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 I'm 13 and I'm ABOUT 5' 3" and 120 pounds?
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 Do you like think im fat?
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 After you quit smoking, when does your body start to feel better?
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 I dont think I'm fat but....?
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Well ...

john f
I am a 14 year old boy and my chest fits into a bra size A is this normal?

eeeeewewewe um thats not normal for you to know and its not normal

"Генерал Я"
wow, thats awesome. jk. i dont know, do you work out?

very confused and with situation
NOOOOOO. That is not even cool. maybe you should try working out.

b.johne k
just curious why you were trying on lil sisters training bra does she need help filling in?

If your overweight than you can have breasts. Are you. If not, then having breasts is not normal . Talk to your doctor.

eoghan c
Firstly what are you doin wearing bras? and secondly yeah it is your still young and growing its common to have insecurities about your body but they are all in your head and you will feel better about yourself when you are older!

krista p
im a girl and i am 14, i fir into an A. i would say that if its peck's then that hot, if not than i would say its unhealthy for someone your age to have A's

and where did u find out that u were an A??

Carol k
well if its body fat it isnt normal. i dont know why you tried it on. but whatever. anyway i think you should see your doctor and ask him/her. They will help you and if its not normal tell you ways you can make that go away!

trying it on isnt!!!

Renee M
sounds to me like you could be on your way to being overweight. maybe you should eat a bit more healthy, and become more active in your daily routine. starting early will make it so much easier.

I don't know why you would try a bra on... or why it would fit...

so to me its not normal

And your wearing a bra WHY??? No its not normal for a guy to be fitting into ANY bra!!! Take it off!!!!

idk but ill tell you whats NOT normal...
trying on bras!

if you are trying on a bra....you have bigger issues


Well it is unusual that you would know that.

Yeah, guys who are a little overweight have breast tissue. What else is new?
There are also guys out there who have larger breasts because they have been abusing steroids, or don't have huge amounts of Testosterone in their body.

The world is a wonderful place. If it bugs you, go to a doctor and get a mastectomy.

no and i don't think you should be wearing bras!

Your a bit obsessed with your weight...
I suggest if you feel this uncomfortable about your body, you diet and exercise.
Maybe then you wont have to ask questions like the 2 you posted.
Because you will know the answer....

Are u fat or skinny depends

not that i know of

Amanda R
it depends on your weight, which is...?

first off how do you know the bra sizes and if that is a small small size then no but if it isn't id suggest working out

Sounds like you can stand to lose a lil weight is all.

an early cross-dresser huh ?????

NO just NO

you shouldnt be wearing a bra, ur a boy

Why did you check?

maybe fitting into it is normal, but trying it on definately is not

it's not normal for you to know that...

Lol..no its not normal for you to be trying on bras....

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