u run 30 minutes, u run of some calories, right? and u eat the yoplait at night and- tada! u eat something nutrious with not to many calories that keeps u feeling full.
and p.s.
it's ok to go over the 2,000 calories a tad. besides, at school or work or whatever u do, u have to walk from class to class or office to office, or whatever. but just walking can be a workout. try ur best squeeze in little workouts like -for example- when u walk- make sure u press ur thigh with some might into ur buttox. it's ur very own butt lifter. just little things to keep looking the way u want
hope this works for u!

eat a banana

erom m
East and jog an extra five minutes

Try drinking some water, But honestly,if you are hungry you should eat. Especially if you are going to exercise. You'll pass out if you don't. Besides,starving yourself doesnt accomplish anything. You'll just binge when you finally get so hungry you can't stand it anymore. Better to eat small meals throughout the day. Anything you want but eat small portions.

Curiosity Killed The Goldfish
Eat A Healthy Bar Like South Beach Diet Bar's Or A Granola Bar With A Shake So It Fill's Your Stomach.

i always get hungry at night after i exercise just get a late night snack

Brain Hemorrhage
Eat an apple.

do what u think is right

bill l
eat a salad..has nutrition and water.

Tessie Lou
if your body is telling you that its hungry, you need to feed it.
its unhealthy if you dont. and its ok if you go a little over your calorie count.

just run for a bit longer the next day to burn them off.

Alive at last...
Eat a good source of protein with a fiberous carb (small chicken/ turkey breast and a salad or salad with egg whites). If you go with other carbs, you are going to get the effectiveness of your evening jog.

Good luck!!

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